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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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ShellyG  5 years ago
I could see the blue negative dye line and control line right out of the package before the test was even done. Did not even see a line for if been positive. I not even see a faint positive. I am over 20 days dpo and10 days late when I took test


etoy12  7 years ago
The only test that came out positive for me when I was pregnant. The pink dye tests kept coming negative but these ones had a blazing positive the first time I took it.


prayingforpositive33  8 years ago
I will never use this test or purchase this test it gave me a false pos go check out my pics strangely 2002 tested pos gave birth to girl 2003 and then a boy 2004 maybe this is the final clomid cycle 50mg round 3 frustrating




Gennasmommy  8 years ago
Nasty evap line :( NOt buying this one again, heard nothing but bad things about blue dye, wish I wouldn't have wasted my money.


jsshrt  9 years ago
Worked for me


cegould  9 years ago
I'm confirmed pregnant (blood test and 3 other brands show I'm pregnant). But this test is the only one that said I was neg....I had to break it open and see the *very* faint pregnancy line. I'm 17 dpo and all other tests are strong pos. go get yourself a different brand or a digital one.


kaitlynparks94  9 years ago
Hard to read, and it's a blue dye test, and I'm not a fan of blue dye tests.


JesusIsKing  9 years ago
12DPO BFN in like 10 seconds lol at least think about it for a sec!


calichic1184  10 years ago
Took 2 ept (-,+) yesterday and had clear blue "positive" lines that everyone could see. Af showed this am! Truely dissappointed and will NEVER use this brand again:(


krystallyn28  11 years ago
Took the ept (-,+) yesterday came up positive and this morning it came up positive,so in all its a pretty good test.


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