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MrsHampton428  4 years ago
Kroger generic blue dye test. Got a thin blue line in 2 minutes. Probably evap. Will test again tomorrow


member_267905  7 years ago
I can pregnancy test


ecanaday  8 years ago
Black dye test that didn't leave a dye run, indent, or evap line. It does take longer to fully process than the 3 minutes recommended.




BrookePrice  8 years ago
I took a first step pregnancy test from dollar general a s keep getting negative. Im 2 days late on my period and have sore breasts and nausea and having trouble sleeping.


rara4teddy  10 years ago
morrisons own brand pregnancy tests, evap on almost all tests.


trinaK  10 years ago
it doesn't say how much hcg it reads ANYWHERE


jannymac  10 years ago
OSOM cassette cards, urine only: I LOVE THEM! Not evap free, but easy to tell the difference between evap & BFP. Detected my BFP @ 8dpo!


Romans828  10 years ago
"Baby Hopes" brand test strip - DO NOT BUY. Got many false negatives, and even after my hCG confirmed blood test, the positive was VERY faint and took 15 min (test can take 30 min to work).


ashmarie713  11 years ago
 ordered tests that are supposed to determine at least 20 hCG levels. Easy to use, supposed to work 7-10 DPO.. thus far, BFN :(


amberllevin  11 years ago


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