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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Third pregnancy at first try!

Posted by cdarcie
I got pregnant once, without noticing. This one unfortunaly I lost with 8 weeks.

Then, next month, I decided to let it go...and then I got pregnant again, this time twins! One of the babies didnt stick, but the other turned into a nice girl called Helena, who is 1 year old now.

Now I decided to try my second baby. One month of tries....and again, I am pregnant!

I feel very luck...just got my blood test positive today. 14 DPO.

Baby dust!!

Added: Nov. 5, 2012

Very Faint Positive at 8 dpo YAY

Posted by MRSCLEMENS88
since April I have had 2 MC and Surgery to have my Right Ovary and Tube removed due to a Hemorrhagic cyst and a grapefruit size mass.. I finally got my BFP yay its really faint so im gonna take one tomorrow to but YAY im thrilled Thank you God for Blessing me again.. im very thankful. and thanks for all the support i Love this site you galls are very encouraging, inspiring, and just amazing ..

Added: Nov. 5, 2012

4 days late finally got BFP!!

Posted by NOVALUNAR123
I am in so much shock that i am writing our success story! This was our 9th cycle of ttc and found out when i was 4 days late for af. Done 3 pregnancy tests all clearblue digital and all 3 positive 1-2 weeks pregnant! due date hubbys b'day! This site has helped me so much with ttc everyone on here has been amazing! And we want to thank everyone so much! :)
What i think that helped us get bfp was raspberry leaf tea it strengthens your uterus and we did add more vitamins, omega 3, vitamin d3, zinc, calcium magnesium and zinc. I also started taking full fat yoghurt been eating loads of green veg and have been eating loads more potatoes for some reason? dont know it its to do with a craving? i think it would be too soon so could have been deficient in potassium or something?! I have always drank 2 litres of water every day also for years which can help with cm. Also kept my legs up in the air and hips raised high for 30 minutes after bedding.
We have been using ovu tests every month for the last 6 months or so to pin point ovu, only the cheap ones and they worked great for us and easy to use. Did buy a opk but found the tests strips easier.
So theres our story baby due 08/07/13
Hope so much for everyone out there ttc to get their bfp soon and dont give up hope no matter how long you have been ttc, our motto was trying something new every month and it finally worked! and it will for you.Good luck everyone xxxx :)

Added: Nov. 3, 2012

Can't believe I just got a BFP at 9DPO!

Posted by mom2jgk
Just wanted to share my symptoms since reading everyone else's helped so much during TWW!

4 dpo-Slept a lot!

5 dpo-Started feeling cramping like AF was coming..but too soon for period cramps (for me)

6 dpo-Tired and Huge sweet cravings like AF was coming-bloated

7dpo- BB's felt full- Restless at night

8dpo- Huge Sweet cravings again-just felt very PMS-cramps-BFN with FRER- Woke up with night sweats

9dpo- Strong cramping mostly on right side of ovary area-intermittent twinges of cramping there all day-so I caved & took a FRER-at 1pm (definitely NOT FMU) & BFP!!! took 3 more-all BFP-faint lines but noticeable! 5 days before period due:)

Only thing I can point out is that we BD'd the night I noticed the most EWCM-& I had to drink lots of water to make sure I got the CM..next day I got a positive OPK digital & we BD'd that night too-skipped a night & then next night & that was it!

Still a little nervous b/c it's early-but excited!!-Baby Dust to All of you!!!

Added: Nov. 2, 2012


Posted by AimeeNicklin
I can't believe we finally get to write this. Our very own success story. Wow what an rollercoaster ride its been. We first fell pregnant is Jan 2008 but found out pregnancy was ectopic,they had to remove my right tube. We was devastated. Docs told us we would probably find it harder to fall pregnant. Anyway four months later after missing pill a few times we found out we're expecting our son who is four in January.

Anyway December 2010 after a loss of our baby in October 2010 we decided we would ttc for another. Never did we imagine it would nearly take two years. This was honestly the hardest experience but we have learnt so much and areffeeling well and truly blessed that we have enliven the chance to become parents again.

I must add after a while of not conceive i decided to join slimming world and loss some weigh,which i going to

continue to eat my new healthy was through out this pregnancy.We will be telling our parents at 8 weeks, and all our other family once we have had our scan around 14th Dec 2012. ( will be the best early Christmas present ever) and we can't wait to tell our little man he's going to be a big brother like he's been asking. FINALLY.


Wish us happy n healthy 9months.
Baby dust to u all. Xxxxx

Added: Oct. 28, 2012