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What Women Are Saying...
6 Days Past Ovulation

  • How are you feeling on 6 Days Past Ovulation?
    What symptoms are you experiencing? Have you confirmed your pregnancy yet?
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  • 6 hours ago » Mzmarcie said:
    Dont have most of those symptoms just a lot of crampin and stuffy nose coughin headaches and sleeplessness
  • 4 days ago » jazmine said:
    cramping in the lower middle. feel really weird
  • 5 days ago » pjgreene said:
    I'm having a lot of cramp like pains in the lower right side of my abdomen
  • 5 days ago » kmaurer said:
    feel like i may be out. not many symptoms anymore. just slight pressure/crampy feeling in lower abdom
  • 5 days ago » Metal_Yuri said:
    really tired, backache and thirsty
  • 1 week ago » frnkie14 said:
    Fatigue!!! Slept the day away don't feel like doing any house work.. A little emotional as well..
  • 1 week ago » james36 wife keisha said:
    felt like i was about to pass out today
  • 1 week ago » Katiekins said:
    nothing really apart fron fatigue and brown dc for the third day..
  • 2 weeks ago » MissShorty0312 said:
    Dizzy, nauseous when eating food or the smell I throw up, tender nipples,headaches and cramps
  • 2 weeks ago » LosingHopeTTC1 said:
    Gassy, light lower ab cramping, bloated
  • 2 weeks ago » Loveydove13 said:
    6dpo vivid dreams and nightmares, sore bbs, tender nipples, gassy and very tired not to mention hunger with nausea after eating
  • 2 weeks ago » MrsBugs said:
    Headaches and dizziness but it is stormy here so insure if due to pregnancy! KMFX!!
  • 2 weeks ago » MrsBugs said:
    I feel nauseous but I think due to prenatal vitamins! Diarrhea and fatigue
  • 2 weeks ago » RachelS said:
    Peeing a lot, weird cramps, moody, fatigue. Praying this means something!
  • 2 weeks ago » cwgirl2627 said:
    heartburn, bbs sore peeing alot mild craps and few twinges today, slight headache temp still elevated, startin to smell weird smells
  • 2 weeks ago » p1ppa1 said:
    May have spoken to soon. got cramping again :-D and just realised im also constipated.
  • 2 weeks ago » p1ppa1 said:
    Think im out this month, feel nothing anymore :'( :'(
  • 3 weeks ago » Sara93 said:
    Thick creamy discharge belly and back ache similar to period pains but not as intense also aching legs and lower abdomen