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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

A Rocky start to BFP!

Posted by yummymummy1991
Hi ladies.

I'm finally beginning to feel more confident and can announce my BFP.
DH and I are young and both aspire to havng a big family and after needing a D&C earlier in the year, 5 months later I think it's finally happened and we are both very excited, but at the same time still reserved because it's still early (and i'm not officially "late").

I got my first BFP at 6DPO only to be disappointed by following BFN's for a couple of days. Then I tested again on 9 DPO and I got multiple positives on FRER. by 10 DPO I had neg on FRER but slowly I began to see a progression on a test brand called innovacon which is what my doctors practice uses for pregnancy testing so I do trust them. It was such an emotional rollarcoaster having bfp FRER and BFN innovacon and then the next day it swapped over! I havn't done FRER since because I'm confident in my other tests.

They are slowly getting darker (it's not noon 11DPO) but more so they are showing up on the tests slightly quicker and then developing colour a minute or two later. The progression went from seeing a faint line in the early afternoon at around 7-8 mins (reading time is 3-4 but instructions said if line comes up after reading time then hCG is probably low), and by late evening they were showing within 3-4, then this morning 2-3 minutes. Hopefully tonight it will be more about a colour progression :)

My symptoms that gave it away:

"lack of symptoms" - particuarly bbs - normally these get very tender in LP but were very tame this time.

1-4 DPO Nipples very sore which i've never had.

2-5DPOVivid dreams - usual for me but I had 4 "pregnancy related" dreams in a row.

6+ DPO Blue veins - was noticeable for a little while but only became a symptom when they started showing between my bbs through my recent tan - and also I have a couple of veins going down to stomach towards my uterus which were definitely new!

7-10 (so far) DPO Hot!!!- In the latter days just before my BFP and after my BFP for about 3 nights I woke at about 3am and had to completely strip down because I was cooking sooooo bad in bed. DH was even blowing cold air only my back to try cool me down and I ended up having to take paracetamol to bring my temp down. That was my biggest giveaway!

Today I even had an unexpected vomit. Last pregnancy (which didn't go to term) I only started getting sick and not even having anything come up, started about 6 weeks, maybe 7. But this morning, booom.... just out of the blue my stomach decided not to cooperate and had a chuck on the pavement whilst walking back to my office (HOW EMBARRASSING)... Nothing I could do to stop it either.

I'm still not officially "late" so we're trying to to get our hopes up too much but hopefully if my hormones are high from getting a slightly early BFP, no AF will come!
I'm due 1 day before DH BDAY :D

Added: Dec. 2, 2012

tubal reverse

Posted by ChristyLaw07
This will be my 3rd child. But this will be my husbands 1st. 11years ago I had a tubal and recently had it reversed. We are getting excited and nervious at the same time.
With my other pregnancy's I didn't exspirence hardly any symtoms untill I was in my last trimester. I didn't get morning sickness, sore breasts, and actually fit into most of clothes as well. Both of my children were born breech (natural). So easy pregnancy hard labor/birth.
Its been 12years since I've been pregnant and I am sure my body has changed alot. But we are so excited! We got our positive preg test on 11/30/2012

Added: Nov. 30, 2012

My Success Story

Posted by knk2011
My partner and I were waiting to try from the summer of 2011. In November 2011 I had my implanon removed after almost two years and we began trying to conceive.

I began to get really disheartened and down, because I still hadn't had a period and therefore had no cycle to track, so I bought some clear blue digital ovulation tests. I was so excited when I got my first smiley face. It meant that I must be pregnant at the end of this month or have a period and either was fine by me - after all, that meant I could at least start tracking.

I got my period at the end of January and after a few months of no success, I began charting my BBT. I never used a clear blue digital ovulation test again, until much later.

Months went by and we had no luck conceiving, so we decided that when 12 months came around, we would go for fertility tests. But before we went for tests, I decided to give everything one last try. Charting and ovulation tests, the only time I've used them since January.

November 2012, I had my birthday and ovulated soon after. In my two week wait I had my usual symptoms, gassy, tired, moody, etc. On 8dpo I had a small temp dip, I'd read that the dip needs to be at least so many degree for it to be counted as implantation so didn't pay any attention to it. I also had a clump of yellow cm when I wiped, which was the only time I'd seen any cm in my tww. I was dry the entire time. Towards the end, it got sticky.

On 13dpo, all symptoms ceased and I felt out.
On 14do, my fertility friend changed my ovulation date, so I was now 12dpo again. I thought I had completely missed my chance and decided that I should just take a test and if it was negative I could look forward to the next cycle and finding out what issues there were in our fertility.

The test came out positive within the first minute. I started shaking and had to face time my sister in law for confirmation that I wasn't seeing things!!

She stayed on the phone to me until I managed to do another test, a digital one this time. The pregnant part came up in a minute or so and then the 1-2 symbol popped up underneath.

I am now 5 weeks pregnant and looking forward to seeing my midwife in 3 days time :)
Throughout my entire tww my temps were up, minus my little dip at 8dpo which I now figure was implantation. They would usually drop at 14dpo if af were coming, but I never got that far :)

Good luck to everyone still trying to conceive!!

Added: Nov. 30, 2012

Trying since June 2012 and used BBC for two cycles

Posted by kCharleneS
Well, we found out on Saturday, November 3rd that I am expecting! I went to the doctor on Halloween for blood in stool and found out I have hemorrhoids but she didn't mention there being a chance of pregnancy. On the third I just had this feeling and took a FR pregnancy test and it was IMMEDIATELY positive. We went in on the next Monday to have it confirmed and they said that I was. But since I had been in the er a few days later for severe abdominal pain, the doctor was worried that I could have an ectopic pregnancy. Had an ultrasound performed at 4.5 weeks along and it was empty; no sac or anything. So the doctor was worried it was just a false positive. Had many blood tests to monitor my HCG levels and since they were doubling just like they were supposed to, we had another ultrasound performed on Monday, November 26th at 7 weeks 3 days along and there was our baby. Right where it was supposed to be. They're worried about me miscarrying due to having blood where the baby implanted, but we're keeping hopeful. :-) I'm due July 12th!

Added: Nov. 29, 2012

IVF with ICSI Colorado protocol success

Posted by sophieqld
Just got my BFP on 6th attempt. First time trying new Colorado cycle meds and first time transferring 2 embies. Had a chem few cycles back so hoping this one lasts the distance. Would be a perfect Christmas present to have my first ever 7 wk ultrasound in my hand few days before Christmas! Would be the end of our IVF journey. We'll be happy and so grateful to have just one beautiful bub to make us a family.

4dpo- progesterone injection, strong headache
5dpo- transfered 2 good quality embies, bad headache, tired...prob from high progesterone
6dpo- bad headache, tired, twinges in left ovary and uterus
7dpo- shocking headache on waking, refuse to take any painkillers, twinges, tired, vivid dreams, no sore bb, another prog inj
8dpo- wake from bad dream, slight headache, slight tender feeling when shorts push into uterus area, test shows barely there grey looking line on FRED, notice slightly tender bbs, light nausea
9dpo- more vivid dreams/nightmares really, slight headache, thirsty, FRED test BFP faint but clearly there even at a distance! Light nausea, feel empty even after eating but not actually hungry.

Blood test to confirm still 5 days away. So happy to get this far again and so hoping it sticks.

Good luck to all others trying with ICSI. For me the only way to keep going and try to stay positive was/is to just 'believe'. Believe you will be a mum, that it's just a matter of time. Be happy for those around that conceive because the time is coming where you'll join them. All the best. X

Added: Nov. 27, 2012