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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

My pregnancy success

Posted by ttcwithlee_18
Hello Everyone!

Though i love this site and its benefits (symptoms, calenders and trackers of all sorts) I fully believe it was when i STOPPED stalking this site and my bodies every twinge and timing my BD that i got pregnant.

I'm one of the lucky ones who only went through 3 cycles of trying. I know it usually takes longer. But Every cycle while i was tracking my symptoms timing bedding and everything else, i literally tricked myself into thinking i was pregnant i had all the 'listed early pregnancy symptoms' and even nausea. But the AF would come and i would know i was wrong.

So that's when i decided to quit stalking this site and began only getting on here as a means of keeping up with my cycles to see if they where regular (as in only logging on every time my AF started and logging the date. then off the site and again the next time)

Early this last month i started noticing heavy cramping but no other symptoms of pregnancy what so ever. To tell you the truth i just though that my period was for sure coming on that week. So i got on this website to look at my cycle day and see when i needed to by tampons. Time must have flew while i was off of the internet and nose out of (i want to be pregnant) books, because i discovered that my period was indeed late.

The next morning I took a test after dragging my husband in the bathroom with me. We both watched, then stared, then deathly silence, then smiles, then hugs. It was intense. Lol.But sure enough there was a bfp with two beautiful dark lines. I ended up taking two more after that every other day and all where positive. Then went to a family planning center that following Tuesday and was confirmed with that little doctor pee test and the paper proof of pregnancy and due date. When we got out of that office my husband kissed me the hardest hes ever kissed me (later admitting he didn't want to believe the pregnancy was true until after our visit that day because he was scared of another 'whoops your not really pregnant'

The only symptoms ive had since then is mild cramping, twinges pulling, nausea and oh lord such tender bbs. Dizziness fatigue (don't even wana pick my head up off the pillow) and last week i thought i had the flu. And my hair is definitely greasing up faster than usual and DH says i have 'the glow.'

We went out and celebrated that day. Its been great. I'm now 6 wks and 4 days pregnant and have my first ultra sound 3 Mondays from now. I can hardly wait.

I guess the saying of : "quit trying and you'll get pregnant" is really true.

Added: Apr. 25, 2012


Posted by lisluc
Well i got my first BFP since i lost my baby and tube in Dec 2010.

I had all odds against me!!
I conceived naturally meaning no IVF or IUI.

I did use clomid this month! And prayed super hard!

I only have one ovary on right side, and one fallopian tube on left side.

I have asked many questions here about anybody conceiving naturally with my circumstances. Most answers were that it wasn't possible!!

Well for anyone going through what i have gone through it is possible!! Don't ever give up!

Beleive that God gives you what you need when you need it!
I'll keep you all updated...i'm not out of the water yet, i need to see my doc to day to make sure my lil bean is where it needs to be!!

Added: Apr. 23, 2012

24 months later

Posted by beagreg2010
BFP!! Pcos and 24 months trying with no luck. Gave it a break for a month and then went on 1st round of clomid. Pregnant! Took sooo many tests but they are all BFP!!!! Never give up ladies!

Added: Apr. 21, 2012

oh hoohhooohohohoh..........BFP!!

Posted by priyakarthi
Got my bfp today with clomid.. ttc 1 year!!

Added: Apr. 20, 2012

yayyyy :D BFP

Posted by cupcakeluv_333
I got my BFP today, have been trying since Sept 2011.. I am 34, my man is 37.. I did NOT expect to get it this month. This is because last month, I took a weekend vacation to New Orleans and I was spotting really bad like my period was about to start. So, I took 5 bcp's within a course of 24 hrs to hold it off so I could have vacation sex lol. Now how, after all that, did I get pg THIS month?!?! WEIRD. I figured I may have screwed up my hormones but I was starting to think I was infertile anyways :p I've also been taking vitex for 3 months, take prenatal vitamins. This month I quit drinking coffee, but I still drank caffeine, the equivalent of around 1 cup a day in this energy drink I started drinking. I drank a lil wine, smoked some cigs even!!! Did hot yoga a whole bunch.... I'm afraid to do it now that I know.. Ran a 10k lol. but that was right after my period so I dont think I had ovulated yet.
Sooo for my 2WW symptoms.. My first was vivid dreams prolly around CD21. Idk when I ovulated. The first vivid dream I had was that I found out I was pg with twins! I also started getting light cramps around then that lasted til now (CD29). A couple days ago, I started burping a lot, getting hot flashes randomly, and getting a weird hard feeling in my stomach off and on. But I just thought I was imagining the symptoms like usual. I dont feel tired at all, and no sore bbs at all.. I have yelled at my man a lot the past few days, and on sunday, I cried at Pet Smart because I saw a cute kitten lol.. I just figured I had PMS. I have developed an aversion to alcohol and dont feel like drinking it at all. Which obviously I"m not but I'm just saying its a symptom. Oh and I almost forgot one of my very first symptoms was also being very thirsty like there was cotton in my mouth.
This morning, I decided to test bc I had a dream that I got a positive preg test result. And I did! :D
I am blessed <3 xoxoxo

Added: Apr. 17, 2012