Headaches – Early Sign of Pregnancy

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Headaches in pregnancy tend to occur most frequently in the first trimester. Hormone levels rise dramatically in early pregnancy, and can contribute to headaches. Changes in your blood circulation and blood volume during pregnancy can cause increased pressure on your blood vessels. This increase requires greater fluid intake to counteract dehydration, which can be another cause of headaches. Be sure to get at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Low blood sugar could also be the culprit, be sure to eat a healthy well balanced diet, with adequate protein and iron intakes. Avoid foods that can trigger a headache: like chocolate, MSG, cheese and spicy foods. Other possibilities are stress and anxiety or not getting enough rest. Try to take time each day to relax and make sure you get enough sleep.

Our data on September 4, 2008 shows that headaches are most common on 9 days past ovulation with 15.5% of pregnant women experiencing this symptom. Our data also shows that headaches is one of the top ten most common early signs of pregnancy. (View Top Ten Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms)

Click to view the full graph of Headaches – from Ovulation Day to 21 Days Past Ovulation.

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  1. Hi my name is sierra my periods are irregular so im used to not having a period but I had sex march 6 or 8th I cant remember but he said he might of ejaculated in me because I pulled him back in because I didn’t know that he was Cumming but I am having some symptoms of pregnancy like headaches lower back pain I have the white milky discharge my stomach hurts sometimes my nipples are not that sore in very emotional im peeing alot more frequently and I don’t know if im pregnant because I don’t have a regular period could I be pregnant and I cant get a test because I am a minor and if I tell my mom she will kick me out the house please respond as soon as possible I need help

  2. Hey I’m 18 years old , my period is late by 8 days now , my head has been hurting , I’ve been having lower back pains , been going too the bath room more than usual & eating food way more too and my nipples are sore.

  3. what does it mean if your period is due, and it hasn’t come, but you do have some staining?
    also intense headaches for 2 days, and swollen breasts? too early to test yet.

  4. Hey lam 23.my perold always seen every 19th of months,this month i missed it and now its 20th iam feeling abit fever and abit heachach slightly feel sick around 10:30am
    could it be an early sign?Reply to this comment

  5. Today is Feb 21, I had sex on Jan 20. So about a month ago, and he used a condom, and did not ejaculate in me. About a week after having sex, I got what I think was my period, but it was a week earlier than it was supposed to be, and it only lasted about 3 days, and was lighter than usual. When I got off my period, I had a clearish dishcharge, and I have had it constantly up until now. Somedays its very heavy, and other days not so much. Here lately I’ve been getting headaches, which I rarely ever get, ive been feelijg nauseated, but I havent puked yet, my allergies are crazy because the temps were very low and now its warm outside and the snow is melting, ive been nonstop hungry, im already a heavyset girl, but I feel very bloated, and my boobs only feel sore when I kind of press on them a little. I do not cry easily, and the littlest fights with someone will put me in tears, and Ive had mild cramping in my lower stomach area every now and then. I kmow the chances of me being pregnant are very low under the circumstances of my situation, but it is still possible, amd all of my symptoms are adding up. I also took a test about a week ago, but it was a cheap one and it was negaticve, but I dont think it was accurate. Do you think I’m pregnant?

  6. My period comes every other month. I had sex on my ovulation day and now I am 8 days late with symptons that could be pms or pregnant. I’ve been tired a lot more latley with headaches and very bad lower back pain. It feels like I’m about to start my period (the cramps and usual feeling) but nothing has came. I feel a litte nauseas at times and am having gas which I never really have. I also noticed dark brown discharge the other morning and have been having constant discharge (always for me) I’m trying to wait till I test but would really appreciate some help and advice! :)


    • Hi jenelle my husband and I are trying to have our 1st baby how did you go about tracking your ovulation day I’ve been having massive headaches the past couple of days and I haven’t seen my period yet it’s suppose to come on the 14th of this month I hoping and praying I can say I’m an expecting Mommie by the end of this month

  7. I had unprotected. Sex wit my boyfwend during my periods! I took the morning after pill within 24 hours. I’ve been having terrible headache! I dd HPT it came negative iam I pregnant?

