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Category: Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Asked by calumjaie84

Q: CP when due for AF

Ok i'v tried it a few times charting my CP and last month was low and hard,dry...i'm meant to be due AF today..nothing yet!..just checked my CP it's really high very wet and soft..been testing since 11 DPO all neg..going to test again today..could i be prgnant even though not had even a faint pos yet?

This question was asked Jun. 18, 2012 3:12am
Category: Early Pregnancy Symptoms

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Answered by Snickerbabes - Jun. 18, 2012 7:56am
It doesnt matter where your cervix it. It will not tell you if you are pregnant or not. When I was charting mine, sometimes when AF showed up my cervix was soft, sometimes high, sometimes soft and high, sometimes hard and low. Your cervix changes with pregnancy or without.

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Answered by imatestingfool - Jun. 18, 2012 5:29am
You could be pregnant as long as your period as not started. I did notice that my cervix was high and soft in March when I had a chemical pregnancy. That was 2 days before I started bleeding. From everything that I have read, it's difficult to tell anything from the cervix in the luteal phase. The cervix does get high and soft during pregnancy, but not everyone's cervix has shifted to that position by the time AF is due or by the time a + hpt is seen. For what it's worth, even when I had the chem pg'cy, my cervix had returned to a low/medium, open position by the time I started bleeding.

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