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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Positive at last!!!

Posted by Heathha
I'm assuming I don't need to say this because everything I have seen on here is very friendly. But, please, don't say anything rude to some pieces of my story. (You'll understand what pieces I mean when you read!)
In September, my then boyfriend and I decided to start trying to get pregnant. He proposed to me in October. Not because we were trying to have a baby, but because he wanted to. I said yes. We continued trying. I am in college and was living in a dorm. We planned on moving into an apartment if I got pregnant before school was out. If we didn't, we were already planning on living together the next year (this year) anyway. We had been living 100 miles away. We only saw each other every other weekend, if that. We were unsuccessful. Mostly because even though we wanted a baby, we still did other things other than have sex all the time. We liked to hang out with each other and soak up as much time together as possible. In November, we came back from Thanksgiving break and my roommate (who's cycles were close to mine and was a very close friend of mine) found out she was pregnant. She freaked out. Then got excited. She kinda rubbed it in my face that she was pregnant when I asked her if I could have the rest of her pregnancy tests since she was confirmed by a doctor that she was pregnant. She said she may need them, went off to the bathroom, took one and told me how quick it came up. I was soooo devastated. She was so mean about it. I still love her to death but she made me so mad. Especially since she just planned on having her parents and his parents take care of the baby when it came to money; she's never had a job, never done her own laundry, never cooked her own food. She transferred to a school closer to home but I still watched her pregnancies progress via facebook. She had her baby on my birthday. In August. My Fiance moved in to our apartment the end of July. I had my period and right after we started having sex a minimum of every other day. A few days ago, I realized that on my way home from work while I was walking and eating, I started feeling slightly nauseous. It happened about two or three days in a row. So one night, I was browsing pregnancy forums and I decided to test. I freaked out when I saw how quick it showed up at 10 at night! I started pacing around (he was at work). I was going to go tell my neighbors but I wanted him to be the first. Then I remembered that my neighbor and I had planned to make pancakes together to tell him I was pregnant. So I ran downstairs, looked at her and asked if she had any pancakes. It took her a while to understand what I meant but once she did, she started jumping around squeeling. Once her roommate figured it out, so did she. We grabbed pancake mix, ran back to my apartment and made pancakes that spelled out "Daddy" (she had a thing that let you put your pancakes in the shape of stuff). We left to pick him up from work, had her roommate record and I showed him the pancakes and test. His jaw practically hit the floor. He was so excited. For the next 24 hours, all we could do was smile. I'm just going to say it took us one month to get pregnant. Because the other months don't really count since they were all spread out. I guess every other day really does work! We are so excited!

Added: Aug. 19, 2012

Pregnant after 8 years of TTC

Posted by momsag
Hi everyone,

I am 37 years old. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 8 years without success until today.

We did every test to see what was wrong and all came back normal.
I was put on clomid twice and had very painful ovulation cycles as a result.
We tried this injection thing, don't remember the name, but it did not work.
Our doctor recommended AI but we were not comfortable, so we decided to believe the Lord for our miracle.

We came across Fertility Blend and started taking it. The first observation was that it improved the consistency of my cycles, 28 days, and increased sperm production.

We took it on and off for about 6months. Then a few months ago I decided to take it consistently for 6weeks to 2 months, then I stopped. I noticed that the following two months my cycle was 28 days on target, then this month, I started logging my symptoms, tested today and I am pregnant!!!

Praying for all you ladies still waiting for your miracle!

Added: Aug. 18, 2012

First time TTC after an ectopic pregnancy few months earlier. BFP at 8DPO!

Posted by paledoll
First time TTC after an ectopic pregnancy few months earlier. BFP at 8DPO!

1-3 DPO - No symptoms
4 DP0 - Creamy White CM
5 DPO - Creamy White CM - Tested BFN
6 DPO - Cold sweats during day, creamy/eggwhite CM, headaches, very tired
7 DPO - Creamy white CM, pains in lower stomach and back, tested BFN
8 DPO - Severe heartburn, 2 pound shop strip tests with faint BFP, clearblue digital "1-2 weeks pregnant" BFP!!
9 DPO - still a little shocked with yesterdays test, take 2nd Clear blue digital, reads the same "1-2 weeks pregnant" BFP!! :)

Goodluck and baby dust to all !! xxxxx

Added: Aug. 16, 2012

7 years of TTC - IVF - BFP

Posted by ivfbabyx2
YAY!!!! I can finally write in here :)

After 2 failed day 3 transfers, We finally had 2 blasts on our 3rd IVF. I started testing positive around 8dpo :) x

The only symptoms i have are -

Sore boobs (slight)
And waking at 3am for a wee wee

Never give up hope girls. Even when your feel like all is lost xxx

Baby dust to all :)


Added: Aug. 16, 2012

BFP 1month after mc d&c

Posted by mommyofvic
Hello all here's my story hope this gives hope and happiness this does have a lot of tmi but im only sharing it to help someone who can use what i say :) I have a 17 month old son and we have been ttc and did in June I ended up mc and d&c july 16th 2012 a week later i took a hpt and got a bfn so that i know that if i were to get a bfp in the near future it would be a new pg! soooo glad I did that I took a hpt yesterday after noon aug 14 2012 and had a faint bfp!!!!! and this morn aug 15 2012 i took another on and its even darker !!!! I started to notice about 4 days ago that I have been super tired and i also chart cervical positioning and noticed that my cervix was super closed hard and higher than where it normally is i continued to check due to me knowing that with that mc it was soft open and low for the entire 6 weeks. today my cervix is super high where i can almost not touch it its still hard and closed but it feels like it has turned into the vagina wall like morphed into it ! i remember it being like this when i was preg. w/ my son! im feeling really confident in this pregnancy! hope this baby sticks !! and results in a healthy happy baby!!! well to add to pre testing symptoms my fiance noticed that i looked bloated im very tiny so bloating shows easy and i noticed it as well i was also nauseous when I drank lemon aid which typically i love lemon aid so this was a shocker but blew it off until i got my bfp also my cm had picked up in volume (same w/ my son) which gave me the reinsurance that i would get my bfp. I also feel hungry inconstantly I think this is all i have to share on symptoms for now lol good luck to you all lots of very sticky baby dust

Added: Aug. 15, 2012