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Hot Flashes

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Kristy Easley  5 years ago
All day hot flashes. ..& day before to...so much thought I had a fever but ...nope just hot flashes. ...so don't know


twistedbutterfly  5 years ago
Hot Flashes are driving me nuts if its not a baby i dont know whats going on


scottbaby8  5 years ago
10 and 11 DPO hot flashes throughout the day and at night. Had to sleep with the ceiling fan on. Could actually feel my body temp rise.




Mzmarcie  5 years ago
Get hot so much it feel like im goin thru menopause


Texas_mama  6 years ago
10 or 11 dpo and I couldn't sleep last night I was so hot!!!!


luvmymonkeys  6 years ago
having hot flashes at 9dpo


kissesmomof4  6 years ago
8 or 9dpo eating supper (which was not hot) and felt really hot. Only 70 in the house. My tempt was only 97.4. Odd!


rcola84  6 years ago
approx 12 dpo hot flashes during dinner. I'm usually a cold person, but in only a tshirt, I started sweating.


BeccaBee224  6 years ago
1 dpo and I have felt hot all day. Been inside with air on 72 degrees and my pm temp was 97.7 but normally i do not feel hot even at 98.6.


prayingforbfp  6 years ago
I'm always cold, but 16dpo and I'm completely overheating lol


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