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So confused.

This is only my 2nd cycle of TTC #2 I haven't been temping or charting but keep track of CM and taking OPKs. (if not pg. this cycle will start charting on CD#1)

Anyways, My lower back has been really hurting for the last 3 days which is really weird, I've never had back pain in the middle of my cycle ever. I am on CD#18 with an est. period start of March 18 so I still have 13 days to go. I had ewcm early evening last night and middle day on Saturday. but all my OPKs keep coming back negative (taken twice a day between CD#10 and present early afternoon and then 4-5 hours later). Is it possible that maybe I O'd earlier that CD#10 and am having early pregnancy symptoms or that maybe the OPKs just aren't picking up the LH levels it needs to?

I feel more in tune with my body this cycle too. Not sure if it is because I am paying more attention or what.

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How is it going?

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