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Change notification settings for a photo you posted

  1. Navigate to the photo you would to change the settings for
  2. Select the tab
  3. Click the Notifications link to toggle email notifications on or off



Change notification settings for a photo you have bookmarked

Option 1 - Remove the bookmark

  1. Navigate to the photo you would to change the settings for
  2. Select the tab
  3. Click the Bookmark link to toggle the bookmark on or off

NOTE: Your Account settings > Notifications > Bookmarked photos must be set to Yes in order to receive an email notification when a comment is added.

Option 2 - Turn off notifications for all bookmarked photos

If you would like to keep photos bookmarked but not receive any email notifications when a new comment is posted you will need to adjust your Account settings.

  1. Navigate to your Account settings > Notifications
  2. Select "No" under Bookmarked photos
  3. Click "Save notification settings"

This setting applies to all bookmarked photos. You will no longer receive email notifications for new comments for any photos you have bookmarked.



Mute a member

You may choose to mute a member if you no longer wish to view the content they post. This includes photos, comments, posts and replies.

If a member is posting spam, offensive content or if you believe they are violating the terms of use or community guidelines please report the content or the member prior to muting them. This helps the administration review and remove and keep the community safe.
  1. Open the menu next to member you would like to mute
  2. Select "Mute" option
  3. All content by the selected member will be muted starting with the next page you visit
  4. An "Unmute" option will appear in place of the member's content. Click "Unmute" at any time to stop hiding the member's content.



Voting option

The following categories will include the voting option:

  • Unsure
  • Evaporation line
  • Ovulation test
  • Cervical fluid/Implantation bleeding

The following categories will not include the voting option:

  • Positive
  • Negative
  • On my profile ONLY



Visibility of photos posted to your profile

If you choose to post your photo to your profile only, you may select who can see it.

  • Public Anyone who has access to view your profile can view the photo.

  • Friends Only Only you and those on your friends list can view the photo.

  • Only me Private, only you can view the photo.

Visibility can be selected when uploading a photo or on the Edit photo details page.