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What Women Are Saying...
12 Days Past Ovulation

  • How are you feeling on 12 Days Past Ovulation?
    What symptoms are you experiencing? Have you confirmed your pregnancy yet?
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  • 20 hours ago » tl6147 said:
    Spotting, dull cramping, diarrhea, huge sore breasts
  • 22 hours ago » Mooka26 said:
    Gassy, sore boobs, pinchy feeling in uterus area , backache, nausea feeling,
  • 1 day ago » Carrie P said:
    A little crampy and bloaty for about 4 days, and thicker, persistent discharge for about 9 days.
  • 1 day ago » acostaliliana17 said:
    backaches, bloated, headaches, light creamy cm, diarreha
  • 3 days ago » heathdtay88 said:
    12 dpo today and extemely gassy and boobs ache, not that sore but do ache from time to time. Bubbly stomach sometimes.
  • 1 week ago » TeeTee2012 said:
    12DPO: very nauseous. Food doesn't sound/look appealing at all. Exhausted,crampy
  • 1 week ago » Newbie2016 said:
    25, never been this long for AF. Did have failed IVF last cycle so maybe body is still adjusting to normal. Too scared to test
  • 1 week ago » Newbie2016 said:
    Ok I said peeing slot instead of peeing a lot - maybe more tired than I think. I'm on CD 28, normally get period any day from 23-
  • 1 week ago » Newbie2016 said:
    Think I'm 12dpo - bloated, tired but not very, peeing slot
  • 1 week ago » Jacqueline_13 said:
    Tender breasts, no appetite.. fatigue
  • 2 weeks ago » OhalloL2013 said:
    very crampy, like my period. tingly breasts which I haven't had since I quit breastfeeding. slight nausea off and on. 12dpo and neg so far.
  • 2 weeks ago » Kayladuke23 said:
    light cramps.Bigger bbs BFN 11 dpo so a little depressed. 2 day till AF
  • 2 weeks ago » Peanut59 said:
    Tired and light cramping on and off.
  • 3 weeks ago » VivantRegina said:
    Gassy, crampy, peeing all the time, falling asleep early...will be testing soon
  • 4 weeks ago » Susanjones73 said:
    Lower backache which I never have before. So tired all the time. Horrid dry mouth, bubbly tummy. Three more days, everything crossed.
  • 4 weeks ago » JamieMarcplus1 said:
    Heavy sore boobs (mostly right) and very irritable and triggered easily. Exhausted!
  • 5 weeks ago » ALynnSan1 said:
    Headache for about 6 hours, frequently urinating and dull cramps
  • 5 weeks ago » MaVero129 said:
    12 dpo and non stop salivating