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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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Zeeena  11 years ago
Got an evaporation line that I thought could be a positive result on the second test I used of Crystal clear. All other tests using different brands the following day said BFN. Disappointing!


Guest  12 years ago
got negative results on 10 other tests and blood but got positive on crystal clear with a faint blue line which appeared in the first minutes.


Aprilgirl  12 years ago
Got a faint false positive (DH saw it too!) and ran out to buy a more reliable brand. BFN. Found out with an OPK that I was ovulating and therefore couldn't possibly have hcg in my system. Definitely an evap line, not a light BFP. STAY AWAY! They're horrible!




Eden23  12 years ago
prone to evaps!!.. too many false positives, I WILL NOT recommend this for early testing at all, it evil >:( Again, STAY AWAY!!


melanie-O  12 years ago
Evaporation lines both times I used this brand! I won't be buying it again!


pparish  12 years ago
False positive, pretty strong too, not reccomending this, even with the cheap price


CassieBabe  13 years ago
false positive within time limit, evan had colour but blood work came back negative


Cherry  13 years ago
I had an evap line with this brand, showed up nice and strong next day.


Lyssi20  13 years ago
I had 12 false positives with this brand


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