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Category: Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Asked by laquana

Q: White, Sticky, Slight Stretch Cervical Mucus 6 DPO

I am 7dpo but last night 6dpo. :D I noticed with an internal cervical mucus check, that I have curdy white clumps of mucus, that's slightly sticky. This is also seen on my panties. Also my cervix is high, and kindof soft. But also the inside seems swollen. What does this mean??

This question was asked Apr. 6, 2012 4:17am
Category: Early Pregnancy Symptoms

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Answered by hopeful.for.baby - Nov. 7, 2014 11:45am
I see that you made this post about 6 weeks ago, I have all of the same symptoms! Did you have a positive pregnancy test?!?! ^_^

Answered by cutiebabe36 - Sep. 23, 2014 11:34pm
What you described above is a yeast infection. Or sure sounds like it. If anyone else reads this and has similar symptoms definitely worth a trip to the doc. The 1 pill they can give you is so worth it..even when pregnant it's safe.

Answered by obviouschld - Apr. 27, 2013 10:14am
I am not sure why. Maybe a rise in progesterone? I am on 7DPO, and my CM is slightly picking up. Unfortunately, for me, that is not a good sign. Hope it is/was for you though!

Answered by Alegna210 - Apr. 15, 2012 10:56am
I'm 6dpo and had the EXACT same type of discharge. I first noticed it when I wiped then actually checked and there was a lot of it. A couple hours later when I checked it was gone. I know it sounds crazy and way to early, but I've been feeling pretty nauseous the past couple of days. My husband and I have only been ttc for 2 months now. We are both crossing our fingers for a bfp!! Good luck to you!!!

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Answered by mommyof2b's! - Apr. 6, 2012 4:58pm
Thanks! Baby dust and good luck to you, keep us posted! :)

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Answered by laquana - Apr. 6, 2012 4:56pm
I know it's kindof strange my cm now is still kindof the same but very white/and creamy now...but i just can't wait til i get my BF..Baby dust sweetie

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Answered by mommyof2b's! - Apr. 6, 2012 4:22pm
I have been having that type of CM for almost a week now and AF is now 3 days late. Still getting BFN's, cervix is firm and feels closed (not real sure what closed vs open feels like, this is my first time checking CP but it certainly doesn't feel to be open). I don't know what is going on.

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Answered by laquana - Apr. 6, 2012 12:54pm
I also did a cervical check this sm and it findof was the same put now it's creamy. Cervix is kindof high, closed, and firm now. Im praying it is a great sign. But yet again with all these other symptoms it very well could be. Thank u so much

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Answered by a member - Apr. 6, 2012 12:47pm
It could mean that you are pregnant.. Im saying this based on my experience, at 7dpo I got a blob of white stretchy cm and then at 9dpo I got a bfp.. this was unusual for me so I kinda knew I was pregnant.

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