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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

BFP Dec 2012 - After Depo Success

Posted by callmequirky
I've been waiting until I had some doc appointments out of the way to make sure my BFP was real and on track. I'm 10 weeks 5 days right now.

So here's our big success story:

In November/December we only managed to BD a couple of times. It was Thanksgiving, there was sickness floating around, the in-laws flew in from out-of-state. The prior months we'd been getting busy much more frequently. We did it two days before anticipated O day and then again on O day. I did get the EWCM right around O day and we used pre-seed. I read the directions and did exactly as told, insert 15 minutes prior to intercourse, both times we BD'd. Both times after BD I put my legs up on the wall of my bed with my booty propped on a pillow. Also both times (watch out TMI), after my DH left the room I pleasured myself giving myself an orgasm just in case the "upsuck" theory works.

The BFP was a complete surprise, because I'd been on depo most of my adult life. I figured the BFP fairy wouldn't arrive until some time in the Summer of 2013 or later after my body'd had time to recouperate. Guess not.

How did I know there was something different the month of the BFP? Well, for one, many things were the same. Nearing my AF date my boobs were getting sore (normal), I was cranky (normal)... blah, blah, PMS basically. However, there were 2 signs that I noticed were super different. 2 days before BFP on Cycle Day 26 I got more EWCM. It wasn't EXACTLY the same, but really darn close to the EWCM during ovulation. I wondered about it and posted here. The other thing was actually experiencing implantation bleeding. It wasn't much, it was just a tiny, tiny bit of pink on the toilet paper after I peed first thing in the morning on Cycle Day 27. I thought I'd be starting my period, but there was no more for the rest of the day. It got me curious. I didn't test that day since my first morning urine was already gone by then. I waited until the following morning and had a strong line on the pregnancy test. This was cycle day 11 and BFP! I tested again the next morning, and then 7 more times at various times of day. It got to the point that the lines saying yes were darker than the test example lines. A couple of weeks ago the doctor confirmed I was pregnant and here we sit.

Baby due August 30, 2013.

Good luck everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Baby Dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added: Feb. 6, 2013

5 Rounds of Clomid, PCOS and Vasectomy Reversal BFP

Posted by deanebaby1
First of all this site is amazing and I read it a thousand times. There is nothing more nerve racking then the two week wait.
I have PCOS ( Mild, I'm not over weight, i just don't get a period and have cysts.) My DH had a vasectomy reversal done last april. He has 2 biological sons, 1 adopted son and i have 1 son with EX husband. Now that you know my life story :)
This was my 5th round on clomid. 3 rounds at 50 mg 5-9. And my cd 21 test was never above 8.5 Then i was moved to 100 mg 5-9 my cd 21 blood test was 37. I was devastated when AF came. However looking back I used the sticks for opts not digital and I got several days that looked positive and we tried the every other day for bd. This time we did 100 mg again 5-9 and my cd 21 blood test was 27.5
I kept a diary of my symptoms like i had every cycle so i could compare.
What we did different was Used digital OPK and PRE SEED during my fertile window :)
cd 10 ewcm
cd 14 ewcm and cramps
cd 15 positive opk on digital
cd 15-16 around 1-6 am intense cramps then gone in the am.
Bd'd cd 13-16
Cd 18 no symptoms boobs don't hurt still some cramps, not sleeping well.
cd 19 3 dpo cramps lots of cm NO breast tenderness..unusual..
cd 20 slight breast pain bad back pain did not sleep again headache
cd 21 breast pain, but not nipple pain. really achy when trying to sleep.. no sleep again. feel "wet" but not much discharge. Temp still up. No other symptoms
cd 22 (6 dpo)didn't sleep well last night but remember dreams, temp down don't feel hot today bad boob pain most on sides by armpit, no pain in nipples. Lots of cm today tinted yellow. no headache few cramps
cd23 (7 dpo)temp up Breast pain.Cramps-mild more twinges lower back pain acne with stool, large amount of cm with tinted yellow
cd 24 (8 dpo) temp way up very forgetful feel like i'm in a fog even after one cup of coffee up set stomach after coffee
Didn't sleep again last night vivd dreams Boobs still really sore. Nipples are puffy and veins are really showing on chest ( nipples don't hurt) feel very nausea no cramps, just dull aches, feel like uti coming on extremely tired
cd 25 (9dpo) same
cd 26 (10 dpo) woke up twice drenched in sweat. Vivid dreams Temp way high Feel sick-gross. Really bad headache Wet cm not a lot
boobs still hurt really bad
cd28 (11 dpo) boobs still hurt REALLY bad and so do nips. Have tons of veins even on chest.Small red bumps under boobs to stomach
temp up still not sleeping good but slept better than most feel wet down there but no cm minor cramps all through out the day blood in nose when blowing it lots of stomach twinges lots of acne heartburn
cd 29 (12 dpo) AF like cramps burning boobs smelled everything did not feel very good was going to super bowl party decided to test in the middle of the day before we went... BFP on fer and digital
Some hints for me was a temp dip on 6 dpo with the discharge then my temp went back up, I have not had discharge since 7 dpo. And my boobs hurt all the time from O day till AF but this time it was a few days after O and it was more hurtful like a burning sensation.

Added: Feb. 4, 2013

TTC 5 years

Posted by amandaco
My husband and I had just gotten word from our RE that unless we had an expensive OOP surgery called ovarian drilling, and then follwed by IVF, that there was nothing else he could do for us. My husband and I felt very convicted that we did not want to go into debt over fertility, so we kinda wrote off this last cycle and decided to start saving every last penny to pay for a 25,000 dollar adoption so we would have to take out a loan. Well 13 DPO and we got a positive! And I've since taken 5 more tests...all positive! The only thing that i can think that did it, was that right before the last doctor's appointment I prayed that no matter what was going to happen in that ultrasound room that I would be okay with it (which I ended up not being at the time...in fact I cursed God and was incredibly angry) and that whatever happens it would be God who gets the glory and not the doctors! Meanwhile, we've been foster parents for a year with a very difficult placement of 3 siblings, and 2 failed adoptions through DSS. However, I guess he finally answered my prayer! Keep trying ladies! And don't be afraid to end it with the doctors when it gets to be too much! I believe that God will make every woman out there a mommy in some way, shape, or form if that is the desire of their heart. You may just have to look for the window that's open and not the door!

Added: Feb. 3, 2013

pregnant 6 months after a miscarriage

Posted by divaderois
My husband and I lost our first child at 12 weeks and 3 days on July 7th of 2012. Nearly 6 months layer we got a BFP. we are so excited yet nerves at the same time. I am having a lot more morning sickness and discomfort than I did with the one we lost. I'm only.4 weeks and 4 days today. I will be making my first prenatal appointment on Monday. But according to my last cycle the due date is Oct 8th 2013. Four days before my birthday.

Added: Feb. 2, 2013

4+ years TTC - God is Faithful!!

Posted by Mikaelah
My husband and I tried to conceive our third child for the last 4 years.we had tried every natural fertility aid we knew of, until getting on this board and hearing about pre seed. We used it this month for the first time, and today at 13 days past ovulation I got a very faint positive on a pregnancy test! I truly believe that God lead me to this site because that was the missing thing that we needed to try. We are so grateful to God and thankful for this board .Don't give up!! This will be our 3rd child (4th pregnancy) and we are 33. Docs said we had less than 1-2% chance of conceiving. Guess God was right and they were wrong!! Praise the Lord!

Added: Jan. 31, 2013