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Category: Am I Pregnant?

Asked by mommyhope

Q: I don't know what to think??

I have normal cycles always! I took a break TTC this month mostly but still checked cm. I had no usual ov symptoms at all! Sore bbs gas cramps bloat and ewcm. Then at cd15 I had pink spotting when I wiped after sex. At cd18 I had ewcm then at cd19 I started to bleed brick red and moderately heavy. I was 9 days early for af but assumed that's what it was. I had a bit of mild cramps but no clots as I normally would. I bled like that 2 1/2 days and then just polish red spotting. I did an hpt yesterday and got a bfn. Now I'm at cd24 and the bleeding has stopped! I normally have af on time and the full 7 days! I have no symptoms except today my nipples have become ticklish to the touch and a bit of an erogenous zone when they NEVER have been a turn on before! I don't know if that was a period and I'm on a new cycle or if I can bleed like that and be pregnant? Has anybody had anything like this?

This question was asked Oct. 1, 2013 1:21pm
Category: Am I Pregnant?

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Answered by mommyhope - Oct. 6, 2013 12:56am
Update: well it must have been af because my period was due today if it wasn't. I'm have loads of watery cm like never before. I'm also having cramps not like af but not in the ovary. Took an hpt today and there was a line but maybe an evap? Not sure.....

Answered by mommyhope - Oct. 3, 2013 12:52am
Update: I'd be cd 25 today if that wasn't af I experienced. I had a bfn at cd23 and today my nipples bacame just slightly sore. This is all just so weird.

Answered by mommyhope - Oct. 1, 2013 2:12pm
Thank you for answering!! I just love this site but I've noticed questions don't get may if any responses so thank you for taking the time!!!

Answered by MrsDrost - Oct. 1, 2013 1:53pm
I had that happen and it turned out to be just a seriously off cycle. I was so excited because I wanted to be pregnant so bad, but I would consider yourself on a new cycle until something else says otherwise.

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