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Progesterone cream and baby aspirin after second miscarriage

I started TTC in May. I got a positive pregnancy test, then the bleeding started pretty much directly after that. I don't know if I can really consider it a miscarriage since I only knew for a short while, but I still felt a loss and I was pretty upset. Then in July I found out I was pregnant again. This time things seemed to be going well; I had symptoms and everything. Then at exactly 5 weeks, I began to miscarry.. Since then I've felt so defeated and afraid that it's going to happen again no matter what I do. However, I did some research and found that a lot of women with repeated early miscarriages are recommended baby aspirin and progesterone by their doctors. Does anyone have any positive experiences with this? I just thought that it probably won't hurt to try, and I'll do anything I can to keep a pregnancy. And also, about the progesterone cream, when do you start using it and how much of it do you use? Anything else besides those two things that might help prevent this from happening again?

July 18, 2013

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Hello I have had 13 miscarriages ranging from chemical to 19 weeks you always feel the loss! I ended up having a septum removed in December after this my consultant said as soon as I get a positive hpt I need to go on progesterone suppositorys clexane injections and aspirin needles to say I had my first bfp since the surgery last week all seems ok I've never felt so sick in my life so I count that as a good sign!!

7 years ago

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