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Category: Early Pregnancy

Asked by sunshine_daydream

Q: late period and then 2 days of heavy bleeding

My period was due on May 19th. I started bleeding on the 23rd only lasted until the 24th. I had unprotected sex with my partner on April 29th. Supposedly I was to be ovulating on May 2. Also on this Thursday I have an appointment with my doctor. I took a HPT on May 20th, and it was negative. I want to take another HPT, but nervous of the outcome. Has anyone else had these symptoms and also became pregnant? How long does it take to tell if you are pregnant?

This question was asked May. 26, 2010 3:10am
Category: Early Pregnancy

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Answered by covergirl20 - May. 26, 2010 11:32am
That probably was your period. Sometimes your body just does things differently. I've had 2 day periods while I was trying and 5 day ones. The length and flow varied each month.
By now you would have had a positive and because the bleeding was after your period due date, it wasn't likely implantation. Implantation isn't normally a heavy flow. BUT- IF by chance it was- then you should be able to test 3-5 days after implantation and get a good result on a test because there is a SLIGHT chance you ovulated and implanted late AND had heavy implantation bleeding or some other form of bleeding due to pregnancy. I'd say test on Friday again and if' it's negative call the 23rd CD1. Good Luck. Sorry I couldn't help more!

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