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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

6 moths was the charm!

Posted by emijeanz
I am currently 12 DPO. This is our 6th month trying. DH and I are both 26, married almost 3 years. Yesterday, I got a very faint BFP. This morning, I woke up at 3:30 and was wide awake. I tried for a while to go back to sleep, but I was too wired. I got up at 4:40 ish and took a Clearblue Digital Easy. Came up very quickly Pregnant! I went in and woke up DH up so he could see it. We are so happy and excited! Then I took another test I had, Answer PG Test Strip. That one showed a very strong BFP. It just kept getting darker and darker. I have made an appt with my doctor to confirm. I thought I could go in right away, but my doc said I have to wait until 7 weeks. Iâ??m going to see if I can get it changed to earlier.

Anyway, what I did differently this month: I didnâ??t worry too much about caffeine as I had in previous months. I never have much as I donâ??t like coffee, but I did have the occasional soft drink. I also had a glass of red wine here and there. Never more than one glass in a day, and not every day. I also became a vegetarian a little over a month ago. It had nothing to do with TTC, just b/c of my own beliefs and health reasons. Iâ??m not sure if that was a contributing factor. We also used Preseed for the first time this month. It was awesome. I would have kept using it even if we didnâ??t get a BFP. Also, we took a mini-vacation the weekend after O, I always O on Thursdays. It really helped get our minds off of the whole thing. It was really nice. And I did a lot of walking that weekend, and I had a beer. This is my 2nd month charting and using OPKs. This month though, this website thought I ovulated on cd 19. FF said cd 15. I agree with the 15th. Iâ??m not sure how this site came up with the cd 19. We didnâ??t do it around cd 19, so Iâ??m sure that wasnâ??t when I Oed.


My boobs got big and sore right away. Like two days after O. I cramped every day, some sharp and painful and others mild. I was extremely cranky a few days last week and I am today too. My temper has been quick. I also had back aches that would ache all the way into my legs. I had headaches too.

I also noticed last week that I had white, lotiony cm most days. I didnâ??t usually have much cm after O at all. The past few days Iâ??ve been bloated in my abdomen. And when lying down, I could almost feel something in my uterus. Something yesterday I thought was weird, before I got in the shower, I scratched the skin on my abdomen and it hurt like I had a sun burn. Of course I thought all of this was just my mind playing tricks on me as it had done in all my other TWWs.

So, I basically had all of the top 10 typical early pg symptoms. I am so excited. I would highly recommend Preseed. I bought mine at CVS Pharmacy. Good luck to you ladies!!!

Added: May 29, 2012

Big fat positve

Posted by scal33
Hi ladies,

I am 42 and DH is 41 we had been trying to get pregnant for 4 months and finally ithappen, I really thought I was not going to be able to get pregnant naturally because of my age and I heard so many stories saying you can't get pregnant at this age but thanx to God I am pregant now, hopefully the baby will stick and I will have a normal pregnancy.

This is what I did different this month
I started to take :
green tea
folic acid

DH was taking

vitamin C
vitamin E

Symptoms= I had no symptoms at all this month which I thought it was so wierd because I always have breast pain! and this month NOTHING not even all the pregnancy symptoms I get every month which I thought they were. I really thought I was out this month but 3 test confirmed I am pregnant.

I wish all of you good luck and please dont give up it will happen when u least expected.

Baby dust to All.

Added: May 28, 2012

1st Pregnancy!!

Posted by laurenn83
Took a test and it was positive! I am about 5.5 weeks!

Added: May 26, 2012

Angels surround me but I want a baby to hold

Posted by angelblessedbabycraz
I don't want this to be too long or run on, so here I go. History: me 41 now started ttc in 2009 (39) then DH 47.
Did an HSG dye test thought a tube was blocked so did IVF-(+) lost at 16 weeks gestation.
Switched REs.
Did another HSG and tubes are open. So IUI.
Did 3 IUIs results- 2 chemicals 1 nothing. Then it worked with one egg! had vaginal cerclage put in. lost at 16 weeks gestation.
Did 1 mini-IVF Chemical preganncy
Did IUI Chemical Pregnancy
RE suggest we stop all treatments, remove fibroid and then 2 or 3 monhs later do IUI.
Surgery was a success, fibroid removed and scar tissue on uterus and right tube. Now no blockages.
Had a heavy bleed, went in no cyst so started meds that night.
I tested everyday with the goal of testing out trigger the two lines never disappeared.
13dpiui-BETA-195 and second BETA-515.
This time i did no acupuncture, nor did I eat pineapple. But I watched comidians every single night. i was also intimate before IUI "dumping" day and the next day. This cycle was also different because i usually stim on a high dose of meds, for 14 to 16 days, this time I had mature eggs on CD7..7 days of meds only. I was told that I had about 3 eggs in me, that was in 2009, but each time I produced 4 to 6 eggs with 4 at least being mature. I am on lovenox, PIO and Crinone, Folgard and Prenatals.
I hope my story helps someone because I was looking for women like myself while on this journey.

Added: May 26, 2012

Cant believe it!

Posted by rajnin
Hi All,

I used to come on this website every day and read these success stories, wishing one day I can add mine!

After a struggle we decided to do IUI this month and it worked first time!!!!!

I didnt think I would get a positive as all I had was sore boobs (which is normal for me) I had AF cramps and slightly different types of cramps i have never felt before. I cried most days of my 2ww thinking it has not worked and I have to do this all over again!

I prayed every day without fail and this Tuesday I got a call that my blood test result was positive!

Cant wait for my scan, i feel really worried and very excited so fingers crossed its a happy and healthy 9 months.

I wish all you ladies so much good luck, I know how heart breaking it is when trying month after month...but it will happen! xoxoxox

Added: May 25, 2012