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HCG Progression? What is going on?

TW: chem

My chart is posted on my profile for reference.
Can someone please explain or compare a similar experience to what I'm seeing?
I had a chemical last month but there was only one day of positives over 3 different brands. I don't know if these are evaps/error because I use 3 different brands simultaneously to "verify" in case of an evap.
The weird part is, the lines are darkest with PM samples...

Also, this is my first post here so please correct me if this needs to be posted in a different location.

I only started testing 3xs a day once I started to see something.
clarification: if there are 4 tests with either AM, PM,NOON then they are all from the same "sample"

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Unfortunately I’d say that’s another chemical (hate that word!) pregnancy. I’ve had four and my tests were positive for days and then my period arrived. With the tests being darker for pm tests, I’ve heard of this happening with other ladies. For some reason some women get a better result in the pm. Hoping I’m wrong and they get darker for you xxx

11 months ago

Thank you so much for responding! I’ve never heard of anything regarding PM tests being darker and google was no help. It is unfortunate but your input gave me more of an answer and brought me a lot of comfort.

11 months ago • Post starter

That’s ok. Sorry this is happening to you. I had two in a row before conceiving my son on the third month. And I had one the month before my eldest and middle were conceived. It’s like my body needed a trial run or something. It’s devastating, but I just tried to keep in mind that at least I was able to get pregnant. Really hope it’s the same for you and the next baby sticks ??

11 months ago

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