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Vivid Dreams

Very Early Pregnancy Symptom

Symptom Details

Many women report extra vivid dreams during early pregnancy that sometimes continue throughout the pregnancy. It is thought that the increase in hormones that are the cause for many other pregnancy symptoms are also responsible for these types of dreams. Some women report the themes of the dreams are pregnancy or baby related, while others seem to have completely unrelated focus.

Dreaming for Two: The Hidden Emotional Life of Expectant Mothers by Sindy Greenberg, Elyse Kroll, and Hillary Grill. A fascinating book that explores the fertile topic of the unconscious dreams of pregnant women.

Comparison Chart

The chart below shows a comparison between the number of times this symptom was experienced by pregnant vs non-pregnant women.

**NOTE: Data for 15-21 dpo tends to be lower than expected as many women stop tracking symptoms after a positive pregnancy test.

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Are you experiencing Vivid Dreams?

What Day Past Ovulation are you? Is this a new symptom?
  • 1 week ago » daniegirl0218 said:
    I'm 8 dpo nothing super crazy here but around I'd say 5-6dpo I had a dream I was pregnant although before that I hadn't even thought of it
  • 4 weeks ago » wakeup79 said:
    0dpo and yes I have this one!!
  • 5 weeks ago » stupidgirl@ said:
    vivid dreams in DPO 8 and 9
  • 5 weeks ago » kaitlynparks94 said:
    I remember having vivid dreams right after my ovulation! I had night terrors and dreamt of seeing positive HPT's
  • 6 weeks ago » parisp133 said:
    i had a dream that i had bleeding in my underwear .. i thought it was implentation lol
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Are you experiencing Vivid Dreams? What Day Past Ovulation are you? Is this a new symptom?
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