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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Prophecy Come To Life

Posted by waitingonmymiracle
Let's start from the beginning. In June 2011, my husband and I were completely surprised to find out we were pregnant. But at 5 weeks I suffered a miscarriage. I felt empty. We decided to wait a few months to start trying again but my sister became pregnant, so we decided to wait til February of 2012. I ovulated twice but the witch got me both times. I had lost both of my grandparents during that time I wasnt really in the mood to babydance. Well, AF was due to show in June and nothing happened. All tests were bfn and after a month I went to the doctor. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I was heartbroken. Even though I wasnt obese, I was slightly overweight, so I began my weightloss journey. Over the next 5 months, I lost 25 pounds and my hormones levels had greatly improved, but still no ovulation. The doctor had me on progesterone to induce periods but wanted to wait to see if I'd ovulate on my own. By December 2012, I finally talked my doctor into clomid. My first cycle of 50mg made me ovulate but AF showed. The 2nd cycle failed to pop an egg. I knew my dr would only allow me 3 months of clomid and I was afraid the last round wouldnt work either....until my cousin called me!....

She is a missionary in Texas. When I answered the phone, she asked if I was sitting. She told me that God gave her a vision of me...in stirrups, giving birth to 2 healthy babies!!!! I cried. She said I wasnt forgotten and that it would be happening very soon. In fact, she had seen the word November in the vision. If it was true, then I'd get pregnant on my 3rd cycle of clomid. Throughout my cycle I felt very good! A week after I ovulated I was very nauseous and tired but blamed it on the progesterone from ovulation. Everyday I had symptoms and was certain I had a peanut implanted inside me. I tested on 10 and 11dpo...bfn. My temps began to nose dive, I was certain AF was coming. On 12dpo I thought I saw something but most thought it was an evaporation line. Then on 13dpo my temps started going back up and I got a faint bfp! I was excited but cautious. On the morning AF was due, my temp had dropped .3 degrees but was still above my coverline. I got up and took a pregnancy test....bfp! I was afraid it was an evap so to be cautious I took 4 more! ROFL! All bfp and all came up within 5 minutes. I'm still in disbelief but I'm declaring and rejoicing that God fulfilled his promise to me!!! Now to wait 4 more weeks to see if it's twins!!!! Thank you JESUS! My babies are miracles!!!!!

Added: Mar. 13, 2013

Finally a BFP 7 months after chemical pregnancy

Posted by Domimommy
I'm still in shock that I'm actually pregnant after 7 months of negative results it feels so good to see a positive. I'm only 9 dpo and didn't expect to see a positive so soon. I just felt pregnant this month. I've been nauseous since 1 dpo and I've also had indigestion really bad and I've been really tired. I went to see my doctor because I was getting impatient and he told me to wait 3 more months and then he would put me on clomid. I have two other children that I conceived really quickly so it has been a new experience to have to "try" We had a chemical pregnancy in September so I'm trying to remain hopeful about this one especially because its so early. This month I tried to eat really healthy and we had intercourse every other day instead of every day (doctor recommended) and maybe that was the trick. Either way for those of you still trying stay positive. It will happen when it's time. If I wouldn't have listened to my doctor I would have paid for a bunch of fertility testing I didn't need. I feel so Blessed and I'm praying for. Healthy 9 months!

Added: Mar. 10, 2013

Better Late then Never!

Posted by MaybeBabySoon
I didn't know about this site when I was ttc so here's my story about my BFP! DH and I decided to start trying in October 2011. We did the BD every day for 10-12 days(well, minus one night in between somewhere) after my period ended. That's probably about day 4 of my cycle to day 16. I have a shorter cycle, I having been tracking it my entire reproductive life (first period started september 28th at night, 1998...lmao). Anyway, we bd even though my brother was living with us(boo-urns), and successfully conceived that first month. Now, I want to make it very clear, this is not typical, but it's just the way the cards fell for us.
When I tested I bought 6 dollarama HPT tests. I decided to take a test early, because lets be honest, who on earth waits until they miss their period? I took the test on day 24 and got a very faint BFP. I took a second test and also got a faint BFP. I was looking at the tests and didn't really believe what I was seeing. I showed DH and he didn't see anything and thought I was nuts. My brother who lived with us came home and looked at the tests and confirmed what I thought, that there were lines on them. DH thought he'd take a test as a "control" or w/e, and it was white as white. A third test that night confirmed that yes, bfp. Here's the funny part, I took the last two dollarama (pro-care) tests in the morning with fmu and got negatives. I went to shoppers and bought a FRER and peed on it immediately when I got home, and boom, BFP! So, that's my story, and I have my amazing almost 8 month old, whom I really think needs a sibling lol.

Added: Mar. 8, 2013

Age 42!

Posted by ldreingold
I am 42 and my husband and I just got married in January.......we did an IUI 12 days ago and I have been getting BFP's from day 9 on!!!! Strong bold lines!!! It is now day 12 and I am taking my blood test on Monday...so wish me luck. What number should I be looking for from the test? What number means multiples?

Added: Mar. 8, 2013

BFP after 13 months of trying with no fertility issues!

Posted by Madeline
I'm not here to tell you to "Just relax" or "It will happen when it's meant to" or my favorite "Stop trying and it will happen" God I hated hearing those things. Don't listen to them, I've been there too and I know how much they hurt. But I do want to give you some advice:

Ladies PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop stalking this site for symptoms lol. I'm just kidding but I am speaking from my own experience here. I obsessed every month for 13 months and compared my symptoms to all of the BFP stories on here and guess what???? When I actually fell PREGNANT I had no clue. There were no symptoms; no sore boobs, no metallic taste in my mouth, no food aversions, no CM, no nausea, no headaches, etc. (I even made an appointment with my doctor for Clomid). I realized that every woman is different and our bodies react differently to pregnancy. So please please please just because your symptoms don't sync with let's say "Mary's" it doesn't mean you are NOT pregnant. I think I had more symptoms all of the other months than 2 weeks ago lol.

But I will be honest with you, I am 5 weeks now and my nipples just started to feel sore and I feel a lot of stretching/gassy/cramps (exactly like period cramps). So yes you probably will get some symptoms but once again DO NOT compare yours to mine because you might be different. Ok so here is the rundown:

- O day I felt some tingling but I felt that before and was not pregnant
- 1-9 DPO no symptoms except I felt rundown and I couldn't finish my exercises (started 5dpo and on)
- I tested at 9 DPO in the evening with a cheapie and saw the faintest line.
- 10 DPO tested with digital and got "Pregnant 1-2"

Best of luck ladies and don't ever give up. Baby dust to you all <3

Added: Mar. 8, 2013