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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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AlliRa  9 years ago
too unsure. I got a very faint positive and then tested with FRER and CB digital and they were both negative. I guess it cvs could be just that sensitive but I'm afraid it's just a false positive. I don't need the stress and neither do you! Don't even bother with this brand.


JaydensMom826  10 years ago
2 false positives :(


laurenrene  10 years ago
don't know what to think about the blue dye. I think I have a bfp this morning but it's faint and from all that I've read it could be a false positive:( Next time I will just buy the good tests.




Guest  10 years ago
Used CVS Early Result at night 10 DPO and clear positive. Blue dye, but it was accurate!


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