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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Honestly didnt know I was pregnant with my first baby...

Posted by edwina2021
So me and dh have been trying for about 7-8months. This month I bought a Clearblue fertility monitor, soft cups, 800mg of folic acid every day, and victiams every day. The day before O me and dh only bd one time and that was the day before O. A week till af I noticed some different thing
1. Headaches all the time
2. Breakout in Pimples
3. I was getting more cranky
4. I was having cramps â?? the weird thing is my cramps are very painful during af. But these didnâ??t hurt as much kinda like gurgling poking and slight cramps.
I thought I was out for the month and started prepping for af. A few days ago my step daughter 9yo. Said â??when and how many kids are you and dad going to have?â?? I looked at her and told her â??I want three but I may not even have one.â?? She said â??why wouldnâ??t you be able to?â?? I told her â??sometimes women canâ??t have children for unknown reason that may be me.â?? (She has a IQ of a genius. Seriously) I didnâ??t understand what made her ask that. Since thatâ??s only the second time she has ever mentioned have a sibling. The next morning I tested and got bfp. Then the morning after that I got bfp. Yesterday I told my husband and showed him the test; he had me go to the store and get a different brand just in case. Those turned positive right away. So now I am almost 5 weeks pregnant, my step daughter and husband are always looking at name( which I just wanna pick one off my top 5 for both girl and boy but they say theres plently of time. )

When I really sit down and think about it. I didnâ??t notice any pregnancy symptoms till after I found out I was pregnant. It really just felt like my period. So with that being said. Donâ??t think itâ??s to late because youâ??re having af symptomsâ?¦.. BABY DUST!

Added: Feb. 24, 2013

Dreams can come true!

Posted by newlywed_katie
9 cycles later and we finally got pregnant!

My husband and I have wanted to get pregnant even before our wedding in June 2012. At first I seemed to be really obsessed with charting and every little symptom made me think I could be pregnant. I was started to get annoyed with myself! This last month TTC we only had sex one time before I ovulated. YES ONE TIME lol. The next morning I took a ovulation test (clear blue digital) and saw the smiley face. I figured, well, we baby danced last night so we should be good. If not, I guess next month will be a better go at it. I didn't think anymore about it and honestly thought what are the chances with one time....

Just over a week ago my grandpa passed away. With all of the funeral arrangements and family time I didn't seem to pay any attention as to if I could possibly get pregnant this time. I'm Irish Catholic so the days leading up to the funeral were filled with a little partying:) it was a very emotional few days.

Aside from that, after returning home just a few days later was to be my expected period. So I decided to take an HPT right away when I woke up. I used the cheapie dollar store one - much better idea when TTC, saves money - and started brushing my teeth. I glanced down and saw the test line was there!! Holy crap! I woke my husband up immediately and had him check it out too. We were super excited and decided let's get through the day and take another cheapie when I got home. The line was even darker later that day and only holding my pee for 3 1/2 hours! Just to confirm, I took a clear blue digital the next morning and it said pregnant. Yahooooo!!

I didn't have any pregnancy symptoms that I knew of, just the missed period. But looking back i was pretty tired the days leading up to the BFP. I have had the brown spotting when I wipe for the past three days. And my boobs are sore and already growing. I also had my first feeling of nausea on Saturday morning. i'm a little more exhausted than usual, and that is only going to get worse! Our first docotors appointment isn't until 3/22, so I'm just hoping and praying the little beam will stick!

I believe everything happens for a reason. My husbands 30th birthday is next Friday and all he ever kept saying is he wanted to have a baby before he was 31. :) his dreams are coming true, just like mine are. Now if we can only fool our friends and family for a month... This will be hard with his surprise birthday party - sprite with lime!

Keep your heads up and try to stay positive. I never thought I would get the chance to write my story, but now I have. I truly hope each and everyone of you have your dreams answered very soon too!

Lots of love,
Xoxo Katie

Added: Feb. 24, 2013

1st Round of 50mg Clomid

Posted by Mafo84
Yahoo! Today is 14 DPO and I found out I am pregnant! Took my first round of clomid in beginning of February and honestly was expecting to have to take it a couple rounds, but it did the trick! Now just praying that he/she stays put!!! (Didn't have the best luck with my last pregnancy over a year ago).... Stay positive! As Annie says, "(Tomorrow) It's only a day away!" :-)

Added: Feb. 23, 2013

Finally !!

Posted by titam3
So after a journey of questiniong myself why am I not pregnant is it my wweight being on depo provera for such a long time because as far as medically i everything was coming back normal as far as lab work and other test .So my lovely OBGYN agreed to put on clomid took it days 3-7 and today at 12dpo i get my BFN i still can seem to sink in i called my doctor right away and got blood work test and it was confirm beta came back 82.4..i didnt notice any symptoms besides the sore nipples but i thought it might had to due my period was due in 1 week:) baby dust to all you ladies i keep my faith and keep sasying to myself that if god wanted to be this would be my month because they say that if clomid work it works the fist 3 cycles :)))

Added: Feb. 22, 2013

13dpo and pregnant

Posted by Crazy1
So happy after months of trying and with a little help - I'm pregnant! Thought I was out after a 11dpo bfn, so I didn't test 12dpo and just expected my period. Tested today and to my surprise its positive, my husband and I are still in shock.

Added: Feb. 16, 2013