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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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member_305425  5 years ago
Can't tell if I have a positive or not :/


Maggilu76  6 years ago
This brand gave me several false positives, horrible.


walnut21  7 years ago
False positives within the time frame. Ditch these suckers. This happened more than once, & is disheartening.




cabrerak06  7 years ago
after 30 mins false positive


pennylaine  7 years ago
Got a faint blue line within 5 mins, but it was negative. Gives lots of false positives! Also strong evap lines after 30mins.


Entropy  8 years ago
I got a faint line on 10dpo and 11dpo with this test. With a Wondfo on 11dpo, I showed nothing. I confirmed my pregnancy on 12dpo with a FRER!


JSBlackman  8 years ago
Got a false positive with this brand before. Confirmed by primary care physician.


Beachmommy0704  8 years ago
Uhhhh super faint positive and definitely BLUE! So hard to tell if it's + or - Guess I should've researched and listened to everyone and not bought the blue dye tests.


DreamingOfBeingAMom  9 years ago
Got a false faint positive! It was confirmed after anegative blood test! I will NEVER PURCHASE BLUE DYED TEST,


SuzieQ9410  9 years ago
I had a super squinter, very questionable/inconclusive FRER, tested later in the day with another FRER, CVS, and a Clearblue plus and both CVS and Clearblue gave clear positives. FRER still questionable. Guess I'll wait to see, but seems to work ok!


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