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Sensitivity: 20 mIU/ml

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valerierangel  4 years ago
Taken several they never got darker


brittany1001  4 years ago
I received 3 INSTANT positives with this brand and two negatives with clearblue 12DP0. Currently only a day late so I’m going to wait a few more before I test again!


Sscrma  5 years ago
I’m 12dpo today with a positive clearblue digital at 10dpo and these are giving faint lines. First signal was more sensitive than any test this time at9dpo




Dannielle3boys  6 years ago
This brand is amazing. Sometimes I get evaps, but with 2 pregnancies I got positives before missed period


anastasias  6 years ago
Great brand for giving accurate positives and negatives!  6 years ago
IT SHOULD BE TESTED AFTER YOUR MISSED PERIOD TO CHEAP TO READ THE EARLY HCG LEVELS... 2 test already both are negative but I can basically feel I'm pregnant


luvbugbaby4  6 years ago
Used with all 3 previous pregnancies. When I'm pregnant it confirms right away (if dpo is far enough 15-17dpo) and if not I get a sure negative.


FertileFlower  8 years ago
Have used them before and would given them 4 stars then. This batch of 10 has been crazy! 5 evap looking lines. 3 pink colored but smudged lines/half line and 2 negatives. Taken from 10dpo-12dpo If I'm not pregnant and the lines get normal by tomorrow I will never use this brand again.


sbspurli  8 years ago
Well, I got them so could test early a whole bunch. But they didnt really work great for that. I didnt get a BFP until the day after AF was due. And even then, it was the faintest thing ever.


LaFuriaRoja  8 years ago
Strong pink line turned out to be evap. Never using these garbage tests again.


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