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Tomorrow is my ultrasound to check my follicle growth and my lining. At my last ultrasound, the nurse was concerned (again) about my lining being thick. I didn’t think much of it at the time, because it’s been commented before and I’d been bleeding for less than a day at that point. However, I noticed that once my period was over, it had been abnormally light. It was still long 6 days plus a day of spotting, but it just didn’t seem to be as heavy. I called and spoke to the nurse, so they’ll be examining the lining tomorrow carefully. If it’s still thick and I don’t get pregnant this month, they want to do another test, a Saline Infused Ultrasound, which is similar to the HSG test I had done in October. She said it was 13 at my CD2 ultrasound. I know that anything above 15 can interfere with implantation, so I’m very anxious to see what it is tomorrow. I’m also very interested to see what the measurement of my follicle or follicles are.

If the ultrasound looks good, the may do bloodwork, but I’m not sure what they’ll be checking. If the follicles are a good size, they’ll give me an HCG trigger shot to make me ovulate. I was expecting to ovulate tomorrow anyway, so I guess this will make it a stronger and more precisely timed ovulation.

I also started using preseed over the weekend. My DH certainly likes it! LOL I do too, but it is a little messy!

I have my fingers crossed for some good new or at least some new information tomorrow! Baby dust to all!

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