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Possible implantation??

Could this be possible implantation bleeding? Top is 10 dpo, bottom is today, 11 dpo, also the third day of seeing it (started two afternoons ago now, once or twice). It's not everytime I wipe, and I have had a few other symptoms and also some mild cramping in the lower cervix area. Af due in 2 or 3 days. I'm also jot 100% sure of ovulation date, so could be off a few days.

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Hey any updates for you? We were chatting on my post yesterday! I got my first BFP this morning!! Hoping the same for you!

9 weeks ago

Hey, nothing really new. I had one pink streak yesterday afternoon and still a bit of super mild dull cramping off and on. I got up about 30 minutes ago and no AF as of yet and no tinge of anything on the TP. Still haven't tested. Hoping my pay comes in tomorrow and I'll grab a test then! Congrats on your BFP!

I feel like I'm pregnant, and I have no symptoms like I usually do with AF, no few acne spots on my face, no moderate cramps, I'm over my super cranky at everyone and everything phase which was waaaaaay worse than it usually is, and with AF I'm usually still irritable until it's over and I can feel my boobs just don't feel the same as they do when AF is on her way if that makes sense haha.

9 weeks ago • Post starter

I spoke too soon. Af has arrived. ????

9 weeks ago • Post starter

That is how my implantation bleeding looked with my daughter. I had one streak of highlighter pink the first day then one streak of dark brown the second day.

38 days ago

I get these at times like right before expected period

37 days ago

Thanks ladies. That cycle ended in AF showing up. We are taking a break for this current cycle and then starting back at it again.

37 days ago • Post starter

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