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Pregnancy Tests by Day Past Ovulation

What result can you expect?

Select your day past ovulation from the table below to view statistics and to get an understanding of what result you can expect if you were to take a pregnancy test.
  Select Your Day Past Ovulation (dpo)
Week 1
after ovulation
1 dpo 2 dpo 3 dpo 4 dpo 5 dpo 6 dpo 7 dpo
Week 2
after ovulation
8 dpo 9 dpo 10 dpo 11 dpo 12 dpo 13 dpo 14 dpo
Week 3
after ovulation
15 dpo 16 dpo 17 dpo 18 dpo 19 dpo 20 dpo 21 dpo

NOTE: Positive pregnancy test results are so highly uncommon for any day prior to 6 days past ovulation that they really should not be considered in this data - Any positive test result this early is usually due to a miscalculation of when ovulation occured and thus does not accurately represent the true day past ovulation. Most home pregnancy tests measure the amount of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in the urine, it is only once the fertilized egg implants (around 6-12 days after ovulation), that the developing placenta begins producing hCG.