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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 103

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!


Posted by imperfection82
My dh and I have been trying since around April 2011. No luck at all! Then, in January of 2012, my cycle went so nuts we stopped tracking with OPK's. I was as late as 50-some days once! So this time, I checked every so often to see around when I may start, and realized I was 42 days out on Father's Day. We talked about it, and decided if I hit 60 days, we'd test. Funny enough, usually if I'm late and I test, I start shortly after. So 6/18/12, I asked my sister to pick up a dollar tree test so I could "take it and start, to get this over with". Imagine my surprise when it was positive in under a minute! I was home alone, but started crying and jumping around, and trying to call dh at work to let him know! SO EXCITED! We're expecting around February 12, 2013. So, ladies, don't give up! DH said "quit trying to play god and it'll happen when it's time". And now look! :) Baby dust to you all!!!!

Added: Jun. 20, 2012

Forget all the "foo foo" TTC rituals and stick to some basics!

Posted by PookieKittens
Hi Girls!!

I think what my husband and I did to become pregnant this cycle is SO simple. And I really wish I would have just went "military" to begin with. :)

First of all, I think its very important to have already been taking Prenatals with at least 800mcg of Folic Acid and have a Folate rich diet. Its so important for the growth and sustainability of the pregnancy.

Also, reduce your stress levels. I actually left my job to start a family with my husband! It was absolutely stressful conditions where I worked and we had been trying for 2 years with no luck, so I took extreme measures, but here I am pregnant after 1 month of leaving my job. Thats a decision I dont regret.

If your overweight, try and lose a few pounds. Im considered over weight, so I joined Weight Watchers and lost 10 pounds. I also gained healthy eating habits which will carry over into my pregnancy. At WW, they encourage lots of fruit and veggie's so Im already on the game plan! :)

Starting CD 5, I used the Clearblue Digital OPK's daily, just to get into the habit. We also started BD'ing everyday starting 4 days after my period ended. From that point till about 3 days after I ovulated we BD. We didn't follow any type of rules about "not having sex daily" or "have sex every 2 days"...I say if your partner is healthy and you're healthy, go for it!! Every time we BD we used Pre Seed. I do not produce a lot of CM, so I believe this helped in carrying the sperm to the cervix than the uterus.

I took a pregnancy test at 9 DPO and there was my BFP, my baby! Im extremely excited I was smart enough to start some sort of good behaviors prior to the pregnancy. Im also happy to see my lines get super dark each day and that its healthy with all of the nutrients I had in my body prior to becoming pregnant.

And most importantly, Im excited to start my family.

Added: Jun. 20, 2012

11DPO, faint postive pregancy, TTC#1, 3rd cycle

Posted by Cececo
Today, I feel more confident that I'm actually seeing a faint positive pregnancy result. This was our 3rd month TTC, but we consider the first two months as practice because I had no idea about timing. I would have failed 4th grade Sex Ed.

What we did different this month:
`I learned about timing and we BD'd every other day starting with CD10 until CD17.
`During follicular phase, CD3-7, I took Soy Isoflavones to help me O since I had just gone off BCP 3 months before.
`We used Pre-Seed during BD week.
`I took Mucinex every other day, CD9-13, and stopped prior to O to see if my body would produce fertile fluid on its own.
`We used OPKs during BD week.
`We charted first rise temp every morning from CD1 at 7:30 am.
`I took 3 new supplements, starting CD8-present, to help lengthen my luteal phase as my last AF was only 24days: Low Dose daily aspirin, Gingko Biloba, B-complex with 100mg B6 and Paba.
`Besides Pre-Natals with 800mg folate, I added 1 TBSP raw wheat germ to my oatmeal every morning which added folic acid. And, I gave the same to DH.

I don't know if any of the above actually helped other than just simple timing of BD'ing every other day. But, I knew I didn't want to go through the process over and over every month so I threw everything at this cycle that I had learned online. Good luck to everyone! Please let me know if you get your BFP too, even if a few months from now. I'd love to have "pregnancy buddies" too!

I plan to start a blog to journal my pregnancy journey...
www. pinchtogrowaninch. com

Added: Jun. 20, 2012

BFP 2nd cycle after Mirena removal

Posted by ktmeier
Got BFP on CD 25 (not sure exact ovulation date - did not use OPK). BFP came 60 days after Mirena removal. Removed Mirena on April 16, had light spotting 2-3 days after Mirena removal, and real AF came 5 weeks after removal.

Here are my symptoms:

CD 22 (7 dpo i guess) - felt really exhausted middle of day. Chalked it up to less sleep than usual the night before - but that kind of fatigue is unusual for me. It wasn't just sleepiness. It was like I did not want to move my body or concentrate on anything. Took a nap. Also had some creamy CM.
CD 23 (8 dpo) - more fatigue (especially around 2pm) and a "hot" feeling in my uterus. More CM. Not copious, but not scant at all. Mid afternoon I felt faint/ had a dizzy feeling when standing up after weeding the garden.
CD 24 (9 dpo) - Period cramps in afternoon. I only get period cramps the day AF comes - so this was almost a week too soon for AF. Noticeable thirst, Areolas feel like pins and needles. Slight moodiness. Faint bloody nose - only when I blew my nose was there a bit of red.
CD 25 (10 dpo) - slightly bloody nose, thirsty, MOODY, pins and needle nipples. 2 times I felt a sharp pain like someone was pricking my areolas. Waves of fatigue. Bloated like I wanted to just let my abdomen all hang out. Peeing more frequently than usual. Bought FRER (says you can test 6 days early, and here I was 4 days from AF so I went ahead and POAS in the afternoon.) Immediate BFP!

My first main symptoms were fatigue and aching/hot feeling in uterus. Other signs were bloody nose (very unusual for me this time of year) and then the tingly nipples and thirst.

Added: Jun. 19, 2012


Posted by amoslee
This cycle was the first official try for my husband and I and the results are clearly positive!! we are in shock but so insanely happy and we feel blessed because we were prepared for at least 6-12 months of trying before a result such as this.
We are 13 dpo now - so we are testing on an early sensative test - but every day since 10dpo it has been a clear line.
I actually knew in my heart and based on early symptoms around day 6 dpo that it was happening though - i woke up to a very vivid dream of a positive result and I had not even thought about the possibility of being pregnant after our very first offical try. That same day, all day my stomach had flutters, twinges and what sort of felt like little bubbles popping all day long. Its not something i had ever felt before in my life, and had a strong feeling i was pregnant from 6dpo. From there the same symtoms continued, not all day each day but from time to time - as well as some very uncomfortable bloated feelings.
We know it is so very early right now and we are still to have our official test with the doctors but with 3 very clear test results showing bfp's mixed with very obviously changes in how i am feeling each day - this is happening!
we are so excited!! and nervous of course but what a blessing - a firt try baby! we cant wait to tell everyone our good news! And it is my mums 50th bday this weekend so its going to be a present she never expected that is for sure!! :)

Added: Jun. 18, 2012