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What Women Are Saying...
12 Days Past Ovulation

  • How are you feeling on 12 Days Past Ovulation?
    What symptoms are you experiencing? Have you confirmed your pregnancy yet?
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  • 1 week ago » Lizzie_marie said:
    urinating a lot, sore boobs, backach, mild cramps, bubbly feeling, weird dreams, getting nausous boobs feel heavy, gas, mood swings 12 dpo
  • 1 week ago » FatttyDevine said:
    Vivid drms, bloat, backache, achy hips, gassy, sore boobs, twinges, pulling/pinching, fatigue, frequent urination, hot flashes, nausea
  • 2 weeks ago » TTCMunchkin#2 said:
    No symptoms now UTI is treated. brown cm when wiping yest though. AF due in 5 days
  • 2 weeks ago » Ericagua74 said:
    Flu/cold symptoms stuffy nose chills aches and pains
  • 3 weeks ago » Melissamatthews86 said:
    Woke up with banging headache this morning my back is really hurting and my boobs are so tender it hurts when I walk also had mild cramps
  • 3 weeks ago » LadyJ16 said:
    Books feel super heavy and I have been having cramps as if AF is soon to show. AF is due on Wed, fingers crossed she won't show
  • 3 weeks ago » Macavei said:
    AF due on 29 June (this Fri). I will act as if I need the pregnancy home tests some other time. Somehow I'm set to wait til July 4th ;)
  • 4 weeks ago » Kworks said:
    Cravings (shrimp). Mild cramps moody.
  • 4 weeks ago » Kworks said:
    Cravings (shrimp). Mild cramps moody.
  • 5 weeks ago » btaylorttc said:
    boobs extremely sore, tender, tingly, hurt worse than af. extremely tired no nausea
  • 5 weeks ago » TTCBabyFordham said:
    I've been experiencing abdominal pain, as if I did 100 crunches, I have cramps, not AF like, body aches.. kinda feel like Im out this month
  • 5 weeks ago » Baby424me said:
    Pelvic pressure & cramps - test , AF due Sunday -????
  • 5 weeks ago » Deli baby said:
    Tests negative af due Sunday. Feel out.
  • 6 weeks ago » ladysyracuse02 said:
    Unfortunately all my symptoms disappeared... Next month maybe :(
  • 6 weeks ago » Boy boy boy said:
    Backache, negative
  • 6 weeks ago » Tegsheath said:
    Nausea and burping! Tests are negative at this stage
  • 6 weeks ago » grace2604 said:
    fudge! AF decided to show up this evening :-( Better luck next cycle.
  • 7 weeks ago » grace2604 said:
    negatives, very sleepy for about a week, mild headache, wondering what is going on.