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Strange cramps/twinges and pains

Hell All - I am in the thick of my TWW and am having some strange symptoms so I wanted to see what people thought...
NOTE: I never get AF cramps until the day she comes - and they are VERY intense. They feel like muscles twisting in my abdomen in ovary area. Generally am having creamy CM and have been very tired much earlier in the evening than usual - like 8pm (I usually go to bed around 10:30 or so). I am currently 8dpo and due to test next week.
Here are the details:
3dpo - shooting pains in right breast off and on all day - from armpit to nipple
4dpo - less strong shooting pains continue in right breast. Mild, very localized cramps all day - a couple of the waves of cramps were AF-type and strong. Light backache
5dpo: vivid dreams. CM is creamy with yellowish tinge (odd). Cramps remain in the same area just above pubic bone. One pinch on left side that startled me but it was literally 2 seconds. Backache worse. Right breast tender but no more shooting pains. Weird gurgling noise in low abdomen that happened if I moved quickly. Face flushed in evening. Vivid dreams.
6 dpo: Terrible sleep. Cramps and backache bad enough that they affected my sleep. Right breast still sore, left very slightly sore. Vivid dreams. CM creamy - light.
7dpo: Restless sleep again with backache and milder twingey cramps in that localized are above pubic bone. Terrible headache all day. CM creamy - light.
8dpo: same cramps as before but a little stronger - almost feels warm in lower abdomen and the twinges almost a little burning in feeling. Backache pretty pronounced. CM creamy/watery more copious today.

Anyone have thoughts? My BD schedule was really great this month so I'm more hopeful than usual. The biggest difference between this month and others is the presence of these weird cramps. They are intermittently jabby, achy and occasionally like little dull knife pains.

Thanks in advance for weighing in!

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I had those same twingy cramps last cycle, and I got my BFP. It was the first time I ever felt anything like that. Fingers crossed for you! I got a faint positive 10dpo. If that was implantation, wait a couple of days and use a sensitive test. Good luck!!

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