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Help... Advice Needed Please

Hi All
This morning 19/8/12 my girlfriend took a pregnancy test we use the super drugs own brand and it came up with a faint line that you could only see if you looked at it in the light so we decided to do another one a few hours later, we used a other one that you dipped into a specimen of urine that we got off eBay and when we tested it came up with a clear line but then after a minute it disappeared and now we don't know what to think.... Also she's been having cm when she has a wee and also when we have been dipping the eBay test we have noticed that her urine looks greasy and she's had a weird feeling in her stomach like when your eye twitches (that's the best she could describe it lol).. Any Advice and Thoughts please.

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Well it could be the senstivity of the test, and some cheap test have been known to give mixed results, I recommend if you have got a faint line she is more than likely pregnant but to be sure go to the doctor for a blood test.

5 years ago

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