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What Women Are Saying...
Abdomen: Mild/Dull Cramps/Pressure

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  • 1 week ago » binky1970 said:
    I am 10dpo. have had cramping and weird pokey/twinges off and on since 7 dpo
  • 1 week ago » natisa76 said:
    I am 2 DPO and have had mild cramping for 2 days straight and twinges
  • 2 weeks ago » RubyTuesday95 said:
    I've had this symptom since 4DPO and it's been continuous. I'm 8DPO and it's still the same, no new symptoms though?? What does this mean?
  • 2 weeks ago » balvinder said:
    i am 31 dpo, no period, cramping, backache, frequent urination, vaginal discharge mild, mouth dryness, but neg UPT
  • 2 weeks ago » grace2604 said:
    Today at 7 dpo have AF like cramps and very mild nausea
  • 3 weeks ago » Nogahlight said:
    Today I am 10dpo and I remember started feeling cramps 3 days ago and up to now
  • 3 weeks ago » Jangie22 said:
    I am 3 dpo and have been feeling a strange sensation in my uterus like a heaviness and strain/crampy feeling. Yesterday had mild cramps.
  • 3 weeks ago » Bunny84 said:
    9/10 dpo. mild cramping on and off since 2 dpo. imaginary?
  • 3 weeks ago » TishaAmer said:
    Mild period like cramping. 2+tests ,but several neg after....TTC 3 wks... 9dpo
  • 3 weeks ago » RachaelN said:
    7 days PDO now and I have been cramping for about three days. Did not have this during my first two children.
  • 4 weeks ago » EmilySchroeder said:
    7 dpo now, mild cramps started yesterday and are still here today, though less
  • 4 weeks ago » Mjames1031 said:
    CD 18 4dpo. dull cramps,pressure, backache and migrane... fingers crossed for BFP
  • 4 weeks ago » Karlz84 said:
    Am not 15dpo and AF was due yesterday had pains 11dpo so bad I needed a heat pack front and back to go to sleep, implantation maybe?
  • 5 weeks ago » jesuslover4eva said:
    felt a fluttering / bubbling 2 do and a couple days later slight cramps now at 8 dpo
  • 5 weeks ago » UmmSaaheim said:
    Dull cramps today
  • 6 weeks ago » cameel711 said:
    Yes six days post ovulation
  • 6 weeks ago » teclawh said:
  • 6 weeks ago » BerryBabe16 said:
    Sharp twinges at or above my pelvic bone 11 dpo implant pain?