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Abdomen: Mild/Dull Cramps/Pressure

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  • 3 days ago » Ttcmelo83 said:
    I'm 9dpo...was getting mild creaming since dose of clomid n continued after the hcg trigger shot. Now today I'm getting a strange pulling
  • 3 days ago » Lanie13 said:
    Hi Ladies, Im new here and need some advise. I am 9 days late and more than 15 dpo. I have tender breast and a white discharge with a BFN..?
  • 1 week ago » writejags said:
    9 DPO and feel pressure in lower abdomen. I have been having PMS like cramps since 3DPO which are slowly disappearing.
  • 2 weeks ago » blackrose55 said:
    im 5 dpo im have a lot of like light cramps in my lower belly
  • 2 weeks ago » Natalie :) said:
    I'm 7 weeks and am having a 'pressure' feeling
  • 2 weeks ago » samanthapaige09 said:
    9 DPO having random pinching almost like a stabbing pain near my right side
  • 2 weeks ago » StephF said:
    Im 7dpo and just start feeling a dull pressure on my lower left side and a milky white CM....Could be? #fingercrossed
  • 2 weeks ago » Alyenna86 said:
    7dpo..very noticable pain in the lower right side of my abdomen..bd on O day and two days before o day regurlary..will hpt end of this week.
  • 2 weeks ago » lpspiritsong said:
    Constantly aware of my lower tummy, feeling very tender and achy there...
  • 3 weeks ago » mrspong said:
    9dpo. cramping all morning./afternoon. Never could remember cramping way before I'm due. Hope a postive shows soon!!
  • 3 weeks ago » meli27 said:
    12 dpo cramping on and off as well and it comes and goes suppose to start in 2 to 3 days not sure if im pg or AF is coming. Hopeful!
  • 3 weeks ago » Twingers said:
    15 dpo. Totally thought it was AF rearing her ugly head but the cramps only lasted through the night and into the morning then vanished!
  • 3 weeks ago » piscesmama said:
    10 dpo o cramps & af cramps on & off. Not sure if it's af showing early. I have a short luneal phase.
  • 3 weeks ago » apowl2010 said:
    10 dpo just started feeling mild cramps on one side. Dizzyness and mild nausea ahve plagued me all day along with tiredness. Hoping!!
  • 4 weeks ago » Tryingforfirst14 said:
    Having cramps in lower abdomen. Unsure if it's AF making an early appearance. I'm 8dpo. I have a very short luteal phase
  • 4 weeks ago » ilovemymancurt<3 said:
    9DPO having strong pressure in lower abdomen. hoping for a little peanut!! Baby dust!
  • 4 weeks ago » samanthamormio1 said:
    10dpo having mild cramps in my lower back and sides.
  • 5 weeks ago » cashimaku said:
    9dpo. Cramping, super bloated, sprinkled headaches all over head.