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What Women Are Saying...
Abdomen: Mild/Dull Cramps/Pressure

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  • 10 hours ago » Pippashiloh said:
    8dpo and mild cramp/pressure/pulling esp. on the R side since 6dpo
  • 16 hours ago » SLG_babyhopes said:
    8dpo & my cramps come & go but are there if I'm walking far and after sex?
  • 20 hours ago » nicu_RN87 said:
    6dpo and have been having this for 4 days
  • 3 days ago » laurabrandenburg said:
    I am 9dpo have had dull cramping for 5 days.
  • 4 days ago » 758_goldecat said:
    having alot of this
  • 4 days ago » Ellie123 said:
    6dpo getting cramps and a heavy feeling just hope it's not all in my head
  • 4 days ago » Philly girl said:
    11dpo I have been having dull cramps now this is the third day
  • 4 days ago » kimmyk85 said:
    5dpo having PMS like cramps, I've been getting them on and off for 4 days now.
  • 5 days ago » elenamarie1107 said:
    5 DPO getting dull/mild cramping mild pressure.
  • 6 days ago » paytonnlarosee said:
    5dpo very faint cramps/pressure.
  • 1 week ago » acdc22 said:
    my cramping is on the lower left side of stomach. very sleepy at times
  • 1 week ago » maybemommy22 said:
    cramps the last two days. lower back ache with cramps today. not normal feeling
  • 2 weeks ago » Morgs91 said:
    15dpo - experiencing PMS like cramps, mild and tolerable. BFP last 4 days, very faint.
  • 2 weeks ago » boldandbeautiful2014 said:
    6dpo and getting nausea every day all day on and off for the past week and half, cramps, twinges, exhausted, pink to brownish discharge.
  • 2 weeks ago » angeleyes217 said:
    9 dpo and had mild cramps/pressure earlier today...wish me luck!
  • 2 weeks ago » Blessed&HighlyFavore said:
    I've been having cramps since 14 dpo, got my BFP 21dpo because I wanted to make sure my period wasn't coming and it never did :)
  • 3 weeks ago » amandasue45648 said:
    17 dpo and had some brownish coloring when wiped but nothing now it was for like 3 days this isn't normal for me at all I'm having pressure
  • 3 weeks ago » james36 wife keisha said:
    my wife has been having upper back cramps and cramping in her knees today is implantation day i gotta have faith