TWW…Or, more like 40WW.

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So here I am counting the days, the minutes, and the hours.  This whole TWW (Two Week Wait…hey, I had to google it in the beginning so I’m just saving a newbie some time) thing is for the birds. 

Hubs and I have been actively trying to get preggo (with #2) since January.  I’m starting to regret all of those years of birth control.  Who knew it was going to be so difficult to get pregnant?  And stay pregnant (I’ll fill you in on my personal sob story later).  There’s a lot to it…the timing…the tracking…the investigating and probing…  It could very well be a full-time job.  My first was a surprise…a blessed surprise… but how the heck was I so on my game?

I’m currently 7 dpo (thanks to my Countdown to Pregnancy Chart for keeping me on the up and up) and I have done just like anyone else on this site.  I’ve searched for symptoms…scrutinizing every twinge, cramp or ache. 

I have been keeping myself busy by stuffing in insane amounts of food and hoping that I’ll get that + and those extra pounds won’t be a reminder of another cycle come and gone.

So, what do we do during this TWW? 

We scour the Internet for hope.  We bond with other dpo sisters.  We ask questions.  We might even work part-time as a line spotter…secretly hoping we will be the one with the next BFP.

Every cycle for ten months has been the same..


Temperature reading…check

Analyze any and all fluid output…check

Invest in ridiculous amounts of HPTs…then blame each for their inaccuracies…checkcheck


then wait, until I curse Eve for eating a dang apple (I might of understood if it was a decadent brownie…just sayin’).

 “This cycle is going to be different.” I’ve know begun to tell myself.  I’ve used just about every trick in the baby-making book…it HAS to be different.  I suppose…until I do find out how different it is… I’ll just have to wait.

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  1. Thank you. I was finally going to breakdown and google TWW (i usually figured it out the first time) but once I saw 40WW (after two weeks… haha) well, you know the rest. Thanks again(:

  2. you made me laugh, God’s favor to you.

  3. LOL your comment about understanding if it was a brownie really got me laughing. Too stinking funny!

  4. I love this post! What a great funny interpretation of the madness that it TTC! Lots of baby dust to you! I hope your waiting is almost over! Welcome to the Blog!

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