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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

praying second time is the charm!

Posted by aiydendahlia
Hi everyone!
I'm very excited to anounce on 13dpo finally got a faint positive on my clear blue ! I am so very very excited. Had a m/c at six weeks about a year ago so praying this little bundle of joy holds on because this mom really wants to meet her precious little one ! Major symptoms this time:
1-10 Dpo Major twinges on left side of uterus off and on lower cramps (lower than normal AF cramps) rout boob hurts a lot feels bruised. Craving chocolate and sneezing like crazy
11-13 DPO most twinges stopped except occasionally one here and there with occasional cramping. Right boon hurts left one is startig to hurt just as much , feeling very tired and been very emotional with DH even told me my hormones are crazy! Took $ tree test on 11DPO negative, just took clearblue on 13 DPO definitely faint positive!
Can't wait for DH to come home to tell him! So glad I wasn't just crazy emotional for no reason! I'm sure he will be happy to know it was because of my hormones! Praying our little one holds on momma is going to stay healthy. I quit ciggarettes over a month ago and no alcohol for over two months I'm so glad I did this I can't wait for my baby :)

Added: Jan. 12, 2013


Posted by ya_lucy
This month I simple decided it will happen and it did (after one year)!. What I did differently
- I was on Clomid for the first time
- I drank Alchemilla from 1 DC till ovulation
- We used pre-seed
- I was doing special exercise helping to get pregnant
- after love making I put pillow under my bum and waited abut half an hour
- no sex for 7 days before THE one

I knew I am pregnant already about 5 DPO - such vivid dreams!!!
5DPO big breast, vivid dreams
6DPO big sore breasts, vivid dreams
&DPO big sore breast (was bit worried it was Clomid side effect)
10 DPO-11DPO big sore breast, heartburn, slight cramps, vivid dreams
12DPO breasts... tiny tini ghost on pregnancy test, haertburn, PMS pain - slight
13 DPO big sore breasts,ghost on pregnancy test
14 DPO second line on pregnancy test, breast, heartburn
15 DPO, bog sore breast, stomach cramps, heartburn, crazy dreams
16 DPO // + same symptoms

Now just hoping all will work out!!!

Baby dust on every one of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added: Jan. 10, 2013

Never walk away from a test :)

Posted by lyssa787
My husband and I are fairly young - in our early twenties, so it was very scary that conceiving was taking so long. In the end it took us 14 cycles, many nights of crying and prayer, oh yea, and a lot of fun together, to get the BFP we're all waiting for.
Last night we went to walmart and I happened to see an 88 cent test that they're normally out of. I grabbed it just in case. AF never comes on time, and I was only 1 or 2 days late with NO weird symptoms, but just in case. We got home and I just couldn't help myself. Before bed I said a little prayer and used the test. Nothing came up right away, so, rather indifferently, I set it on the counter and walked to bed. Every test I had taken - over a year of tests- had been negative. I really didn't expect this one to be any different. Seconds after I had left the bathroom my husband walked in, flicked on the light and then said "Honeyyyy...did you look at the pee test...?" He sounded very uncertain. "kinda...I replied." He nearly ran into our bedroom with the test :) It was a faint positive. NEVER walk away from a test negatively. You never know what you might miss. If I had thrown it away I wouldn't know.
This morning I took a clear blue digital even though i really didn't even have to pee. It only took a few drops to get that magical screen to say "PREGNANT".

BABY DUST TO YOU ALL!! Don't give up on your quest to be parents :) We didn't change anything. I lost a little weight, and we just had a lot of fun together this December. Don't worry, and it may happen. All 14 cycles I read that sentence, and just couldn't do it. But it worked. :)

Added: Jan. 10, 2013

still can't believe it!

Posted by lizzieest
It was our 2nd cycle TTC and we didnt have much hope, because my DH had to travel on 29th dec and we didnt have much chance to BD because of all the season rush and other reasons. we did however BD on 23, 25, 26, 28 and 29.

Now something i'd like to share and maybe it can be useful for other ladies TTC:
I was so certain my OV was on 24th (my CDTP calendar is also set that way) because i had EWCM, which was nice and stretchy and clear as water, lots of watery CM before and after 24th too! on 29th, when we last BD-d, i also had one big glob of EWCM in the morning, but this one was more yellow and even a bit gummy? i thought this was because of the second surge of estrogen but now looks like i was wrong. I must have ovulated on 29th or right after that, because its 9th Jan today and my HPT turned positive just yesterday. so all the girls who notice the second patch of EWCM, start BD!! i think for me it worked!! it's very possible you're fertile then!! of course, those who use OPK-s will know better, but i didnt use them and relied only on CM and calculations.. i did BBT, but since it was first cycle i temped, i could not have know when to get into action.

What was different from 1st cycle TTC, was that i had very mild or no symptoms at all. most of the time i felt out. my boobs havent gotten very sore even now, but i also remember from my first pregnancy, that all the symptoms appeared much later. 1st cycle TTC i was about to go crazy, i had every symptom you can think of. i was so certain i was pg and so disappointed when doctor didnt confirm the pregnancy. this month i did couple of test earlier, but obviously too soon so they were BFN. i only took another test because my period was due.
subconsciously maybe i already knew we had succeeded. i started taking Mg, B6, B12, Omega 3 and Folic acid 'just in case' and 'for the sake of next cycle'. I have felt very emotional past two weeks too. just listening to sad songs or not to mention tear-jerker movies, reading other ppls TTC success stories.. i cried like a child LOL :)

couple symptoms that maybe gave away a little:
very dry skin
some skin allergies have returned
lots of CM (mine has been mostly watery)
craving for graperuit juice

good luck everyone!!! let there be many BFP-s this year!! :)

Added: Jan. 9, 2013

Big Fat positive!

Posted by nickynz
My husband and I were trying for my number 4 ( his 2nd ) . I have never had any problems trying to conceive. In fact with my third pregnancy I was still using birth control.
I was really surprised and sad that this time was different. We tried each month and I was so sure each month that I was pregnant. Cried and cried when each test said BFN. This month was different. I felt bloated but put it down to not eating enough vegetables over the festive season. Anyway it was time for AF and I had a test so I took it. Line was faint but it was there within a minute. Showed my husband and he said he could see it but not to get our hopes up yet till we re-test in a day or two. So I waited 2 days then re-tested and it was a BFP!!!. It took us 10 months to get a BFP. We are both still in shock but really happy. To all the womamn waiting for their BFP good luck and keep trying. I know it is so stressful, my Husband said after all the bfn he didn't think it would ever happen, but it did and come mid september 2013 I will be holding my dear wee baby in my arms! Baby dust to you all xxxx!

Added: Jan. 8, 2013