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Luteal Phase Defect?

Category: Waiting to Ovulate - Pinpointing Ovulation
Posted by pla2pus09 » Apr. 25, 2012 11:20pm

This is my 2nd month doing OPK's and my 1st month charting my BBT.

Last cycle I was 3 weeks late for my period and my progesterone was "low" around day 21 of my 51 day long cycle. Very abnormal for me to be that late and that irregular.

Well, now THIS CYCLE my temp only spiked for a few days and then dropped below my cover line.
Everything I read says it could be Luteal Phase Defect..

Does anyone know about this?

TTC since 07/2011.

Diagnosed with PCOS 06/04/2012.

Started first cycle of Clomid, Estradiol, and HCG trigger shot 06/2012.

Waiting for my

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Reply by Sydnee's Momma » Apr. 27, 2012 10:56am

Hello, I was having a similar problem after my m/c. It made my cycles all wacky and had a Luteal Phase Defect. So I saw a Naturopath who specializes in fertility. This is what she recommended and worked for me. I'm finally "normal" and I'm going to start ttc again this month! She recommended 800-1,000 mg Vitex everyday. This helps your body naturally regulate hormone levels but can take up to a few months to work. Also B6 is great for lengthening your LP. You can start with 50 mg and work up to 200 if needed. Also Vit C and B12 help when you take it with B6. I found a great B Complex that has the right amounts of everything. Its by Nature's Way called B-Stress Formula. I found it online for really cheap. My Naturopath said its a great formula and I can keep taking it after my bfp too. Lastly, I take Emerita brand natural Progesterone cream after I O until AF.

Well I hope this helps and your cycle fixes itself and gets you that bfp soon!

Best of luck!



Sydnee's Momma
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Reply by pla2pus09 » Apr. 27, 2012 11:09pm

Thanks for sharing! I am putting off seeing a fertility doctor until the end of the semester, but I did buy some B vitamin stuff... :)


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