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Category: Am I Pregnant?

Asked by ElanaTTC

Q: Can implantation bleeding last 4-5 days and can I still be pregnant ?

Hi Ladies, I have been spotting (light to dark brown) for 4 days, currently 14DPO, AF was due today. I took a HPT 5 days ago at 10DPO and got a BFN. To scared to test again, just wanted to know if anyone else had implanation bleeding for more than 4 days and was still pregnant ?

This question was asked Dec. 8, 2011 9:07am
Category: Am I Pregnant?

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Answered by samsj20 - Dec. 8, 2011 1:44pm
I am goint throgh the same thing, brown discharge for 5 days, it started 5 days before my pd was due, I took a test the night my pd should have come and it was a BFN, when should I re-test?

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Answered by mellynn1 - Dec. 8, 2011 10:05am
Yes. Implantation bleeding can be just one day or a few days. As long as it's not bright red, there is still hope!

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Answered by purplesnapdragons - Dec. 8, 2011 9:58am
Normally implantation bleeding occurs somewhere between 6-12 dpo and it should just be a few drops, not going on for days. That sounds more like AF. However, some women do spot throughout the entire beginning of their pregnancy so there is some help. Are you sure of your O day? If you really are 14dpo a HPT should give you an accurate result now and 10 dpo is very early so it could be a false negative.

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