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BlueDoes  6 years ago
12 dpo.


Stephneath  6 years ago
Have had cramps and fluttering feelings the last few days.today I feel like my stomach is huge and really heavy.on 11th day past


emurr2010  7 years ago
definitely got the cramps going on this afternoon and a migraine for two days. it has been rough.




Alishacolin.  7 years ago
9 dpo


mrsdrop  7 years ago
6dpo. uterus so heavy its very strange


mamax4  7 years ago
5dpo uterus feels full, like it might bust.


Veronica_92  7 years ago
7dpo fullness in uterus since 5dpo


Abigailleerogers  7 years ago
9dpo and heavy tired feeling


JuliaAguirre  7 years ago
10 Dpo


Vettyn  7 years ago
Consistant dull ache but here recently cramps increase and last longer, been cramping off & on for bout a week Mireya frequent as well


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