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Anyone had 2 chemical pregnancy in a row?

I have had 4 successful pregnancy. First pregnancy I miscarried at 15 weeks. My youngest son is 5 yrs old I had tons of complications with his pregnancy but he made it here healthy. I'm 38 and will be 39 next month. I have been recently trying to conceive wish my dh of 3 years. I had a chemical in May. 1 normal cycle after that. Then I had another chemical this month both last just shy of 6 weeks. I seen an OB after the first chemical and she seemed to think i shouldn't have any issues conceive and getting baby to stick. Then this happened again. 2 chemical in a row in a 3 month span. Should I be concerned? Should I talk to a different OB? Could it be contributed to my age? What can I do to stop lil bean from nit sticking? I'm already on the vitamins and baby aspirin.

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I am sorry to hear about your story. Unfortunately, there are various reasons for pregnancy loss, and age-related egg quality could be one of them. I recommend visiting your OB/GYN to undergo some tests and determine the underlying cause. In the meantime, this article ( about proper nutrition to prevent miscarriages might answer some of your questions. I hope this helps.

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9 months ago

I tryed to talk to my doc they didn't want to check anything no sono no pap no blood draws I pushed for a week straight got them to draw blood to check my thyroid and eggs quality. I'm inpatiently waiting the results im honestly worried it may be to much scar tissue but Idek how to go about having them check that

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I had a chemical the month before conceiving my eldest, the month before conceiving my middle and then had 2 two months in a row before conceiving my youngest on the third month. It’s like my body did trial runs before each full term pregnancy. The only thing I did different to get it to ‘stick’ was cut out all caffeine (not sure if it helped, but I did it every time with all three pregnancies so could be something in it)

7 months ago

I have an natural miscarriage in 2017 … in December 2020 I got pregnant again my doctor put me on progesterone pills and baby aspirin it save my son life now he is two year old now I might have conceived again but got to wait til I missed my period end of this month if I’m am pregnant again I going used the same method again

8 weeks ago

Yes. Chemical & blighted ovum.

7 weeks ago

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