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What Women Are Saying...
5 Days Past Ovulation

  • How are you feeling on 5 Days Past Ovulation?
    What symptoms are you experiencing? Have you confirmed your pregnancy yet?
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  • 1 hour ago » wherethewindblows said:
    I'm only four or five dpo, but I've never felt pms symptoms this early. I have cramps and sore breasts. Extremely unusual for me.
  • 3 days ago » Joannes said:
    5days past ovulation, feeling cramps, nausea and sore boobs on and offs feel weird also down there. What do you think? Could I be pregnant?
  • 4 days ago » Bchild1108 said:
    Tired, Sore nipples, bloated
  • 4 days ago » kuyendall06 said:
    no symptoms just gassy
  • 1 week ago » Erica259 said:
    Tired and very very bloated.
  • 1 week ago » sarita32 said:
    tired,, cramps, Moody
  • 1 week ago » Mommyof3jones said:
    Moody soar breast. Tired sleepy. No app dull craps here n there full feeling Breast
  • 1 week ago » Sparklingme7 said:
    Tired, headache, tight full feeling in lower abdomen, back/hip ache, sensitive nipples/full feeling in breast, moody
  • 1 week ago » MrsJaeMagee said:
    really sore breast, gassy
  • 1 week ago » jaxsonsmom said:
    Full feeling in lower abdomen, cramping in right pelvic area, pulling pain in lower abdome, loose frequent stools, strong smelling urine
  • 1 week ago » earthwoman said:
    Still dull cramps, pain on the right side, waiting for spotting soon.
  • 2 weeks ago » Chrissy317 said:
    tired, gassy, bloated, tender breasts, and cranky!!!
  • 3 weeks ago » NotSoDiva said:
    Feeling a little better today. Still cramping and sore. No appetite. Feeling very tired and lazy.
  • 3 weeks ago » LDRPRN2013 said:
    Backache, been crampy since 1dpo. fullness. bloating. tender breasts.
  • 3 weeks ago » baby4847 said:
    First time having headache, nausea and bout with dizziness. I still feel full, having vivid dreams, mild backache and cramping and tired.
  • 3 weeks ago » apowl2010 said:
    nauseous and very tired. gassy diarrhea and bloated fullness and dull cramps
  • 3 weeks ago » maybemommy22 said:
    pretty crampy. abd
  • 4 weeks ago » jessicadelap said:
    so far just feeling tired and diarrhea