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So I'm in my 2WW! Yayy.. lol I can actually say I hate the 2ww. It's most stressful time & it drives me nuts. Anyways I decided to make this post to compare dpo symptoms & testing. I'm gonna starting testing 5-6dpo cause I want to see a progression from BFN to BFP. Thought this would be fun & maybe ease my time :) hopefully AF won't show her ugly face. I have a great feeling this month all fingers crossed & sending baby dust to all & please if you want to join me please do. Share your dpo symptoms plus feel free to add your tests. We can share this long 2ww together
Ok, let's get started-

I got short cycle runs between 24-26 days. Period length 5 days. I use
Opks, check cervix & cm every day I do tempt but been slacking sum. I use Pre-seed every time I BD. Also I lay down after Bd'ing for up to 30 mins. I do have 1-3 orgasms during baby making. Here comes the good stuff now

CD 1- AF- January 4th
CD 3-4 BD with Pre-Seed.
CD 6-Spotting -Never spot after AF.
Started having bad cramping which I did not while AF. I do have mild dull cramps & pressure before during & after ovulation.
CD 11 & 12 got my 2 PEAK days. BD most of Fertile window & ovulation day, with Pre-seed.

DPO 1-Did Opk NEG. Had bad Cramping & my uterus pelvis area hurt pretty bad. Never felt Ovulation that bad for so long-(Different)
Stomach pains like diarrhea but didn't have it. (TMI) sorry

2DPO- Sore pelvis area. Cervix high soft medium closed, creamy like cottage cheese. Glob of yellow thick mucus when I blowed my nose, first time ever for that. Tired & hungry. I had nasusa bad when I woke up with diarrhea pains but only went poop. (TMI) sorry.
I didn't have much symptoms.

3DPO- very moody irritated, can't sweat it. Cervix mid high wet creamy cottage cheese cm. Later in evening time, ewcm mix with creamy cm.I blew my nose & a glob of yellow thick mucus came out again. (Different) boobs feel heavy & full, feeling tired & hungry.

  UPDATE   4DPO- Neg OV Test. Cervix high soft closed, creamy cm. Bad headache when woke up had it through out day. Very irritated, moody can't stand myself! At bedtime had few Sharp shooting pain in left side around pelvis or overies (not sure) woke up at midnight having insomnia can't fall asleep thinking bout everything.. having bad hunger pains OMG feels like I ain't ate in a week. Test with PG test today NEG.

5DPO- Stuffy nose almost gone. Cervix high soft closed creamy wet & ewcm mix. Having cramping like af but only lasted few hours. More sharp pain in left lower abdomen gone quick. Had one sharp pain in left boob. Irritated moody but not as bad. Tired.

6DPO- Cervix high closed creamy mix with ewcm. Mood swings are mild. Stuffy nose still but not as bad as past few days. Having insomnia through night. Boobs are very sensitive sore like I had a boob job.

7DPO- Cervix high soft closed creamy cm mix with ewcm. Stuffy nose. Headache mild. Boobs very sore tender and heavy. Nausea through out the day.

8DPO- Temp drop. Nausea in morning bad. Headache. Cervix soft high closed creamy. Tired more insomnia through night into early morning. Legaches & backaches. Boobs still sore.

9-11DPO Cervix high soft/firm closed creamy almost drying up feeling. Boobs feeling better. Nausea through out day/night headache come & go.. stress some. Feeling I'm out cuz all my major symptoms are fading away.

12-14DPO-Really nothing going on, boobs not sore. Neg tests. Temps are dropping. Body aches like AF is coming.

15DPO- DAY AF- Cervix mid high firm dry. mild AF cramping, leg aches back aches. Very tired. Headache. Spotting brown only. Tested BFN. :(

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any updates

Praying for a

11 months ago

I got my bfp 2 days ago at about 10dpo, thought it might be helpful to post my symptoms as I felt like I “knew” this month since o day and always like to read peoples symtoms to see if I could compare!
1dpo - stupidly heavy feeling like a brick in my uterus all day, felt really uncomfortable
4dpo- woke up with the most stuffy nose! (Which I never get) and a massive mouth ulcer! (Great!)
5dpo - another great mouth ulcer and a couple of spots (I usually have clear skin) diarrhoea in the morning and on/off backache all day, dry cm
6-8dpo - tired, the “brick” feeling came back, creamy/dry cm, diarrhoea, stuffy nose! Badly bleeding gums (ulcers didn’t help) and felt like my OH was stabbing me during sex! (Sorry tmi!) got up every night to pee
9dpo - no cm atall, tired, backache, odd couple of twinges, diarrhoea, ulcers on fire! Stuffy nose, peeing every couple of hours! Very faint bfp in the evening!
10dpo - every symptom continuing, still no cm, got a clear bfp on frer at about 6pm :)

I hope you get your bfp very soon!

11 months ago

Tonix93, Congratulations momma & thank you for sharing your dpo :) I also love reading them & comparing symptoms. I did not get lucky this month with my BFP but on to the next cycle. I'm going to try little bit harder this month & hopefully I'll get mine soon :) thank you bunches XoXo & best of luck Hun

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@ohboyohgirl Thankyou hun! I I also was POAS from about 5dpo! Haha so I know the feeling! I hope this next cycle is your month! Good luck

11 months ago

Hi guys I am.also in my 2ww..I just had IUI on tuesday.i have been using supplemental, progesterone cream..but now i.have pills I start tonight vaginally. I need to learn to track better too! Good luck ladies!

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11 months ago

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