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Good morning ladies, have you heard of fertilovit F pcos before? I've been taking those since a few weeks now supposed to increase ovulation and help with pcos. I ve already have 2 boys age 21 and 8 my husband is in the military and always on the road training or deployment so it's a bit difficult for us to do the baby dance since I'm dealing with pcos I gor pregnant with my 8 year old with the help of fertleaid but because we live in Germany it's a bit stressful to have them shipped out here and customs make a bit of a problem with it so I decided I do try fertilovit out. I'm ovulating today and he said he will be home tomorrow now I'm a bit stressed out that we will miss the ovulation day... also I'm a bit worried since I'm 37 and people telling me that's to old to have an other child I'm a daycare teacher and I love children and would love to have one more ???? thank you ladies for listening to me I wish yall good luck and hoping for everyone a BFP

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Hey, I haven't tried Fertilovit F myself, but my friends and me follow recommnedations by fertilityroad site. If you're concerned about your ovarian reserve, it might be a good idea to talk to your doctor about it. Age can affect fertility, but it's different for everyone. Good luck on your journey!

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8 months ago

Hey I'm.45 and we are trying my husband and I. I have pcos too. It'd not always easy is it. I've a 16 Yr old with my ex husband. And my 7 year twin girls with my husband. Good luck to you x

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40 days ago

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