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Pregnant or not?

Category: Trying to Conceive - TTC My First Child
Posted by coolbear90 » May. 21, 2012 2:31pm

Don't over think it right?
Hubby thinks he's got a low sperm count. We just started trying, got married two weeks ago. He thinks I'm pregnant.
Saturday was weird. We were "you-knowin" and I couldn't figure our what was going on... turns out he "started" my period and gave me some seriuosly HORRIBLE CRAMPS!
Before we got married i'd been on BC for 2 years? Hadn't really had cramps much on BC and event before I was on BC, I never had them that bad.

So I literally spent about 3 hours doubling over in pain or living on the toilet lol... no midol in the house and ibruprophen wasn't doin the trick. I was crying it hurt!

Obviously, first thought. This sucks and i'm definately not pregnant. And i'm soooo in baby mode, so super frowny-face.

Hubby says his ex from high school (who has now had 2 babies) had her period when she was preg. with baby#1.

So am I sooo in the mood for a baby that my stomache seems to twist in knots between 9am-11am.. that I feel like I need to pee ALL the time, that i'm always thirsty, that my horny-ness has increased....
ORRR am I pregnant and having a period.

I wanna be a mommy so bad. I want to have a little baby! I'd feel stupid if i took a preg. test and got a neg 'cause "duh, I had my period" But what if I'm one of the few people that get a period when they're pregnant?

Maybe someone has some advice?


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Reply by cnicole2284 » May. 21, 2012 2:49pm

Hey coolbear, just wanted to let ya know to never feel dumb for asking a question. Women have their periods all the time when pregnant. If you believe you might be pregnant go get a test. The dollar store has them and walmart has 88 cent ones! However, I have read that while on your period you do have to pee more because your uterus is contracting. What day are you on your cycle? Are you taking prenatals? Temping? Anything else? Let me know :) I am CD5 is ya wanna be cycle buddies :)

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Miscarriage 1/6/2012

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Reply by coolbear90 » May. 22, 2012 9:35am

Well that makes sense. I was just confused. Been on BC for so long that my body just didn't used to having all these symptoms of PMS and what not.

He thinks I'm pregnant. I think more logically, had a period, so not. lol But like you said I've heard many people have both at once.

I'm cd4. I've been taking prenatals since I went off BC. We can be cycle buddies; don't have a one yet. I'm not doing anything really as far as tracking. Other than going according to a "normal" cycle. On BC it was 28 day cycles (From last period till this it was 25). And before BC never had regular periods so I'm sure it'd be effective if I used other methods to help concieve..


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