  8. So i been experiencing a couple of head aches & right now i have a huge head ache i was sexually active yesterday and my stomach. Is hurting me a little in my lower abdomen & yes boyfriend did ejaculate once inside me and pulled out right away . Could i be pregnant?

  9. hi, am24 years av been married for a year now and trying to concieve, its now 16days after my periods and my nipples are very painfull and sensitive av been aving cramps in the morning for 2 days now. can i be pregnant?

  10. my last period was on sep17th.before that a strong headache started on me and still going on.i didnt have such a headache before in my life. i feel very tired when i started working.could u please tell me the reason for this?please i am waiting here to hear you.

  11. I am 23 me nd my hubby wev bn trying for the baby we evn went to the doc nd gav us som medications nd said i wil concv aftr bt nw i hv headaches im constupated nd moodswings are ther may i be pregnant?

  12. Hey,

    Iv been feeling nauseous and have been getting very bad headaches??

    iv gone for 1 pregnancy test but it came out negative?
    i had my period but was 2 days late??

    Could this mean something????

  13. Hi I’m whandey,20 years.I av a 8mnths old baby n still breastfeedin.I always have unperotected sex wit ma hubby cos pple say its kk to av unproctected sex whyl breastfeeding but I started noticing headaches of recent n got ma period late last month.I couldn’t b pregnant,could I?

  14. Well ive had à miscarriage thé 1 of feb my périod camé on marché thé 4 its now marché the 19 and im getting headace everytime i wake up could this be à sign of pregnancy

  15. Hi, I just finished ovulation and suddenly had a fever which went away after a few hours. Then I woke up the next day exhausted continuously all day as well as a continuous headache. Is it possibly to get symptoms as early as after ovulation?

  16. I have been having headaches for two weeks now… And my period hasn’t came yet

    Is it possible i could be pregnant???
    Im scared because Im only 17 pleaae help

  17. Hey I’started birth control when I started my period three weeks ago and after my period my
    Boyfriend An I had unprotected sex for about a week then I missed two pills and started my period again
    Lasted about 5 days then the next two days we had sex again and he came in me. And then I missed more pills and started my period for about two days and now I feel nauseous at night and get bad headaches at night can this be pregnancy and I’m supposed to get my period a week from today thanks.

  18. I am now 10 days late and have been suffering for the last 2 days with bad headaches, nausea and tender breasts. Is it possible I could be pregnant?

  19. i have been having major headaches and nausea problems i have been trying for a baby and im not late for my period yet also my breasts have been tender and a little swollen and my stomach is getting hard i had my period last month but it was a week late and only lasted for 4 days and then i stopped but kept spotting the following week could i be pregnant

  20. I recently had my period which usually last only 5 days. After my period I was still bleeding but not a whole lot . I’ve been cramping in my Lower belly for the past 2 days and I’ve been feeling bloated and I have a very intense headach that hasn’t went away for the past 4 hours . Could these be signs of pregnancy ?

  21. Hi I had unprotected sex 8th july and have had emotional moments, can not stand smell fried stuff, slightly feelin sick, reflux problems. But 15th july I had unprotected sex again I’ve had ongoin headches the whole of this time. I took a pregnancy test today said negitive but I’m not entirely conviced could it stil be early days as I haven missed period yet? Please write bk

  22. I’ve recently started experienceing head aches ii also feel bloated all the timee andd have been a little constipated ii think ii mayy be pregnant !

  23. Hi, im due for my periods in 9 days, but for the past 4 days suffered from intense headaches above my left eye, my husband and i are trying for a child, i was ovulating last week, could it be an early sign?

    • So was it good news for you? Were the headaches worth it in the end?

      I’m due for my period next week and have been suffering with intense headaches the last couple of days as well as period pain like feelings not to mention that all I want to do is sleep….

  24. Hey guys i am 19 and two days late but for the past two days my head has been hurting off and on and I have suger problems well kinda its crazy I been too every kind of doctor and they coundnt find out whts wrong with me I have the same signs that a hypoglycemia person has and I been sleeping alot

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