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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 19

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 19

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

BFP Cycle #2 - Baby #2

Posted by kassandrawoh
I'm so excited to annouce that I am expecting baby #2. Here's hoping that I have a happy pregnancy and a healthy, sticky bean. I can't wait to meet this baby in August 2016!

Here's my cycle story...

The first day of my last period was 11/21/2015. During my fertile week my hubby and I BDed on CD 13, 14, 16 & 17. This was also the first month we used Pre-Seed. I'd definitely give it two thumbs up. Great stuff! It felt so natural... and I'm now 4 weeks pregnant. I ovulated on CD 17. I know this because I also use OPKs.

DPO Symptoms -

1—5 DPO: nothing out of the ordinary.
6 DPO: pinch/poking "cramp" on right side of uterus. This was my first sign that I may be implanting. I didn't have any spotting.
7 DPO: continued to have the same odd, almost pin-like poking on my right side (off and on).
8 DPO: BFN, not surprised it was still early. I'm POAS addict. ;-) I'm beginning to feel nausea when hungry, hot flashes, acne breakout, extreme fatigue and hormonal (cried while watching TV). :-)
9 DPO: BFN, same symptoms as above.
10 DPO: same symptoms as 8 and 9 dpo, but now fighting a mild headache. Got a VERY faint line that evening on a Clinical Guard internet cheapie. I have NEVER got a stitch of a line when not pregnant, so I knew something was up.
11 DPO: I continued to get faint lines on ICs. Same symptoms. Fought a mild headache. Got a faint line on a dollar store brand HPT. BFN on Clearblue digital.
12 DPO: Same symptoms. Still a BFN on CB digi. BFPs on internet cheapies. Lines are slowly getting darker, more visible. My hubby could finally see it. ;-) I got really hungry (empty stomach pains) 11:30 at night and had to get a snack. This is definitely not normal.
13 DPO (TODAY): Same symptoms, no headache yet. Yet again, BFN on Clearblue digi. BFP on pink dye FRER and my internet cheapie. Seeing line progression.

My period is due on 12/22/2015. My cycles are usually 31 days long. I'm obviously pregnant, but don't have a high enough HcG level to trigger a digital HPT. I've also heard Clearblue digitals are not very sensitive. I'm hoping to announce to grandparents on Christmas day. So excited! My EDD is August 27th-29th (depends on what day I use. LMP would be 11/21. Ovulation was 12/7). My hubby have the same birthday (August 28th), so there's a big possibility this baby could have the same birthday too! Kinda cool!


Added: Dec. 20, 2015


Posted by Minalona
I came off BC round about July 2015, and we have been TTC since then. I have tried everything but nothing really worked. From OPK kits to temping to Robitussin. Every cycle I would have the same pms symptoms and would think they were pregnancy symptoms. The one cycle I was actually preggo I had pms symptoms. I think my first signs was that my viens were more visible on my hands, and I was so tired. Other than that I didn't feel any different....... After coming off BC it usually takes some women a little to get preggo, but do not give up keep trying, and BD a lot.

Added: Dec. 10, 2015

42 and PREGNANT!!

Posted by TeamKace
HI! THIS IS MY FIRST TIME TRYING TO CONCEIVE!!!! And I'm 42!! I have a 21 year old daughter! Getting married next year!!! But if I'm pregnant now, that will change a lot of things regarding the wedding!!! I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant, but I've been wrong before! I'm still SUPER EXCITED!! I know it's coming!!

Got my BFP today!! I tracked my symptoms so check out my TWW chart!!!

My fiancé is SUPER EXCITED ( now that I got PROOF!)

Added: Dec. 9, 2015

Only takes 1 time

Posted by
DH and I had been thinking about trying for a couple months. I started tracking my cycles in May and stalking this site even though we weren't trying yet. Finally on August 19th we decided it was time. Since I had been tracking I knew I would be Ovulating on the 21st of August. With differing work schedules, August 20th was our one and only chance for the month. 10 days later I got my BFP at 9dpo. I couldn't believe how lucky we had gotten!

My Symptoms by DPO were

1dpo- nothing
2dpo- twinges on the right side and bloating
3dpo- Sleepy, bloating, and gassy.
4dpo- Bloating has all but gone away, still gassy, and fighting a headache all day-very unusual for me
5dpo- tired still, but I blamed this on switching to nights this same week
6dpo- nothing really to report today
7dpo- bloating is back, along with a couple of dizzy spells and this point I'm thinking I need to go get some test
8dpo- bloating, headache, and cramping.. maybe I wont need those test after all
9dpo- Soo Gassy!! and a little nausea. couldn't wait any longer and took a test at about 11pm with no hold. Got the faintest pink line on FRER!
10dpo- POAS FMU even darker pink line!

Continued with the Gas and Nausea for the next couple weeks along with some pretty bad cramping which was scary!

Now I'm 17 weeks 6 days and looking forward to finding out if my intuition about having a baby girl is right in just 5 days!

Good Luck and Baby Dust to everyone!!

Added: Dec. 8, 2015


Posted by peachpretty
DH & I decided in 2013 that we were ready to have another child. Our DS was then 8 years old. We tried here and there but didn't take it serious at all. When we turned 29 was when I started to get more serious. I went out and bought OPK's, started tracking cycles and ovulation. That is when I found this site! That was back in March of 2015. We really tried March, April, May & June but nothing. By July I was frustrated and just had to stop to keep my sanity. July & August nothing just kicked back and enjoyed summer. Stayed off this site except for entering cycle dates. September came around and I was determined! Heartbroken for two months but kept at it. October 27 my cycle began. AF lasted about 7 days. We BD on cycle day 12 & 13. I ovulated on cycle day 14. The tww was not bad at all. I was focused on other things and tried not to think about if I was having symptoms. AF was due the day before Thanksgiving. Well that day I had spotted very very light pinkish brown. I thought for sure AF was coming. I was bummed all evening. By the end of the next day still no AF. That's when I knew something was different. I did not want to test at all. Afraid of a negative. So the waiting game began. By the weekend still nothing. I did have very sore nips and veiny, tender breasts. A new week started and I just went about my days working and what not. By that time I was looking for symptoms. Still did not test. I made the decision to wait until 9 days after my missed period to test. The day finally came! I woke up at 5:00 a.m. to test! I used the First Response Test & Confirm stick. Laid it on the counter and left the room for exactly 3 minutes. When I came back there it was 2 lines! The test line was darker than the control. I downloaded the What to Expect app and according to it I am 6 weeks! (your pregnancy starts the first day of your cycle) I am starting to feel slightly sick. The thought of food grosses me out. I get headaches if I don't get enough sleep and breasts still hurt daily. Baby dust to all!

Just an FYI
Things that I did while trying to conceive:
Used Clearblue Digital Ovulation Tests
Stopped using tampons almost a year ago
Stopped reading the TTC journals on this site. (I would drive myself crazy comparing myself to others)
I think that was about it. Hope this helps

Added: Dec. 7, 2015