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Sensitivity: 50 mIU/ml

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MaybeBaby5574  4 years ago
Two false positives! Will never use again.


Kellidim  4 years ago
Very strong positive 17dpo the cross formed right away.


kierrahnking  7 years ago




DandyLion85  7 years ago
Can be really misleading when it comes to faint lines and false hope. My only advice is steer clear until the day b4 or due AF. My last cycle two looked like the beginning of a bfp but wasn't preg at all. Good luck ladies xxx


MrsChick87  7 years ago
Awful tests! Every test face an evap! Even my hubby is pregnant according to these!


s_adkins  8 years ago
Gave me a great bold line on 10dpo with FMU. No problems with evaps for me. Great tests, if a little pricey.


tattoomama87  11 years ago
I know blue dyes get a bad rep but I got a strong blue line when I was 6 weeks pg with my DD. (we weren't trying so it was a surprise!) turned out to be a true BFP :)


giggle annie  11 years ago
would hv been 17 weeks pg at the time i took mine(long story lol)... negative the first time and 3 days later a positive! What the heck??Don't buy these.


GenieInABottle  12 years ago
easy to use. accurate results


kelkaurine  12 years ago
I just took one 9 dpo and it was negative hope to wait a few days and get a positive .


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