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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!


Posted by missy1990
My husband is 19 going on 20 years old this year and I'm 21, we have been together since high school and married a year, he is currently serving in the Army, and with a deployment coming up, and training and the crazy hours of the military, I was like omg we need to try asap, so we agreed and I start charting my BBT, after my period and calculating when we should baby dance!!

2/4- Baby Dance

2/6-Baby Dance (went to the doctor for a pap, told her we we're trying and she said I was most definitely ovulating!!!)

2/8-Baby Dance

2/11-Baby Dance

That's all we did!!!! Also during my period that's when I started taking prenantals
and eating fairly healthy, cut out caffeine etc!!

0 DPO- Ovulation Pain on my left side, and dull cramps

1 DPO- Cramps, Gas, Tender Breast on my right one, the pain was only under it, weepy, constipation, vivid dreams, increased cervical fluid

2 DPO-Cramps, Gas, Stabbing pains in my stomach, my leg had a weird pain on the inside of my thigh, tender breast, headache, vivid dreams, increased fluid and it was yellow

3 DPO- Bloating,Gas, Heartburn, Veins were more visible, Tender Breast, Sore Throat (that was odd!!! I just knew something was up! ) Vivid dreams, increased cm fluid, nausea

4 DPO- Gas, Tender Breast,Sore Throat, Vivid Dreams

5 DPO- Cramps, Tender Breast, Vivid Dreams

6 DPO-Gas, Increased breast size/tender, sore throat, Vivid dreams

7 DPO- Gas, Sharp pains in stomach, backache, I just FELT pregnant! Sore throat, hot flashes, really tired, vivid dreams and I broke out in Acne like CRAZY!!

8 DPO- Bloating, cramps, gas, pulling feeling in my stomach weird!! I just felt pregnant, dizziness, and tired, started getting really hungry that day and nausea and on this day I took a pregnancy test and got a faint positive, I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy and shocked, and it the result came up within under a minute and the test said 3 mins at the most!!!

Also got a blood test to confirm it on 2/27!!!!!!! :)

The sure signs that got me to take a test was the vivid dreams, they we're so weird and so REAL, and I remembered all of them, and the cramps got me after ovulation, for me I don't cramp after I'm done ovulating so that was off for me, and then having the pain under my right breast I just KNEW then, I'm so blessed to have been gotten pregnant this fast and with our first ti, truly a blessing from god, considering my husband deploys soon, I want to give LOT'S OF BABY DUST TO ALL and hope my story helped!!!!!!!

Added: Mar. 1, 2012

Positive Tests!!

Posted by MaddysMom07
After having the an IUD for 3 years, which the last year and a half was a nightmare, we decided it was time to leave the BC alone and let my body work on it's own. I think part of us was convinced that the BC had damaged me beyond repair. In October 2011, we began TTC. We had absolutely no luck at all until this month, February 2012! I give credit to pretending I was a gymnist afterwards and doing "the candle". I took a FRER at 5dpo and had a VERY faint positive line, then realized by box of 2 tests had EXPIRED in Decemeber, I threw them away. We went and got 2 clearblue easy tests, at 6dpo, I got another extremely faint positive. 8dpo another clearblue, another very faint positive. At 9dpo, I took a FRER digitial gold...no squinting required, it was a "yes+"!! I hope I have no complications with this pregnancy, first pregnancy I had severe pre eclampsia. Send your prayers my way!!

Added: Feb. 29, 2012

EPO failure, B6 success!!!!

Posted by lulabelle
I firstly want to say thank you to all of you for your support on here. We had been trying for about a year, and I was losing hope, but you ladies have really supported me when I felt everyone else didn't understand, particulary Rebecca. You know who you are lovely lady! Then in November, the pregnancy test showed up positive. I was absolutely thrilled, until it went wrong only a day later and I had a bad period. I found out that I had ovulated too close to my period due date, maybe partly as I was taking Evening primrose as I had read it was good for the right kind of cervical mucus. It was the most horrible thing ever to see my two lines and then lose it again all within 24 hours. I studied my dates and realised that most months, there wasn't enough time (less than 10 days on some occasions) between ov and period time. I started taking B6 between period and ovulation as I heard it made you ovulate earlier, in addiiton to pregnacare pregnancy vitamin(bot the conception one but the actual pregnant one). In December we were busy with christmas festivities, and although I'd be lying to say I didn't think about it, I was preoccupied with other things. I felt myself ovulate as I usually do and did a 'smiley opk' test- which was positive. That night we did standing-up sex ;) as we had a guest visiting who was in the spare room and we were trying to be quiet! Despite my doctor telling me to do it three times a day, I think it was all about quality rather than quantity for us. On Christmas eve, I got my BFP, but because of the previous month, my husband didn't believe it would stay to start with and warned me not to fall in love with the idea too quickly as it could go wrong. As the days passed, we realised it may be a reality and became more and more excited.

I have had a very sicky few months, and we were overjoyed to finally see our healthy little 'pip' on the ultrasound screen. I've delayed posting until now as I was so scared it would go wrong.

Please ladies, don't obsessively check your symptoms before you get a positive test. I CONVINCED myself I was pregnant about 3 times with all the symptoms I thought I was having, and ended up more heart broken each time. The funny thing is, this time I had NO symptoms apart from being very hungry (but that's not unusual anyway) and sore boobs!

Thank you again to you all for being such a strong support network during such a difficult time. I wish you love and luck, and hope you all work out what is right for you and your partner as I think that was what led to my current happiness.

The month we conceived:
Pregnacare pregnancy vitamins
Hubbie on Vitamin C fizzy tablets
B6 between Period and ov
Not too much sex, but good ones when we did!
Lots of veggies and sweet potato as I heard it contained progesterone! :)

Much love and babydust to you all, Lulabelle xxxx

Added: Feb. 25, 2012

It was meant to be!!

Posted by lilbare1009
Three years ago today I saw that beautiful word "pregnant", and I knew this month was going to be my month for #2! Even thought I am only 11dpo I was confident I would get at least a second line and I did! Ahhhhh, I can scream from the rooftops i'm so excited. Can't wait for this little bean to come, thank you all for reading.

GL & baby dust to you all!

Added: Feb. 25, 2012

WOW!! I'm pregnant!!

Posted by Pamster
I honestly feel guilty for posting this because so many of you have been TTC for a while or have suffered losses.

I found out today with a FR digital test that I'm pregnant! This pregnancy wasn't planned. We honestly haven't been trying. I went off the pill in June and we've been using condoms ever since. Then almost 3 weeks ago our family suffered a tragedy. Our father died suddenly at the age of 64 from a heart attack (we think). The weekend after he died my b/f and I were intimate a few times and a few days after that. We didn't use any condoms during those times. I really don't know why. I think we were hurting so much and felt so sad and empty that we wanted to experience the ultimate closeness between two people who love one another.

Miracles do happen. When it's meant to be you will be pregnant. I never thought that my dad would leave us so early. It still feels like a dream. But wow, how do you explain this? It just goes to show that there is life after death and life carries on.

I pray that this little bean has super glue surrounding it. I know my dad would of been over the moon! Now that's 3 babies in our family within 6 months. What a blessing!

Added: Feb. 24, 2012