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Sensitivity: 20 mIU/ml

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amarie2727  5 years ago
From Fabulous! Got my BFP about 8 or 9 DPO! Was obvious positive and confirmed with digital later that night


mdgraczyk  5 years ago
One evap line - HOURS later... so that's OK. I'm dumb for looking. So far they've been negative. Happy I am not spending lots of money on tests. I'm a little bit of a compulsive tester :-)


Laulroy  6 years ago
I got three false positives - don't rate them at all.




Em09426  6 years ago
I used these for a while and always thought they were brilliant value - I bought from amazon. But I got a false positive this week, which i didn't think was possible and it has caused unbelievable disappointment.


Nee2concieve  7 years ago
This brand does not give sensitivity of hcg level


ajustyna  9 years ago
control line comes up quicklly. hadnt had a positive yet but tests are good. Bought from early-pregnancy


Emi-lou  9 years ago
I Personally Don't rate the midstream tests myself as i fond it took ages to do and even 1 line was really thin


coralredgate  10 years ago
i dont understand what the difference is between these tests and the superdrug tests :S


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