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What Women Are Saying...
Overall: Fatigue/Exhaustion

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  • 1 week ago » sunshine_superman92 said:
    Been tired the past 2 days, seems like I can't ever get enough sleep, all I do is sleep or feel sleepy
  • 2 weeks ago » angellwaves said:
    10 dpo and have been extremely tired since yesterday at 9dpo. I can barely keep my eyes open
  • 2 weeks ago » cihickman said:
    7DPO and feel like I can't keep my eyes open, just want to sleep and not do anything
  • 2 weeks ago » R4B1983 said:
    8 dpo. Same thing as yesterday.... Fatigued & no motivation to do daily activities.
  • 3 weeks ago » lbruns32 said:
    Practically slept all day yesterday 10 DPO and today Im ready for nap by mid afternoon.
  • 3 weeks ago » praying4ourbean said:
    So tired today and the past two nights I've not been able to keep eyes open . 7-8dpo
  • 3 weeks ago » sh1031 said:
    10dpo. Fatigue hit me like a ton of bricks today. got plenty of sleep last night. suddenly at 5pm today, I was exhausted.
  • 4 weeks ago » Katieann6 said:
    4dpo & i am feeling exhausted!
  • 5 weeks ago » ad9813 said:
    7dpo, feeling super tired, crampy, and having to go number 2 a lot !
  • 5 weeks ago » Taylorlea09 said:
    I'm 4dpo I am so tired and grumpy. Hoping just hoping for a positive.
  • 6 weeks ago » mrsbrandt said:
    13dpo and can't seem to sleep enough im exhausted 24/7
  • 6 weeks ago » kaitlynparks94 said:
    4DPO and my eyes feel so heavy, and i feel like i'm crashing, as if i drank 2 Rockstars (even though i haven't)
  • 6 weeks ago » tresbesos31 said:
    6 dpo and can hardly keep my eyes open. just Started feeling this way today. praying for bfp
  • 6 weeks ago » mrspong said:
    6dpo. Not getting too excited... I seem to always be tired during the wait :/ but my eyes r so heavy!
  • 7 weeks ago » mamaNeve said:
    9 DPO and so so tired, which is unusual for me
  • 8 weeks ago » aguzzigal said:
    I am 12 dpo and I have been sooooo sleepy. Took a test this AM so that I'd quit getting excited over nothing and it was a BFP!!!
  • 9 weeks ago » samanthapaige09 said:
    haven't even been awake 12 hours i feel like im going to pass out! 14dpo no af today!
  • 9 weeks ago » Luz360 said:
    8 dpo, sleepy, tired