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Implantation Bruising?

Ok, so I'm around 6 days late for af now but still getting bfns, around 6 dpo my dh noticed a bruise on my stomach which I'm now thinking may have been caused by implantation. I've googled it and found nothing, has anyone ever experienced this?
Photo below, excuse my horrible stomach:
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Highly unlikely that it's implantation bruising.

At this point your uterus is well below your pubic bone.

5 years ago

So did you ever find out what it was from? My dh and I have been ttc and I am about 7 dpo and found a little bruise on my belly last night in tnt sam e spot as your picture.

4 years ago

It was nothing, still no idea where it came from but still ttc :(

4 years ago • Post starter

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