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Category: Trying for Another

Asked by Mrsvilorio

Q: Can anyone help?

So i have been charting my basal temperature and taking ovulation test. Well this morning my temp went up a lot more then it was the last two days. My ovulation test still seem to be positive. I have been recently told that ovulation test start testing positive before you ovulate and basal temperature tells you after you have ovulated. so my temp went up, does this mean i have already ovulated? And if so would my test come back positive? I just want to know. I have been doing the bd since thursday!! should I keep on bding?

This question was asked May. 20, 2012 6:05pm
Category: Trying for Another

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Answered by a member - May. 20, 2012 9:52pm
Yes, when the temp rises and stays high it shows that the day before the rise was likely O day. You can do some more research about charting to learn more. GL.

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Answered by Mrsvilorio - May. 20, 2012 7:16pm
I use answer. It's the first time I am using this brand. I usually use the ones that show the smiley face. So when your temp rises that means you have already ovulated?

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Answered by krystinab - May. 20, 2012 7:11pm
Hello. I would say you ovulated based on your temp increase. Usually 3 high temps indicate ovulation. It is storage that you kept getting + opk but maybe you tested early in you lh surge. What brand do you use?

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Answered by a member - May. 20, 2012 7:09pm
You will likely ovulate 12-36 (sometimes longer) after a 1st positive OPK. The length of your LH surge, and thus how long you get a positive OPK, varies cycle to cycle, woman to woman. You may only get one positive OPK, or you may have a couple days of them. Your tests may or may not still be positive by the time you actually ovulate. It looks like you may have just ovulated on CD 11 or 12 from your chart, but you need a few more days of temps to confirm ovulation (at least 3 days of high temps above your coverline). If you have 4 or more days of positive OPKs every cycle let your dr know, as that can be sign of PCOS. Good luck!

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