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Category: Cycles & Ovulation

Asked by AmyGreen

Q: Not sure what to do next

Hello ladies. Right ok, firstly apologies if this is obvious but I'm not sure what to do now.
I've just done an ovulation test and got a negative. Well it's got two lines but one is faint compared to the other one and this means its negative. It's the first thing that has ever come close to positive in any test during the last 5 months. I didn't believe in the tests before as I never appeared to be ovulating, but this mornings has sent me all giddy.
Right so it is a negative test so should I test again later today and then tomorrow etc? I've never done charting or taking temperatures as i've never known where/when to start, but as I'm now mid cycle I thought I would leave all that to next month (if I'm not pregnant by then).
So, I would just like your opinions on what to do next really. I know this sounds stupid but can't stop smiling, even though its an ovulation test, but it's just the first hint of anything for me.
Sorry I've ranted.
Thanks in advance.


This question was asked Jul. 17, 2012 2:56am
Category: Cycles & Ovulation

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Answered by a member - Jul. 17, 2012 7:55am
You should consider using about 2-3 opks per day so you can make sure you catch your lh surge. Also remember to not drink any liquids about 3-4 hrs before taking a opk test as it will dilute your urine and give you a false answer.First morning's urine is also a no no as it to will give you a false answer.Next month as soon as you get af start temping first thing in the morning beforeYOU GET UP OR MOVE AROUND also after about 4-5 hrs of sleep to get an accurate temp reading.If you dont know your luteal phase than begin using opks around cd10 just to be sure.Once you get a positive opk, you will o around 12-48 hrs. Also look carefully at your temps as that will be the only way to determine whether or not you did indeed o. Your post o temps should be noticeably higher than your pre o temps and stay high until af .If temps are'nt high after a + opk than you did not o.Your temps are the only way of knowing if and when you o'd....good luck

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Answered by michelle2879 - Jul. 17, 2012 5:42am
Oh I know how you feel! After almost 10 months ttc I got my FIRST positive opk so I know how excited you probably feel. Are you regular with af? I was thinking maybe the other months you have missed your lh surge. Depending on what kind of opks you have ( I used the wondfo internet cheapies) I test 2 up to three times a day especially when I feel that surge maybe soon. I would test with smu or early afternoon then sometime again in the evening. Once you get a positive opk then get busy with your other you can O possibly that or up to three days after. I got two days of positives then O'd about a day and a half later :) Good luck I hope it goes positive for you soon!!!!

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