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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 19

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 19

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

bfp after stillbirth

Posted by Hunnyb33
Nearly 8 years ago I was told i have pcos and would probably never have kids . In 2012 I fell pregnant ???? he was born Aug 2013 lovely happy 2 1/2 year old now. I then went on the implant for 18months not a single period had it removed April 2015 had 1st period in June fell pregnant with ds2 I gave birth to him 13 weeks ago at 35weeks 6days pregnant unfortunately he had died over the weekend ???? my beautiful angel. We have decided a were ready to start trying as could take years like ds1 but after testing 6dpo (i know poss addict lol) 8dpo, 9dpo, 10dpo, 11dpo all bfn. Today is 12dpo inteated 4am completely negative not even hint of a line. Thought I as out at due in 2 days. Had one test left so thought id do it just for the hell of it at 3:30pm so just 11 1/2 hours later no hold on pee and bham bfp ???????????????? still stoll gonna do another just to confirm but it's pretty pink ????

Added: Jun. 2, 2016

Yes it's a fat BFP!!!!

Posted by uyezowami
The only reason am writing my story is to give hope to all the ladies who have been trying one cycle after the other with BFN.

The last time I was active on this site was April 2015.

I was exhausted from trying everything. I decided I am just going to let God work his plan in my life.

June 2014 I had a miscarriage DH and I were devastated, we wanted to get pregnant right away so we could forget the pain, but God had other plans. We tried everything, until one day I said to myself I am not going to try anymore I won't check anything, nor will I take anything to help me conceive.
I started enjoying our bedroom life, of course every month when AF showed her ugly face I would feel disappointed but not as much as I did when we were trying and hopeful. I just said all will happen in God's good timing.

Today I got my BFP, totally a HUGE SURPRISE!!!!

I started wondering early last week when I had cramps and said to myself aaahh the witch is coming, that very same afternoon when I wiped down there I saw dark blood and I was like I wonder when this pain will stop because she is clearly not coming today, she needs to come and go so I can get on with my life.

The next morning I was completely dry. The cramps were still there, but there was something unusual about them, they felt different form the normal PMS cramps. They would come and go. Then a thought came to my mind... could yesterday dark blood be implantation bleeding? I quickly forgot that thought because I did not want to drive myself crazy and start looking for symptoms.

Then a week went by, I started craving pickles, would have avocados and add vinegar and chilli sauce, and again I found myself wondering what is going on, this is when I started listening to my body, I started paying attention to everything, I realised that I was peeing more, feeling nauseas, feeling tired and the cramps were still there.

I was so clueless with my cycle such that I don't even know which date was my last period last month because I was no longer updating my cycles, and I said if by the 30th I don't get my periods am tasting, and yes today in a matter of seconds, two BEAUTIFUL pink lines appeared, I could not believe my eyes I wanted to scream and cry at the same time. God is wonderful.

If you would read my journal you will know I have a 10 cm cyst that is not giving me any problems, this coming Saturday am seeing my OBG just to make sure all is fine.

Just hang in there, one day you will be writing about your positive story.

By the way am turning 41 in November, so there is hope for the over 40s!!!!

baby dust to all momies to be! because it is going to happen.

Added: May 30, 2016

TTC 3 cycles

Posted by AmericaninRome
Hi everyone!

Last cycle I convinced myself I was pregnant, so this cycle I was sure I wasn't. I really didn't do much differently this month, although we did BD 5-6 days in a row when I thought it was my fertile period (I'm not sure exactly when I ovulate). I tried not to symptom spot, but I felt unbelievably tired in my 4th week (almost fell asleep on the floor at work!) but weirdly, also mixed with not sleeping that long, maybe 6 hours, and waking up feeling really refreshed. I usually sleep 8-9 hours happily and wake up to my alarm. But that could be because it's spring time. Also week 4 I noticed these little red spider veins coming up on my boobs, but since I was in my PMS period I chalked it up to that. Saw the absolute faintest line at what must have been around 12-14 DPO. It was so faint that I thought it was a negative, was walking to the kitchen to make myself a Campari, and decided I would check one more time . . it was sooo faint but definitely there! Retested in two days and it was darker. Omg! Since then I have had really sore boobs and a general full, pulling feeling in my lower abdomen. Not painful, just different. Seem to have a heightened sense of smell. I went away for the weekend and it smelled like someone was eating raw steak on the plane! Other than that I don't really believe it and keep running to the bathroom to make sure that AF hasn't actually come! I guess one other interesting symptom is every other cycle I have been really anxious during the TWW and had insomnia. Even before I knew this cycle it was different, I found I could take everything really easy, didn't worry and had this sense of well being. Who knows if that was an effect of getting pregnant, or helped it happen, or neither!

I am getting excited but also knowing it is very early and anything can happen. Eek! Good luck to all of you trying out there.

Added: May 22, 2016

Natural BFP after 2 years ttc!!!

Posted by thalassa
My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 2 years. After the first 5 cycles of trying I went to my doctor who subscribed clomiphene for 3 cycles (BFN all), the following cycle had pregnyl shot (BFN), after another 3 cycles of no success I did salpingography and my hubby did sperm test. My tubes were opened but my hubbys sperm had motility and count issues. After 3 months with Profertil vitamins everything was ok but no bfp yet. The next cycle the ultrasound found uterine polyp, so I did hysteroscopy to remove it. 2 cycles after hysteroscopy did pregnyl shot because I had a "beautifull" egg as my doctor said..BFN. Several cycles passed with good ovulations but all with BFNs, I was crying and cryning and praying all the time... 3 weeks ago we desided to move into iui, I had just bought clomiphen to be ready for iui when I found out I was pregnant!!!!!!! I had my very faint BFP at 11dpo and blood test confirmed my pregnancy on first day of missed period, that was yesterday and now I am praying for a sticky bean!!!

Baby dust to all of you!!!

#sorry about any typos or grammar mistakes i'm not an english native speaker..

Added: May 20, 2016

All in God's Time

Posted by MimiTHL
My Hubby and I have been trying to conceive for a year. Last year, right about this time we found out we were expecting and at 5 weeks, I miscarried. It was disappointing but we knew we had to be strong and keep on trying. It finally happened with God's grace. Hope it all goes well this time around and for all of you women out there trying to conceive, I wish you BFP and keep on praying and believing that one day it would be done for you too... As its done for others. ????Stay Strong.

Added: May 18, 2016