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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Praise God after a year and a half journey!

Posted by Sarahlouisepq
For those of you waiting for "your turn" wondering if it will ever happen for you, I get it. I have wanted to have my own story of joy to share for so many months, and I'm so happy to finally get that chance because thank God...our miracle has happened! After many cycles of hope following disappointment following hope and cheering on 7 of our closest friends who easily became pregnant, plus two family members, we finally decided to go to the fertility doc and see what was the hold up for us.
I had an hsg ( where they flush dye through your tubes) and everything looked ok under the hood for me, and my husband had a semen analysis which showed that while most of his numbers were stellar, he had only a 1% morphology score, which means only 1% of his sperm are shaped correctly.( I was planning on running blood tests on me to check my hormones and things, but never got around to it, b/c a couple months later, there was no need! ) Our doctors also recommended that our next step be an iui where they'd "wash" out the loser sperms and inseminate the winners in me. So we bought yet another expensive ovulation detector kit (had been doing those for a year). While we had seen lots of smiley faces over that year, we also had several months without ovulation detected...maybe b/c I only tested once a day. For an iui, you go in the day after you get the positive ovulation test, but we didn't get that go ahead for two months in a row, so we figured, well maybe next month is our month...I'm glad we still bded regularly though, b/c it ended up happening naturally!
This month felt almost like any other when it came to both methods (green tea and Robutussin) and symptoms (fatigue, growing bbs towards end of cycle, cramps, lower back pain). My temps were a little higher, but I had a cold so it was hard to tell what was pregnancy related and what was just me being sick. Also, I didn't take them regularly because I was afraid to face a tell-tale low temp!
The only thing that stands out as different this cycle is that I skipped out on coffee and this was the third cycle for us on fertility vitamins called Fertility Blend. They were supposed to be effective only after three months of taking them, and...they were! We weren't even that good about remembering to take them, but I wonder if they helped my husband's morphology issue. I did feel like my period was coming soon and it hasn't now for over six weeks! Hurray! When I got that bfp I sat there shaking and crying happy, disbeleiving tears, and I and kept saying "thank you, Jesus!" To God be the glory, not only for this baby, but also for sustaining us through that dark valley of ttc for so long. May the same be true for you in your own unique experience.

Added: Apr. 6, 2013

Conception of 3rd child after Mirena and Breastfeeding

Posted by mummy4life
Once I decided to try for a third child I got my mirena out on 31st December 2012, I had a VERY light period a few days later and thought I might be ready to start trying that cycle. I was still breastfeeding my 12mths old son at the time so when I breastfeed, i usually don't ovulate (from experience with my first child). I then stopped breastfeeding in late febuary so I could ovulate, once I stopped, I got a proper heavy period a few days later March 3rd 2013, and assumed I was back to full fertility.
Took OPK'S from day 10-19 of cycle, and all were negative :( I thought I wasn't going to ovulate again. Then on CD 20 I got increased cervical fluid (not much though, barely egg white) but more than the rest of my cycle. also noticed my cervix change very SLIGHTLY, not much. I was so annoyed I didnt get a chance to have sex with my hubby on either CD20 or CD21!!! But I had done it CD19 and CD22. I thought surely I hadnt ovulated, it just didnt feel that way, and I didnt even have sex over those days anyway. Then on CD30 I got some brown discharge that dissapeared after that day (I do normally get implantation bleeding when I concieve) so I started to get a little excited. I took a test on CD32 and it was a super faint, almost non existant positive on a cheap internet bought test, it claimed it was super sensitive - they LIED! Cause the next day I used then again and it was even fainter! My hopes were dying. I went and bought a first response test and on CD34 i GOT A STRONG POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! My tips - dont buy internet no name HPT'S they are crap and will confuse you. Dont expect to ovulate on the days everyone else does, it can easily happen after CD20 if you have a 30+ day cycle. Dont bother with OPKS your cervix and cervical fluid will tell you when your ovulating, so dont waste your time and money. You do not have to have sex everyday! every 2-3 days will still be sufficient, the sperm will live inside you for a couple of days. Good luck to you all ox

Added: Apr. 4, 2013

Double whammy - diabetes and baby!

Posted by melinda1nz
I had my first positive at 10DPO after a day of painful breasts and a little nausea. Went to the doctor as soon for confirmation, only to be told that I have type 1 diabetes also!

It has been a whirlwind week since then. Rather than a simple midwife, I have an entire obstetrics team looking after me. I have to inject insulin four times a day and test my blood glucose levels about 10 times.

While I am scared about the possible complications this "high risk" pregnancy could involve, I am just so excited about the future! Miracles come in all shapes, sizes and packages :)

I am now six weeks tomorrow and am going in for my dating scan. Scans will be very regular for me because of the diabetes to ensure everything is going smoothly, but I can't wait xxx

Added: Apr. 2, 2013

PCOS and stress...

