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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Finally, after 2 years!!

Posted by JacquelineL
I ovulated on March 30th and started having bad cramps 16 dpo and it lasted for about 2 weeks and still getting them on and off. I thought it was my period coming but i thought..well i only get cramps about 2 or 3 days before my period starts.

I just figured it was a funky period this month. In Febuary my cervix was really sore, like i had worked out the whole day and that lasted for about 3 days and went away and then i took a test, it was negative, then i took another test in the AM, and that was negative too. Then about 2 days later i got my period.

But this month, after having cramping for 2 weeks and feeling queasy for about 2 days and then nothing, i got a positive on 26DPO. I was kind of in disbelief. I only took the test to prove to myself i wasnt pregnant so that my period would start and usually it does a couple days after i take the test and get a negative.

I NEVER in a million years expected that test to be positive. I saw the control line come up and as i was wiping i started to see a second line. I ran downstairs and outside to where my fiance was working and showed him the test. i was nervous and excited and just a whole bunch of emotions. I didnt believe that the test was right, neither did my fiance.

We went and got another one, went home and he was with me in the bathroom. As soon as the pee went across the positive showed up. So here i am, pregnant with my first baby : ) I still cant really believe its true. I want to test again...lol.
But i think i have to let it set in because im sure 2 different brand tests cant both be wrong. I just always figured that since i wasnt getting pregnant over the last 2 years that i couldnt have children but i just got proved wrong.

Even if this pregnancy doesnt last, at least i know that i CAN get pregnant and can try again. This pregnancy gave me so much hope. I am so happy right now.

I figured i would just be the women who never had kids, and that it would never happen for me and i would have to watch all my friends with their kids, but now i know i can. This is an unexplainable feeling.
No fertility treatments, no drugs, no nothing and now im pregnant. I am just in awe. I feel so blessed. I hope this baby sticks because i really want it..I have cried over and over again thinking i would never have a baby, Now i know thats not true.

For all the women out there TTC: Never give up. There is always HOPE. It will happen eventually!!!! BABY DUST TO ALL TTC!!!!

Added: Apr. 27, 2013

Third time lucky?

Posted by Zoolisa
I had an accidental pregnancy last August that ended in a missed mc, very difficult time, but gave me the push to seriously think about having a baby before I got too old (I'm 38). Got pregnant again in December but miscarried at 5 weeks. So this is the third pregnancy, and although only 4w6d it already feels different.

I didn't have any symptoms in the TWW that was any different from post ovulation / pre AF type, except for a triphasic bbt. This was the first cycle temping, so wasn't sure if this was a normal thing for me. I tested at 10dpo (bbt went up 8dpo) not expecting much, but got a very faint bfp!

I am desperately trying to stay calm and positive- my lovely dr refused to do any blood tests- he reasoned that all that does is give woman another number to stress over. He said that every day is a new day, and that this is a new pregnancy- the last 2 have nothing to do with this one, and there is no reason to believe the same will happen. Statistics is on my side :-)

I have a wild theory that if my body is busy pumping out stress hormones, then it isn't getting the time or space to produce the pregnancy hormones, so I keep myself as calm as possible. Having said that, I still worry a little when my symptoms seem to disappear- pretty much every morning- but by the afternoon they return. Symptoms mild, breasts a little tender, pressure low down in pelvis, fatigue quicker and queasiness now and then.

My other theory whilst waiting to ovulate was that a good blood supply was needed to the pelvic area, and that walking and raising my heart rate a few times a day helped to 'waft' the egg quicker down the Fallopian tube. This all came about after watching a video of ovulation happening- it all depended in the beating of the woman's heart- other that that pulsing movement, the journey down to the uterus is fairly passive, so I figured the quicker implantation happens the better. So I started the TWW walkers club! It work for me anyway :-)

Good luck to every one TTC- and I hope I can give hope to the 'maturer' ladies too :-)

Added: Apr. 27, 2013

Would have never guessed

Posted by hopetobemom19
so we have been trying for 3cycles and nothing i finally got fed up and stopped caring. Well lastnight i was rushed to the hospital do to this intense pain in my lower pubic section which had started while my fiance and i were having sex, after being pricked 5 times things be shoved where i didnt want them and laying in pain for what seemed like ever they brought my fiance back and told us both we are expecting at 1:30am :)

Added: Apr. 27, 2013

HcG 43

Posted by KellieRS
Today is 3 wk 6 dys. My husband and i have been trying for a year and a half and have been doing fertility treatments for over a year. It has been a rough ride-I have PCOS but I am 27 and thin and no one, especially my doctor, thought it would take this long. I am still nervous and apprehensive. It is too early to know if this will take and stay viable. Lots of mixed emotions! It could also be twins or triplets, we had three eggs so we are hoping for one or two. Three would be quite the adventure!

Added: Apr. 26, 2013


Posted by meljoe
After 7 cycles of trying this is what I did differently:

Ovulation Predictor Kit & Zestica Fertlity Spray.

Bd every 36 hours from cd 10 to cycle day 14. Ov kit showed I ovulated around cd13.

I was so discouraged and thought something was definitely wrong with me or my hubby. After three doc visits and lots of convincing, IT FINALLY HAPPENED!

12 DPO - dollar store New Choice HPT (faint positive, evening urine). Clearblue Digital (1 hour later) Positive!

If you haven't already tried Zestica, I totally believe this is what made our BFN BFP!

Baby dust.

Added: Apr. 25, 2013