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Late ovulation..??

Okay, well I was kinda thinking I'm definitely out this month, had an unbelievably long bleed, (tmi) but was on for like 32 days before I was put.on tranexamic acid for 5 days. They are going to do blood work, done swabs and stuff, All clear, I suffer with P.C.O.S and seems like this month was really out for me. But out of the blue decided to take opk, so yesterday was cycle day 50. ( top test) bottom test today, cycle day 51.

Is it me or does yesterday's test look positive.. I took them about the same time, give or take an hour. I just can't imagine I ovulated this late, was saying to my partner last night that I had uncomfortable cramps in the right power side, but i honestly cant imagine this late an ovulation being successfull..

Can anyone shed some lighting on this, also does anyone have any story's of similar situations? Can you tell me about it. Just wondering what's going on now....

Thanks in advance. Go and baby dust to you all.

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The picture makes it hard to tell, but it looks close. I have PCOS too. Honestly, I don't think it matters how late you ovulate as long as you have a healthy luteal phase. Definitely baby dance, just in case. Keep testing.

3 years ago

I wouldn't know what a healthy luteal phase is. As my bleeds are really long. Since January this year, they have been all over the shop, anything from 4 days to 32 (this cycle) xoxo one can hope though. We have been doing the every 2-3 day baby dancing. Lol just incase thanks for info hun
Baby dust xoxo

3 years ago • Post starter

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