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Trying to Conceive Success Stories A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey! Read...

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Recent TTC Journal Entries

Posted by ttcasibling » 7 minutes ago - 1 view - 0 comments - 0 likes
I've read implantation starts today and I'm not going to test until the 28th because I just don't want to get my feelings hurt again. But after work I'm going to pick up a couple of dif ...
Having a hard time...RANT
Posted by BabyTime2014 » 22 minutes ago - 4 views - 1 comment - 1 like
I've been watching YouTube videos and I have been surfing around on some TTC sites and I am shocked at some of the things I have been reading. I'm not the type to complain or rant but I ...
Femara & Moving On :)
Posted by BabyTime2014 » 58 minutes ago - 5 views - 0 comments - 0 likes
After having several disturbing/emotional dreams about babies and the lack thereof, I have decided to move on to Femara once again. I have taken it before with no luck. Supposedly it wo ...
Cramps.... Day 2 of AF
Posted by sjjluv898808 » 2 hours ago - 0 views - 0 comments - 0 likes
Well, Miss aunt flow wanted to pay her visit 4 DAYS early as of yesterday! I had so many symptoms for my upcoming BFP! Try Try again this mouth.... my cramps are so bad today! ughhh I h ...
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Popular Journal Entries

Posted by Karlou » 4 days ago - 54 views - 15 comments - 3 likes
And its on... we managed to baby dance this morning also...lets hope its enough this month. What a temp rise though I am quite impressed lol. Preparing for the worst and hoping fo ...
Posted by sonata85 » 5 days ago - 71 views - 12 comments - 0 likes
My blood test this morning came back negative. I'm kind of surprised. No signs of AF, cervix soft and closed, though sure enough my temp dove down this morning. I showed my dr my test ...
Influx of cm?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Posted by MsTigre » 4 days ago - 55 views - 11 comments - 0 likes
Wait, what?! AF is due in 3 days.... Just went to pee for the millionth time today and noticed it.... (TMI probably, but I'm in shock).. Could this be a positive sign? Could I r ...
CD 13
Posted by Karlou » 6 days ago - 38 views - 11 comments - 0 likes
First positive opk and DH is too ill to dtd D:.... I hope he is feeling a little better tomorrow or tonight or its another month wasted and I haven't got time to waste damn it. I ca ...
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