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What Women Are Saying...
Overall: Fatigue/Exhaustion

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  • 1 day ago » MissShorty0312 said:
    I'm 4 DPO Been Very Sleepy & Tired By 6:00Pm Right Now I'm Actually Laying Down
  • 3 weeks ago » BabyGilbert said:
    14 dpo. Ive had 4 positive tests. I had all weekend off and have done nothing but sleep.
  • 4 weeks ago » OhBoyOrGirl said:
    15dpo very tired all the time. Been taking 2 naps a day! So not me been going on bout 2 weeks now.
  • 5 weeks ago » kierrahnking said:
    Exhausted, but work so much, I can't tell if its work or pregnancy
  • 6 weeks ago » PinkLady1972 said:
    Been feeling extremely tired last 4 mornings im 7dpo cd20
  • 6 weeks ago » sjkh13 said:
    I think I'm 6dpo and I've got fatigue, moodiness, emotional, panic attack last night that woke me up, cravings and bloating
  • 7 weeks ago » kimmy32 said:
    6dpo: since the start of this week have been feeling extremely tired, moody and irritable. No energy at all and feeling very run down.
  • 9 weeks ago » inthekitchenmama said:
    8dpo have been so exhausted for five days, along with bad nausea last5days, headaches, backache and now a pain developing left underarm
  • 10 weeks ago » Verlo Jepkorir said:
    I started experiencing from6dpo onwards.
  • Mar. 23, 2017 12:24am » Medrhymes said:
    Since 7dpo i noticed i was more tired than usual and the fatigue/exhaustion just got worse day by day. Pregnancy confirmed blood test 9dpo
  • Mar. 13, 2017 6:12pm » PinkLady1972 said:
    I been feeling extreme tiredness for last 3 days and 9dpo
  • Mar. 10, 2017 9:09am » Crazycatlady13 said:
    Been going to bed at 8pm for the last week! Shattered! I'm 8dpo
  • Mar. 2, 2017 7:25pm » Fromtwotothree said:
    The past two days I literally could fall asleep mid sentence;( I napped yesterday and I never nap! I hope the baby dance worked!
  • Feb. 26, 2017 9:27am » Sahra1996 said:
    I been feeling out of breath also and tired more a lot more then normal pms symptoms
  • Feb. 6, 2017 3:12pm » Jules2121 said:
    5dpo, have felt the exhuastion heavily since 1DPO. Struggle to get out of bed in the morning and need to go to bed by 8pm
  • Jan. 26, 2017 6:50pm » Klo85m said:
    would feeling out of breath count as exhaustion? been like this a few days. also on progesterone suppositories
  • Jan. 19, 2017 4:55am » cai4256 said:
    tired these CD9-12
  • Jan. 19, 2017 4:55am » cai4256 said:
    tired these CD9-12