Posted by momofzack731
My husband and I have been together for years, and he has raised my son since the day he was born. He is not his biological son.. so in the back of our heads we always wanted to have our OWN child...(biologically). We tried and tried, and I had terrible pains to the point even intercourse was painful. I thought I had endometriosis from the c-section I had with my son Zachary, so I finally saw a physician.. well I found out terrible news that I had PCOS. Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome. When I heard this news I had a bad feeling that things were going to be bumpy down the road. We tried for months and I joined this website. I would log on and live on the symptoms page, the charting page... there was not a day I was using an ovulation test or thermometer. We tried and tried to the point I really gave up and told myself it will be impossible. I said "either my PCOS, or something with my husband..." I just gave up and accepted the fact it wouldn't happen. I tried my best to talk myself into thinking it will be good to wait. I was going CRAZY, and there were nights I would cry because I wanted so desperately a second child. I was on metformin for about 4 months and I felt the difference in the effects. I stopped taking them and no later than a week or two I must have gotten pregnant. (I was even taking vitamins.) It would get so stressful I felt so useless... I would feel like a worthless wife, a worthless woman. My cysts were so bad at a time too, I went in January 2013 to the emergency room in agony. They performed an ultrasound (internal), blood work and many other tests. I was told I had a cyst rupturing and they gave my hydrocodones then sent me home. Luckily I did not take the hydrocodones, i am not the type who likes to use pills or medicine. Those made me feel weird anyways... anywho in March I STILL missed my period thinking it was my cysts doing the work. On the day of moving on March 6th I decided to take a test. I had NO symptoms other then weird weird dreams.... so I took one the morning of packing and BOOM Positive. I thought NO way this cant be right.. maybe its my hormones acting up or a false positive. Later that night (very late) My husband and I ran to Walmart to get things for our new home, well I made him run up to the front and grab another test purchase it at self checkout, then bring it back to me in the back. I immediately ran to the bathroom and got a 2nd positive!!! I was so ecstatic, I went to the health department to make sure AGAIN.. (yes this is how much denial I had) It was positive as well... obviously I was pregnant right? Well to this day I am not sure what had happened. I got off my metformin in December of 2012, and apparently got pregnant around the beginning of January, but my husband was also taking antibiotics for an infection he had and I was told that could have helped too! But I was like if I got pregnant then why did they not see it at my ER visit in January? I was told it was just TOO early... so don't ever give up hope. Keep up the healthy lifestyle and remember that mother nature works miracles. We tried for over a year and with my first son it took a little accident. It was INSTANT with him, but all people are different and our bodies change a lot. So many things have happened but I am so grateful to have my jelly bean. I found out at 11 weeks and 2 days. I am currently 14 weeks along. Just remind yourself when you sit there and think those horrible thoughts that it really does happen, it can happen and it WILL happen. As long as you have determination and passion then things will definitely come true. I went through so many tears, so many websites, researching and heart ache.... just please don't stress yourself because in the end it wont help you any. I give you all baby dust from the bottom of my heart!!!


Added: Mar. 31, 2013

FINALLY!! Thank you, God!

Posted by Guess.
Finally, after 5 cycles. I'm still in shock. I am the happiest woman alive right now!

Things done differently this cycle:

This was my first month of Pre Seed! I completely stand by it. If you have ever thought about making that purchase, DO IT! My order from BabyHopes.com included Pre-Seed and 25 opks. Needless to say I was thrilled to have so many OPKS! :D I only used half this cycle. They were internet cheapies, but (obviously) incredibly good at predicting ovulation!

Each time DH and I BD'd I used about a gram and a half or two grams of product. It felt very natural! But, I can see that it could be overused, I would stick to less than two grams each time. We BD'd at least once every day during my fertility cycle, I used this chart (http://www.babymed.com/fertility-ovulation-calendar-calculator) to predict my window, and as predicted my ovulation was on the 20th of this month. I had a positive opk for 3 days (20,21,22) 22 looking negative, but my negatives are usually lacking a line all together. We did not BD on the 22, but did on the 21st.

My symptoms started right away. Ovulation pain from O-3dpo also heavy cm. Twinges like MAD starting about 4-5DPO. My breasts started throbbing BAD about 7dpo, (still hurt TREMENDOUSLY). About 9 dpo everything tapered off and I was sure I was looking at another cycle. I had NO implant bleeding, I checked nearly every time I could x)

Vomiting and pissy moods were also pretty tell tail. As I speak my stomach is gurgling and my burps are stinky! This is telltale, in a few hours I will have another bout of sickness. Vomiting has been present since about 7-8 dpo.

My breast were a telltale sign. At 10 DPO I noticed a brownish ring around my aureola and heavy blue veins forming at the top.

This month I did not chart temp, I did not post many symptoms. I tried to steer clear of the sites and stay relaxed. It worked!!

The test is a strong pink at 11 dpo! No questioning here! I am so happy! My baby is sticking! Twins run in my family, heres hoping we've got two little ones in there! :D Its 4:15 in the morning where I am. (I used my FMU, good timing, eh?) ;) DH and I are so excited! But are soon back to bed. :) I would like to assist any friends in advice or 'symptom spotting' as I was such a symptom spotter and always wanted someone to dish with me! hah.

Stick baby, stick!

~*~*~*~*~*~*BABY DUST TO ALL!!!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Added: Mar. 31, 2013