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Those that have had ERPC's/D&C's/Repeat Miscarriages and

Category: Trying to Conceive - Trying For Another
Posted by Flutter-By » Jun. 14, 2012 3:41am

I'm trying to raise awareness http://www.ashermans.org/home/

My story is as follows so far...

On March 7th 2012 i had an ERPC as my baby stopped growing at 6 weeks but i didn't find out until 11.5 weeks. For the last 15 weeks i have literally been to hell and am still in it to an extent as my periods have failed to return. My DH have been trying to conceive again since 2 weeks after my erpc and normally i only have to blink to fall pregnant as with my DD who is 3 i feel on my 1st cycle and with this one that i've lost i also fell on my 1st cycle. I ovulated 2 weeks after my erpc and have been ovulating for the last 3 cycles without having a period. I know this based on CM and OPK sticks. So when i say we 'did it' before ovualtion and during the crucial time (stretchy cervical mucus sorry for tmi) my hubby thought it was christmas every month so i have been VERY confused as to why i keep getting BFN??

So i went back to my doctor AGAIN and she agreed that my periods should of returned between 4&6 weeks after my erpc so she put me on Provera which is supposed to induce your period...which it hasn't! I was on it for 7 days and to say i was a bit physcotic is an understatment!!! It was literally horrific and i had been having horrible period type cramps but much worse, in fact i had been having these cramps for that last few months around when i should of been due my period. So after being a complete emmotional wreck and feeling that this 'can't' be right i decided to do some of my own research and thats when i came across Ashermans Syndrome. The main symptoms are as follows:

â?¢Menstrual changes: sudden reduction in menstrual flow or absence of menstruation, a lot more brown blood/less red blood. Note: a few sufferers don't notice menstrual changes.
â?¢Pain or cramping at the time of menstruation with little or no blood (pain resulting from outflow obstruction)
â?¢Endometriosis: this could result from backflow of blood caused by AS.
â?¢Unexplained infertility (primary or secondary)
â?¢Repeated miscarriage which is unexplained.
â?¢Invasive placenta (eg. Placenta accreta, placenta percreta, placenta increta) in a past pregnancy could possibly indicate AS.

If you have had the following uterine surgery then you could 'possible' have AS

â?¢D&C (in the presence of absence of infection) for any reason including: â?¦miscarriage (missed or incomplete)
â?¦retained postpartum placenta
â?¦postpartum hemorrhaging
â?¦elective abortion/termination of pregnancy
â?¦endometrial biopsy
â?¦fibroid removal
â?¦treatment of excessive uterine bleeding

â?¢Hysteroscopic myomectomy
â?¢Uterine artery embolization
â?¢Endometrial ablation (This is the intentional creation of Asherman's Syndrome to treat excessive uterine bleeding.)

After my recent discovery and me partially freaking out to the point of near on breakdown, i managed to calm down and call my doctor who by the way had never heard of AS but as i've read more into this more and more people are going undiagnosed until it is 'too' late as this can cause infertility depending on the extent of the scaring. So i asked for a referral (my DH has private medical) and was seen that day by a gynea doctor who IMMEIDIATELY said i am at risk of AS and was completley surprised when i told him i'd self diagnosed myself.

I now have a sonographer scan booked in for Monday to see if they can see any scarring but really the only way to properly see is by having Hysteroscopy or HSG which are very risky in terms of removing the scars/adeshions. I have convinced myself that this is what i have and the thought of potentially not being able to give my DD a sibling literally terrifies me and feels like my heart is being ripped out. I am praying and i am not normally a Godly person that i am wrong but my gut instint is telling me different.

On one hand i am seriously angry as had i'd of know that my erpc could cause infertililty, i would of waited until my body 'decided' it was ready to let go. I'm angry because when i signed the declaration form there is nothing that pre-warns you about getting AS...please tell me if you knew this information before hand would you still go through with it????? I know i would definately not have taken that risk! On the other hand i am slightly relieved that i now know what might be wrong with me and then at least i can look at how to more forward.

I am sorry if i have freaked some of you out and that this has been a 'long' post but the reason why i am trying to raise awareness is that i read so many posts about some of you who are ttc especially after erpcs/d&c's and if i can at least help one of you out of this limbo then at least i know that my information as been put to good use as being in limbo, the waiting, the disappointment, the not knowing is my version of hell and i hate to think there are so many of us in the same place.

I'm not saying that this is what you have but if you match anything of what i have said above then please go and speak to your doctor.

I will be updating my journey so i'll keep you posted as to how my scan goes on Monday...fingers crossed!


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Reply by Skyblueboston » Jun. 15, 2012 4:16am


I had an erpc last year after i had a missed misscarriage the baby died at 8 weeks, my boday didint let go so had the operation at week 10.

Since the erpc whichb was in august 2011, every month m y period returned which is so unusual as i dont really het periods because of my pcos.

anyway i was in the most agony i have EVER experienced in my life, i collapsed twice in utter pain, it felt like i had just had another d&c, my insides were falling out, i was passing massive clots and bleeding extemely heavy this happened every single time i had a period.

So i had an ultra sound to see if i had scarring or something had been damaged from the d&c.

The result was NO, eveything was fine!!

Well along came my last period in May and i couldnt believe it NO PAIN.

What the consultant said is that it took my body months to recover and thats what the pain was, he said the body had been though alot of trauma.

Im sorry for you loss and i understand how you feel. i havent even managed to have one child yet!
But on a personal level i feel that you are putting too much pressure on yourself and your body, you need to let your body heal, you have been through an awful experience, personally i was too ill after my d&c to even try for another baby and i wasnt emotionally ready, im amazed that you can try so soon, thats great, but just maybe your body needs a rest hence no period, I think that it not a great idea to force your body to have a period, when you normally have them on your own!! especailly after a period. I hope you take this a compassion for your situation and i mean the best and wish you all the baby dust in the world. I also wish you to relax take some time off let you body heal itself.


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