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What Women Are Saying...
6 Days Past Ovulation

  • How are you feeling on 6 Days Past Ovulation?
    What symptoms are you experiencing? Have you confirmed your pregnancy yet?
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  • 1 day ago » Tae210 said:
    I have Sore tender breast, nausea but no throwing up
  • 4 days ago » Njs307 said:
    I feel like it's to early to be pregnancy related but I have just been exhausted exhausted exhausted like I was in first trimester of pregna
  • 1 week ago » LittlePeanut said:
    light cramping and pressure for a few hours, very sore nipples/breasts, stuffy nose, frequent bathroom breaks, exhausted, heightened smell
  • 2 weeks ago » hjacques said:
    Bloated, gassy, stuffy nose, light cramping and legiment pain off and on, headache, tired
  • 3 weeks ago » Godschoice42 said:
    Tired, mild headache in am, achy shoulders, bloating
  • 3 weeks ago » Candm 2013 said:
    du cramps and pressure. twinges. Sore lips and thirsty. Headache
  • 3 weeks ago » nahid123 said:
    cold symptom, sore throat, runny noise, cough, headache
  • 3 weeks ago » nahid123 said:
    I am 6 dpo, from 4-6 dpo i am feeling cold, sore throat, runny noise, snezzing, cough..
  • 3 weeks ago » jayzacsmommy said:
    Dizziness, super bloated, heaviness in abdomin, tired, gassy, breasts sore but not to the touch, cramps.
  • 4 weeks ago » cburgess said:
    Oh and vivid dreams...
  • 4 weeks ago » cburgess said:
    Dull cramps today... gas.. bloating.. feeling very full... Could this be it???
  • 5 weeks ago » camtex78 said:
  • 5 weeks ago » char2628 said:
    6 days post-ovulation. Very uncomfortable in lower abdomen, bloated, gassy, sore breasts, sensitive nipples, tired,
  • 6 weeks ago » Kaitgab00 said:
    7dpo and I'm definitely having a lot of symptoms besides the vivid dreams. Could this be it?!:) good luck to all of us!
  • 6 weeks ago » happymedium said:
    6dpo today. Had horrible vivid dreams all night woke up crying. Major sinus issues, sneezing, uterine pressure and fullness. tired.
  • 6 weeks ago » BORI1976 said:
    Cramps gas cramps ????
  • 6 weeks ago » kuriuskitten said:
    stabbing sensation in breasts, persistent crampy/full feelingin lower abdomen, sleeplessness and exhaustion.
  • 6 weeks ago » hawaiiantiara said:
    occasional cramping from time to time.. but i keep telling myself its my mnd playing tricks on me. i dont want to be let down again :(