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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 9

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 9

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Never Give Up

Posted by KayKay21
Hubby and I tried for years. We used Preseed and I used Clearblue Ovulation sticks. Finally pregnant. All in God's Timing!

Added: Feb. 27, 2017

Finally!! My BFP

Posted by Esksmomma
This site has been a staple for me for the past 5 months and I am sooooo excited to share my BFP story!!

5 dpo mucus plug?? Snot like ball of cm in the shower cm thick lotiony otherwise. Nausea and tired

6 dpo thick lotiony cm. Sore breasts..itchy underarms.  Tired.

7 dpo thick lotiony cm. Achy boobies a bit. Tired and gassy. Sense of smell super heightened. Stuffed up. Woke up middle of the night to pee.

8 dpo BFN breasts sore a bit. Stuffed up. Thick white lotiony cm. Woke up in the middle of the night to pee.

9 dpo. Stuffed up!! Woke up to pee at night. Breasts not sore..maybe a bit fuller. Thick lotiony cm

10 dpo BFN cm more watery with pieces of lotiony. Nausea off and on.

12 dpo BFN sad!!! So sad!! Valentines day...tired. No breast tenderness at all! Count me out.

13 dpo - told DH that I cant do this anymore. The TWW has been killing me and we arent getting any younger. I'm 35 and he is 40. We have a 7 yr old daughter and we miscarried in March 2016. Totally thought we were done.

15 dpo - volunteered at daughters school for pizza lunch day. OMG the smell!! So nauseous. Couldnt wait to get out of there. POAS when got home 1 pm...2 hour hold may be. Faint but definitely not a squinter!

So excited!! According to my calculations my due date is Oct 27 2017!!

And just when I was giving up hope!!

Sticky baby dust to all of you!!!!!!

Added: Feb. 18, 2017


Posted by mamaof7
Hi everyone. I've gotten 3 positive tests using First Response, the one that says 6 days before. I took the test 4 days before and it was pretty light but got darker each day. I've only been trying for two months but I'm pretty fertile. I'm 40 years old and this'll be my eighth little miracle. I always check symptoms and track my cycles with ovulation tests and what's weird is that last month I really felt pregnant. I had most of the common symptoms including cramping, mild weird feelings in my lower back, peed a lot, unusual moodiness, sensitive nipples and unusual nausea but no BFP. So this month I didn't feel very many symptoms at all and thought I wasn't pregnant. I only felt a little cramping for two days around implantation time. However, my cervix acted prego. After ovulation it came down lower but within a week it started going back up. Not very much discharge. We made sure to have lots of sex from 3 days before ovulation until the day after. I would also lay down and relax after each time to make sure it didn't come back out. Lol. It worked!!! I have lots of boys so I'm kind of going for another girl but we will see. ????

Added: Jan. 29, 2017

Don't Give Up! Every Pregnancy is different!

Posted by ZMTMommy
Hi wonderful ladies! I just want to share my success story and just let those having a hard time know that I was in the same space.

I thought what was a positive on a Wondfo dip stick in Dec but turned out it wasn't! I was devastated! My husband and I had been trying for 2 months at this point and I was so frustrated with myself and God. I just felt like there are so many bad people out there who do horrible things to their children and here we are just wanting to love and care for a precious little one!7

We gave birth in August to our baby girl who passed away a couple hours after her birth! She is our sweet angel in Heaven now and so once we we ready to begin again...we did!

So back to December...my cycle is normally 30 days and it started early making that cycle a 26 day one. It wasn't a miscarriage or nothing because bleeding was light to medium and no pains...I also confirmed the negative with a free.

My cycle started Dec 22 and we used ops (digi and dip sticks) and preceed which we placed like below the "1" maker. We only used it like 3 times though. We bd'd not as much as last time but we did so to cover more days and also to space them out enough so that we were allowing time for sperm to build.

I told my husband that I was not going to test because "I will just know" and I just knew I would be heartbroken seeing another negative. Throughout that week, I begin building my faith and just letting God know that he has this and he has me! I gave it up to God and just begin to prepare for my next cycle. I tell you I was not feeling pregnant because nothing was like it was with my angel baby!

I came home and after holding for 6 hours, I wanted to test just in case. I dipped the free in the cup and waited like a minute and the test was still working so I just brought it with me to the kitchen and begin to make some lunch. Before I know it, it was for sure a vfbfp...like you did not need a light to see the pink. Oh, I decided not to use the Wondfo again due to my experience with them. I begged hubby to get a digi and sure enough "pregnant" popped up.

No symptoms that stood out to me but I will let you know what I recorded during those days.

1dpo: had the flue :( first time EVER! Sinuses were horrible!
2dpo: gas, flue still
3dpo: headaches, gas, flue still:(
4dpo: gas, acne, headache, backaches, and flu still
5dpo: headaches, acne, + appetite, fatigue and last day of flu
6dpo: nausea, acne, gas, and dizziness
7dpo: headaches and gas
8dpo: headaches and received a negative PT
9dpo: cramps (possibly implantation)..they were sharp and then dull but didn't ask long, gas, and another negative PT
10dpo: gas
11dpo: headaches; areola was dark which was odd and I knew that wasn't normal if af was coming
12dpo: BFP!!! Finally! there was backaches, + sex drive (which is not normal since i don't have an urge so close to af), and cramps

I have been feeling fatigued so much these last few days but no creamy cm like there was last time...nothing was the same with my last pregnancy!

I want to tell you ladies please not to give up and just keep trying! I know they say conception should happen within the first 6 month and here I was looking at all the worse cases online...dont do it ladies...just continue to have faith and keep trying! Don't forget to enjoy sex and just have fun with it!

Best of luck ladies!!!! Mucho Baby dust and sticky beans your way!!

Added: Jan. 20, 2017

2 years off birth control, 6 months actively trying

Posted by trying4no1
Hi everyone,

I have obsessed over these forums and the website in general during my tww for the past 6 months, always hoping I would conceive and feeling like I had every month but then the dreaded AF would arrive. I now have my first ever BFP!! I've had some disappointing clearblue false positives but never a true BFP! I am 34 years old and have not been on contraception for over 2 years but I really started stepping things up from 6 months ago.

Things that I think helped me conceive!

I cut down on my alcohol intake. I gave up alcohol altogether at the beginning of the month!
I started taking multivitamins and read up on all sorts of herbs and tools I could use. I dabbled with OPKs but could never get a positive.
About 4 months ago I started taking folic acid and zinc with Maca tablets every other day up to ovulation each month.
I used My Days application and got to know my cycle well.
About 2 months ago I added agnus castus to my tablet taking routine in place of Maca after reading positive reviews. Started taking vitamin D and Calcium. Also CoQ10 every few days. OH started taking zinc and vitamin c supplements too.
I monitored CM ( I always thought the jelly stuff was fertile - it isnt - its the watery stuff a few days after this!) and used ovulation strips but could never seem to get a positive test until on Jan 2nd this year when the test line was darker than the control line - I was excited by this as I'd never had a positive OPK ever! We bd'd as the line was progressing and when it was at it's peak then the following day. I would normally go straight to the loo but I didn't do this and waited about an hour before doing so.

Overall I would say that no alcohol, ovulation strips, folic acid and agnus castus helped me prepare my body. They say your egg health can be changed in 3 months so any supplements that can assist in egg production would be recommended. I've heard evening primrose oil is great for this too.

I am very happy and blessed but also very scared! This place is great for support though so good luck and don't give up. Praying for a sticky bean now. I cant believe I have conceived naturally though after years of nothing! xxx

Added: Jan. 16, 2017