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3 days late from AF your help is needed please!!!!!!!!

Category: Two Week Wait - Pregnancy Tests
Posted by queenb40 » Jul. 16, 2012 4:34pm

Hello Ladies I hope all is doing good and that everyone will receive the disires of there hearts so here is a lot of sticky baby dust in JESUS name for everyone faith in JESUS is the key to your Happiness!!!!!!!! Ladies I need your advice I know I posted last week after agoing to the Dr. And getting labs done Dr. Told me it would be negative because its to early so I had labs re- done this morning just waiting on a nurse to call me back but in the mean time I am 3 days late of AF she acted as if she was going to come but I knew the differents in the pain it wasn't the same pain I usually get when my AF starts plus I didn't spot a day or two before AF. My cervix is high,soft,full of creamy white and sticky stretchy snit like yellow CM. I have been so constipatedup until today now its like I have dirreah. My gums are aching and I'm having little dull and sharp pain off and on in my back,stomach and top part of my legs some, I'm tired and sleepy during the day and up mosted off the nite and my dreams are crazy but funny. All the other symptoms I was having I don't anymore but its funny that my husband is having all of the symptoms of nausea, nose bleed, he is just sick lol lol I told him I love you but better him than me. No I have taken more dollar general test and they are faint positive I hope and not evaporation pink lines so any advice woul good so help me please figure this mystery out please!!!!!!!


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Reply by smp1527 » Jul. 17, 2012 1:17pm

If your faint pink lines are coming up right away or within the 3 min wait window then they are not evap lines, they are real test lines. Keep us posted on what the dr says. for for you and

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Reply by queenb40 » Jul. 24, 2012 10:41pm

Sorry I'm just now up dating I have had a lot going on but on 7/16/2012 my progesterone levels were 17.9 now that was crazy to me and to this day I still have no clue why Dr. Gave me all of these stories but nothing that matters and also I think I may have posted my af wrong I started counting my 1st day of af on the first day I spotted (14th) instead of my first full flow on the (16th) which through everything off so I went back and edited everything for the (16th) and now it seems like I ovulated on 7/4/2012 so my chart says I think I did twice because some strange things are happening I still have not had a af yet and I guess I'm 20dpo and this is cd 39 for me I had stopped having symptoms but these last two days I've been really crampy and I feel like I have the flu my body ache all over. And not to add I have lots of sticky stretchy creamy and yellow cm I'm seeing my RE doctor on Friday to see what's going on any advice anyone


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