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help? all ttc warriors welcome

Let me start and say this is a sad conversation and might be a trigger for some. Hey, so I’m going to start this out giving a little bit of a back ground as to why I feel like doing this. I was diagnosed back in 2016 after a loss that I had lupus anticoagulant. A diagnosis I never heard and something that wasn’t explained well to me either. Basically I was told after 15 vials of blood and multiple losses. Thru all the testing I only had one test come back positive lupus anticoagulant. My doctor called it sticky blood and when I was pregnant id clot and miscarry. Always before 7 weeks. Except my first round of treatment in 2016.When I got pregnant on clomid. I made it to nine weeks. 30mg Lovenox injections daily and fetal heartbeat was finally seen after multiple pregnancies that I never got to see develop. My baby stopped growing at 6 and half weeks. I was seen by my doctor every week he really didn’t say anything about the fact that my child wasn’t growing. There was still a heartbeat and that seemed to be all he cared about. Baby’s heartbeat never made it over 100bpm. First appointment 94 bpm and my last appointment before I was told to stop my progesterone after being diagnosed with a MC. My baby’s heart beat was 74bpm. My obgyn basically told me at this point to stop trying that I could try IVF but that my best bet was to adopt. As a woman who has tried so hard to have a child I was devastated and needed answers so I took to the web as most people do and to my surprise I couldn’t find jack. There is all this conversation about APS and LA together as contributing factors in pregnancy loss but nothing really about LA on its own. There hasn’t been many much research on it but I know in my heart that I am not the only women on this planet with a LA diagnosis that doesn’t want to loss the hope of one day getting to have the child they have always wanted. I’ve spent years watching my siblings have kids. Watching my nieces grow. Watching my nephew grow. Watching the time tick away from me so to speak and then sitting and remembering all that I have missed. My first child she would 7 and I imagine her playing with my man’s daughter who’s 8 and id give anything to get to experience that love and joy. Sorry for the ramble and I will get to the point. I want to do something. Something that I think will be beneficial to other TTCers who may or might be in the same situation as me. I have a blog and I want to collect data. I want to use that data so when someone else like me looks up the same thing that maybe they can get the help I couldn’t. I also feel like it will help me. As I am going to continue after this year is over and try and get pregnant one last time before I have a hysterectomy.
So here is what I’m asking from you:
Please feel free to comment as well even if you don’t have the same diagnose or if u just have ur own story to share u feel the need to get off ur chest.
1. Diagnoses
2. Treatment? Lovenox? Heparin? How long? What dose?
3. Losses? Loss after treatment? Successful pregnancy? When? How far along?
4. Success stories in general?
5. Any pregnancy issues?
6. Time it took to ttc
7. Any medical information u have received about ur diagnosis.
I look forward to reading and learning. Anyone who’s willing to share their story on my blog please let me know. Sorry about any errors in my writing I will admit this was rushed.

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