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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

WOW Finally after a year Long struggle with clomid and Fertility treatments!!

Posted by indian_2012
After being diagnosed with PCOS and one year on contraceptive pills We started our clomid treatments from April 2011. I ovulated all the the times and everything was fine but it just never happened...we tried taking breaks in between but nothing ...finally this month my doctor decided to try with IUI and it worked very first time!!! I feel so lucky and blessed but nervous as well...it just seems unreal after so much of struggle. I had all the symptoms in the world during my TWW in all those months but this month I felt nothing except felt a little pressure around 6-9 DPO..which I guess was implantation ..Iam keeping my fingers crossed ..Baby dust to all of you !!


Limit your tea/ coffee intake to once a day.
No aerated drinks and diet coke is a big NO.
Avoid hot showers!


Heaviness in breasts may be because I was on progestorone and Dyphaston.
Heaviness around implantation.

Added: Jul. 22, 2012

Didn't think it was going to be our month!

Posted by ctbarclay
So my DH and I started trying on March 2 2012. This was basically I third full cycle and due to all of the stress and how low both of our libidos had been I did not think we would concieve. We only bd once during fertile time when the other times we did several times. Well, I had some tests left over and I was feeling a little overly tired and crampy with a ton of heartburn so I decided to test. The first one was so faint I thought it was negative but when I came home it was dark. I decided it was a wicked evap. Then I waited a few more days and decided to use a CB Digi that I had. I thought for sure it would be negative. But nope it wasn't. Then an hour later another positive. Then the next day did a reg hpt and got a strong positive.

Part of the reason why I knew something was up was not just being tired, but I was craving bacon...and I hate bacon. Well, today we went to the dr's office and got it confirmed. Urine was positive and beta number will be given to me later. I am so excited! All I can say is that we both tried and tried and I stopped using benedryl while I was fertile. Also, this time I fell alseep after sex so I guess there was more time for the swimmers?

Added: Jul. 16, 2012

Pregnant with our First Baby on our First Try! :)

Posted by Danielle J
I kept hearing so many stories about couples trying for months on end and stressing out over TTC. I decided not to use OPKs because I saw them as a source of stress. Instead DH and I just BD at least every other day for about 2 weeks straight around the middle of my cycle. Somehow I got lucky, and we got a BFP on our first try! 13 dpo, I decided to test and there it was... a positive! I retested today (2 days later) and got a much stronger positive. I'm super excited and still a little in shock. :)

Here are the symptoms that stood out to me most:

Cramping (starting about 7 dpo -too early to be AF)
Increased libido (starting about 4 dpo -very unlike me!)
A strange buzzing feeling in my uterus (starting about 8 dpo)
Sore breasts (starting about 11-12 dpo)
Nausea (starting about 12-13 dpo)

Added: Jul. 16, 2012

I am pregnant,yay!!!

Posted by ithankgod
After a tubal reversal, eight months of trying, three of those months on clomid, which sent me on a hormonal crazed ride, I am pregnant!!! I found out Friday. I couldn't believe it!!There it was, a faint positive line. I could hardly believe it so I rushed to my Dr. and got a blood test, waited for two hours for it to come back, but low and behold, it was positive.yay!!! By my blood HCG level i am 5 weeks today!! This cycle wasn't too much different. I have monitored myself very closely, with BBT&OPK's, so I always know when I'm going to ovulate. This time when I O'd and made Love to my husband, I just "felt" different. I immediately had tender,painful breasts. I was bloated, gassy, and tired. I really didn't believe all these symptoms would be possible so early, but they are. They came for me immediately. I am so happy and feel honored to become a mommy again. Many Blessings to the women trying to conceive and Congrats to the women who have!!

Added: Jul. 15, 2012

BFP after partners chemotherapy

Posted by missymaca
We decided to try for a baby despite being told that my partners sperm count was negligible after being treated with intensive chemotherapy during Burkitts Lymphoma. We were going to wait a bit as we have a lot going on just now but after a discussion as to how we might not ever concieve or it may take years we decided to just go for it. This is my first full month trying and i cannot believe it but its true....a BFP!! We are so excited and just cannot wait to tell our families and friends..... my fingers are crossed for all of you out there ttc....xxx

Added: Jul. 14, 2012