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Very Early Pregnancy Symptom

Symptom Details

Women who will have to endure morning sickness or vomiting during their pregnancy will usually not develop this until around 6 weeks, but there are an unfortunate few who will develop this symptom earlier. It is very common however for many women to develop nausea or queasiness very early on, as hormone levels increase dramatically.

Comparison Chart

The chart below shows a comparison between the number of times this symptom was experienced by pregnant vs non-pregnant women.

**NOTE: Data for 15-21 dpo tends to be lower than expected as many women stop tracking symptoms after a positive pregnancy test.

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Are you experiencing Vomiting?

What Day Past Ovulation are you? Is this a new symptom?
  • 1 week ago » pipers_mama2909 said:
    11 dpo and ive been nauseated and vomiting since 6 dpo. just like with my first child. waiting til 14 dpo to test.
  • 4 weeks ago » Ankinoo.4 said:
    9 dpo feeling like vomiting very strange mouth taste
  • 7 weeks ago » Hugibear85 said:
    8dpo and currently cuddling my bucket...as much as I wanna be pregnant this really isn't fun!
  • 9 weeks ago » lilymolly10 said:
    14 d.p.o af not here vomitting all last night and today
  • Dec. 30, 2013 12:43am » MrsHill said:
    Today 12dpo vomiting at 1230am! Praying this is MS cause I never vomit!
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