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What Women Are Saying...
16 Days Past Ovulation

  • How are you feeling on 16 Days Past Ovulation?
    What symptoms are you experiencing? Have you confirmed your pregnancy yet?
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  • 6 days ago » chakra05 said:
    16 DPO . Vivid dreams. Bigger boobs. Negative HPT. Since i started exercising my periods late :(
  • 6 days ago » chakra05 said:
  • 4 weeks ago » trina_c said:
    Vivid dreams. Bloated. Tired.
  • 4 weeks ago » Ms.CarrTTC said:
    Dizzy spells, cramps, nausea, no af, hot flashes, waiting to test
  • 4 weeks ago » JamieMarcplus1 said:
    occasional cramps, extreme hunger, and night sweats
  • 8 weeks ago » LuckyL95 said:
    1 day late and still no AF and pretty sure the internet cheapies arent working very well
  • Sep. 16, 2016 6:15am » shamaila82 said:
    bfn and no sign of period
  • Sep. 14, 2016 12:26pm » CrisEffPhD said:
    No period, BFN
  • Sep. 5, 2016 8:07pm » Chinagirl016 said:
    Has this happened before to anyone? Oh BFN on test today
  • Sep. 5, 2016 8:05pm » Chinagirl016 said:
    Has this happened before to anyone? Oh BFN on test today
  • Sep. 5, 2016 8:04pm » Chinagirl016 said:
    Aug 5 af came aug 8th Mirena removel aug 10th stopped bleed. Crazy hormones yest. Sept 4 light spotting only once
  • Sep. 5, 2016 8:02pm » Chinagirl016 said:
    I believe i had implantation bleeding yesterday. Is that normal? Im new to this website and im so lost. On Aug 5th i
  • Sep. 4, 2016 11:55am » mammabear16 said:
    light spotting for 4 days. body aches, headache, cervix is high and soft. insomnia
  • Sep. 3, 2016 12:57am » winfred said:
    2days late negative test.had a sleepless night due to extremely bad backache,bloating,cramps and feeling sick
  • Aug. 28, 2016 1:35pm » Babyblues9654 said:
    2 days late neg test. Woke up with extremely bad backache feels like AF coming and cold sore popped up sooo tired but can't seem to sleep
  • Aug. 23, 2016 8:28am » Gparker2016 said:
    Got a positive at 9dpo, now 16dpo, exhausted, feeling nauseous on and off, slight constipation, achey breasts and abdomen muscles x
  • Aug. 15, 2016 10:28pm » MizBanana said:
    Sensitive nipples, bloating, pressure in the abdominal area, cramps, fatigue. Taken 2 HPT and both bfn :(
  • Aug. 11, 2016 12:10pm » tiggatigga said:
    low back ache , sick this morning bad af pains